THE GREAT COOKIE QUEST :: two little red hens ::

one of the original cookies on my sister's friend's list of cookies was from two little red hens bakery, a bakery on the upper east side that i'd never heard of (it's kind of in a random spot too). but in the name of science we went out there last week to see what it was all about.

here is what i like to do when i go on these excursions:
first i take lots of photos like an obnoxious person.
then i ask the person behind the counter, "what is the BEST THING you sell here?"
and then i buy it, as well as whatever else looks good.
and then i say, "oh yes, and a chocolate chip cookie, too, please."

because i mean if i'm going to go there i am going to GO THERE.

 nice photos via rebecca who is super fun to spend time with. crummy cell phone pics via yours truly.

the two little red hens cookie isn't all that great to look at. it looks like the cookies my mom used to make us (no offense, ma). the flavor was great, but not great enough to make up for the rest of it. it was my least favorite cookie. but the shop girls were really nice and they didn't mind my sugar-brained child shouting randomly during our stay, and that earns points with me!

two little red hens score
on a scale of 1-5
flavor: 2
texture: 1
appearance: -1
nyc experience: 1
+5 bonus points for having really friendly staff, and a cute place to sit
(rebecca said the coffee was good)
total: 9


this is what we saw on the way to the bakery:

and this is what we saw on the way back:

(35. i counted.)


  1. So disappointing about their chocolate chip cook but their lemon bars are by far my favorite lemon bar ever! I think about them all the time and look longingly when the crosstown bus passes the shop. Highly recommend it!

  2. So much amazingness in this post. First all the pictures of amazing baked goods, then the 30 dogs?! Does it get much better?!

    xx Jes

  3. Ok, I'll take one of everything as well! Great pics and, what? 35 pups? Wow!! I can sometimes hardly handle one! haha
    Happy Monday xxx

  4. You were in my neck of the woods! I've walked by that bakery a million times and never stopped in... Good to know I haven't been missing NYC's greatest cookie all these years!

  5. How fun! i want to go on a cookie shop hunt! Especially since I just moved to a new area. It would be a fun challenge. You little man eating the cooking is just so adorable. Love your pictures =)

    - Sarah

  6. Woo that's a lot of dogs!

  7. Am I right in thinking that some of those identical dogs have got to end up getting mixed up and returned to the wrong owners?

  8. That sunflower cake looked so beautiful! (My cookies look better than that!)

  9. DOGS! haha crazy. Thats too bad about the two little red hens I heard it was very good.

  10. Yummmm! I want a sweet now! This looks like an adorable bakery.



  11. I love these post! My 3 year-old keeps making me show him the picture of those men doing push-ups and shouting "OHH NO". This has officially made my day! Thank you.

  12. little red hen's brooklyn blackout cupcakes are my favorite cupcakes in the city (sweet sugar sunshine bakery is close behind). they're also sold at dean & deluca - so maybe you have had their baked goods before! i have never tried the cookies, but i live near levain and i make frequent trips to chelsea market for jacques torres, so i don't think i'm missing out.

  13. I'm thinking my town could def. use some more bakeries so I can do a cookie quest of my own!You need to track down these recipes!

  14. So much visual stimulation in this post. Holy cupcakes, chiseled men, and furry creatures!!

  15. I'm glad you go there. Pack in those grams of sugar like there is no tomorrow! Too bad it was only sub-par.

    Along Abbey Road

  16. Shame it looks so good but tastes so average! Never know unless you try, right?

    On another note - LOVE the picture of all those dogs! What a cool sight... You never see a spectacle around here like that!

    Sal x

  17. what a cute place to get a treat! wow, that is a lot of dogs and they seemed to all be big dogs!

  18. The dog walkers and guys doing pushups on the bench are awesome! Such great photos!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  19. You're really funny. I mean, you're REALLY, REALLY funny. I lived on 87th and York for a year and a half and only went to LRH once. I don't know if it's because there's so much competition for baked goods or why I never returned, but your flavor rating could have been it. Also, I think Rebecca is smart and funny and I love her blog. Glad you two are friends. You seem like you would be. Maybe me and my son, Charlie, will one day bump into you trying cookies or when we do our push ups in the park. I'm clothed, of course. He usually prefers to do them in his diaper.

  20. I've learned two things from this post. One: I need to get myself a cookie list, stat. Two: how to score a cookie. This post made my Monday. Thank you for that!

  21. Oh gosh, let me tell you how insanely jealous I am of your cookie quest. It makes me want to go on a quest, only my husband and I are dieting so it will have to be a non-delicious sort of quest. Like, maybe a quest for the best... umm... water?

  22. oh gosh, 35 dogs?!?!? ridiculous! and how terrible when people are working out when we are on our way to get fattening food. but then i get the fattening food and i don't care anymore. so yummy!
    xo TJ

  23. I luv the dog picture! The bakery looks cute, but it is disappointing to hear that the cookie experience was not very good.

  24. Ha! I keep a running list of places to try and this has been on it for a while - guess I can cross it off! Great pictures.............

  25. I am going to figure out a way to jump through my computer and get one of those cupcakes! And well I am at perhaps kiss those cute little baby cheeks! You have a wonderful blog so glad that I have stumbled upon it!

  26. You should add Macchiato Expresso Bar to your cookie quest. There's one right around the corner from where I work and it is seriously dangerous for my waistline!

  27. You don't need to go searching for the perfect cookie in nyc... i can just give you a perfect recipe. Teach you to fish! You'll have them all the time...

  28. I love cookies, but as soon as I saw that German restaurant, I could only think about how good it might be...


  29. i LOVE this place. my little sister used to live in the neighborhood and we would walk there.


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