a few girlfriends and i met up for a quick matinee of newsies the other day.
newsies! i was raised on newsies! we spent hours watching newsies when i was a kid. christian bale!

but a word of warning to fellow newsies purists:
denton is a girl,
davey doesn't have a sister,
jack's real name isn't francis sullivan,
and they done changed the lyrics to half the songs so that it's impossible to sing along in your head.

(janelle i miss you!)

after the matinee i met up with my boys for lunch in bryant park. 
huck was feeling quite emotional that afternoon, as he'd just fallen off a park chair face first into the gravel a few minutes before i showed up.

poor kid. 
(nothing a little dorito can't fix, good one brandon ;).


  1. santa fe - ARE YOU THERE?
    I was in NYC for a competition in April and saw it with some friends and oh my word it was amazing. For a purest, it did through me off a little and I liked the slight twist with denton because it kept things interesting but the music drove me a little crazy - the santa fe reprise though .... probably more amazing than the movie

    if you see it at night is also fun to heel click your way singing at the top of your lungs till you find a gelato place that isn't closed :)

  2. "Now is the time to seize the day!..."
    "Carrying the Banner!"

    My husband is going to love me tonight when I watch Newsies. I can't get it out of my head. Maybe he'll watch it with me if I tell him Batman is in it???

    I saw Beauty in the Beast on Broadway in 1995! Bahahhaa! Long time ago, but I LOVED IT. So. Good.

  3. I am adding this to my list of things do do when I visit friends
    in NYC next month.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. i don't know why, exactly, but the huck crying photos are making me laugh out loud.

  5. oooh i planned my entire trip to NYC last month around seeing this show! my reaction was basically that the dancing/singing/talent in general was amazing, but i couldn't get over all the changes. i mean, why fix what isn't broken?? in good news, it gave me an excuse to wear a pink sequined skirt...though a man dressed as elvis in times square did tell me it wasn't halloween yet. saywhatnow? anyway, my review:

  6. I NEED to see this show! That seems a little weird that they made so many changes to something that is so well loved though. I'm sure they thought that it adds, but I guess I'll have to see it for myself. Still excited though!

  7. oh, I am jealous! The movie is so amazing! If I wasn't already taken I would hunt Christian Bale down and make him marry me. Hope they come to gammage! And i love all of your cute instagram pictures from florida! All that walking around NYC has done you good! you have the cutest little body:)

  8. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    They changed the lyrics? Whaaaaat? It's a MUSICAL...I'm pretty sure changing the music is like, sacrilege. I'd still see it. I'd have to sing the correct words more insistently in my head, but I'd see it. Maybe we should gather a whole bunch of purists and stage a protest sing-along.

  9. i'm considering a trip to ny just to see newsies. not sure about all the changes but the snippet i saw on the tonys was amazing!

  10. Omg you just ruined my excitement for Monday's show! My bro and I have been so excited to sing along! What a bummer! Okay still excited, but went down a notch :(

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  12. if davey doesn't have a sister, who does jack fall in love with?!

    and why is denton a woman?

    and did you kind of hope that christian bale would walk out at the end of their performance at the tonys and kick up his heels? (that cannot have just been me, right?)

  13. where is your shirt from!?! I love it!

  14. Going to NYC THIS weekend and seeing this!! So excited.

  15. I think I would be able to get past any changes made except for the music (how could they!?) When I moved to New York and walked past the Horace Greeley statue for the first time I nearly died, then immediately texted a photo to my best friend from home :-) have to see it soon- if i dont, it would basically kill the 14 year old girl inside of me that still gets the giggles at the sight of a shirtless Mush in the opening scene lol

  16. I saw Newsies in April in NYC and you are dead on, on your review. I still loved it though. Nothing like watching a bunch of guys sing and dance in cute little news boy outfits.

    Love your blog!


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