it has been quite a week, hasn't it? lots of big news on the sandy front today (power back on! marathon canceled! benefit concert!), but instead i thought i'd share the news in the holbrook house... you know, clearly unimportant news in the grand scheme of things but what does this look like to you, cnn or something? 

here first, are some of buster's favorite shots from the week:

and now! terribly unimportant news from our house!

soooo.. today i bought stroller hand muffs. stroller hand muffs i said. it's the smartest thing i've ever done. they're actually motorcycle gloves, but who's counting. i also bought a cup holder for the stroller today. it's suddenly really swanky to be my stroller. (i'm being lighthearted here, but shoot, this does excite me.)

and here's something else exciting: brandon told me last night that he plans on letting his beard grow in while he's out of town on his training assignment, and YES! orange beards for me! i've missed that orange beard pret-ty badly since brandon graduated and got all 'employed' and 'respectable' on me.

last bit of news for the day: thanks to huck and his exposure therapy methods i can now sit through an entire showing of dumbo without crying. (twice a day, this child!)  just now i started to ask huck if he wanted a snack, but he interrupted me and said, "duh-doh? ohh-tayyyyyy." so. gosh dang it duh-doh.

and for random non-news, i was thinking about the canceled marathon and how the park usually smells like stale post-marathon vomit in november, and then i remembered this post from last year at this time.

also i realized today that it's been a million years since i shared any babble links, so here they are.

would you wear: high fashion baseball caps?

and on the great beauty experiment:

lastly and most importantly, 
there's still a lot of recovery work to be done here in nyc.
a lot of people (and their pets) are without basic necessities.
you've all seen info on how to donate to the american red cross by now i'm sure,
but if you'd like to, please consider donating to the humane society of the united states.
we can't forget the furbabies!

(and if you're in town and would like to donate time to the park clean up efforts, you can go here.)


  1. precious little huck smiles—fun! ..and does the park really smell like that after the marathon!? blech! ps. thank you for all the links on ways to help..i will certainly pass these on. happy weekend, natalie :)

  2. what 'baby mine' creates in tears and 'pink elephants' makes in fears is all made up by 'when i see an elephant fly.' through jeers. HA.

  3. I shall completely shield my child from Fox and the Hound so that it's never an option. That movie is dead to me. :)

  4. all of this news is exciting to me!
    especially man beards. gotta love man beards.

    xo the egg out west.

  5. I love that you mentioned the humane society too can't forget about the pups! I really love your ring collection and your sticky nails, did they hold up for a few days??
    Happy weekend :)
    Time Stand Still

  6. as another wife of a redhead with a sexy-as-all-getout beard, i totally understand your excitement. i went to a conference for a week-and-a-half and he just didn't shave, and when i got home i informed him that he was keeping it. keeps us both happy -- no shaving, and sexy redhead husband beard. mmm-hmm. =)

  7. So good to remember even our furry friends (and little lions)! Glad to hear things are turning around in NYC. Happy Weekend!

  8. huck is such a fashionista, I love it! p.s. happy to hear you and your little fam are safe. I'm also happy to hear that those sally hansen strips are ACTUALLY as awesome as those sally hansen folks say they are. Gonna get my hands on some asap!

  9. Okay, so a)Your son's face at the playground is the CUTEST thing ever, b)I would get excited over stroller muffs, too. It's the little things in life, and c) LOVE those Sally Hansen things...but the sparkle ones were a pain to get off. Did you have trouble? Love the blog (as always.) You're the cutest.

  10. We rented The Lorax for a week and my girls watched it every day. I I cried every single time.

  11. love your pictures! love the nail polish stickers too! very cute :) hope all is well after this crazy storm we have been through. we live downtown in zone A and are hoping the repairs to our building will be done soon so we can go home!




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  12. my little man has cheeks like huck's! he's giving me hope that they will last a little longer than most :)

  13. Oh Natalie, I hear ya on the orange beards! It's the best part of my redhead being in school again. I get pouty whenever he decides to shave it off, especially since the hair on top of his head is decidedly more auburn and less orange these days.

  14. I love the first photo of little Huck! Too cute. And "his blog" is also funny and adorable. Love his outfits on that blog:)

  15. as to twice a day dumbo ... we watch "jimmy neutron" twice a day, at least.

  16. in our house, "cars" gets played at least once a day, if not more. and let me tell you, i used to like that movie. now, i like it a little less. c;

  17. Haha! This post made me laugh, Nat – I recently got very excited about sheepskin car seat covers, so I know how you feel. x

  18. thanks for mentioning the humane society, lovey. hugs to you guys!

  19. I can't get over your festive nails! Very wild : )

  20. I have truly enjoy reading your blog. You have a great sense of humor there is just this genuine heartfelt thought behind everything you write. I just can't get over how adorable huck looks in his costume!


  21. That pic up top is killing me. My 2year old has squishy cheeks like his. Squishy cheeks are the absolute best.

  22. that lion outfit is amazing! and the first photo, those cheeks!

    so enough exclamation points. i think your stroller purchases are very exciting but then i am biased as my pram arrived yesterday and oh my, it is like christmas has come.

  23. stroller muffs sound pretty amazing, now that I think about it! Enjoy them :)

    The photos are adorable. I absolutely love the lion costume. Too cute!! I've never been to this blog before, but it's really nice! I love your photography. It is really a bummer about the damage in NYC from Hurricane Sandy. So sad :( It's nice to see everyone pitching in to help, though.

    Hope you had a great weekend, dear.

    xox, Amber

  24. That first picture is PERFECT.
    Hope all is well
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  25. Hey I just found your blog and think it's adorable! Greetings from Munich, Germany!

  26. Buster always has some fabulous things to say. Loving these shots, of course ;)
    xo TJ

  27. I'm right there with you on the Fox and the Hound...I still haven't recovered from watching it as a kid! Just too sad!

  28. The picture of him sleeping with his hand on his cheek... oh-my-gosh. so ADORABLE! Almost makes me want another baby, almost. Love your pics!