do you like my cool triangles? 

okay sooo... how many times can a person go on the high line before they stop needing to take a million photos of the high line? is my first question.

second question: what if you could make an album of every photo ever taken on the high line. wouldn't that be rad? everyone's photos would look, more or less, sort of exactly the same, except maybe just barely slightly different. that might be really fascinating, the more i think of it... 

it was really fun going on the high line with my family while they were here for thanksgiving (they all left me yesterday and let me just tell you, i am the mopiest), because i liked watching them take a zillion pictures of stuff i've already taken a zillion pictures of, and then i liked laughing at myself when for some strange reason i felt like i wanted to take more pictures too. who knows, it's contagious up there.

so... hey! the high line. mostly via the cell phones de mi familia. you knowwwwww.

wait wait wait. this next one's my favorite: it's ginger time in the city!

sorry babe.

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  1. this made me laugh for so many reasons (your writing, hello) but mainly because i totally have some of these shots. in fact i might have that exact photo of the boy scrunching up his face art, except for the fact that it's not the same one because you took this one and i took mine. which leads me to agree about that compiling all of the pictures idea.. i am also in full support of having a conversation about that brother of yours. (sorry. awkward? too soon?) x

  2. Okay, that photo?

    The one where you're hug-squeezing your brother?


    Seriously, woman. My brother has been living in London for more than two years (I'm in Australia (...I KNOW) and I'm totally having the warm fuzzies up in here now that I've seen the photo, but also the "waaaahhh-I-miss-my-brother"-ies.


    The photo with your dad and Huck also breaks my heart, in the very best way.

    Your whole family is so beautiful it makes me sick. ;-) Bwah! (I kid, I kid. DUH.)

    Love the "Another photo?"/"Seeeeee?" eyebrow back-and-forthing. You guys are the cutest.

    Also? All these mentions of the High Line have now given me a Madonna earworm -- "...keep on pushing my love over the borderliiiiine."

    (You're welcome.) (Hee!)

  3. i, too, have a ginger husband...and my name happens to be ale (pronounced alley, but spelled ale), so yes...my family + friends all love when they see "ginger ale" signs. and i won't lie, i love it too.

  4. This post had me so excited! I've never actually been to the Highline... or even New York. But one of my boys' favorite books is "The Curious Garden" by Peter Brown. I hope you've heard of it or check it out to read to Henry- it's loosely based on the Highline. So fun. I take it to the kids' spring parties at school every year and we plant a seed afterward. Thanks for showing me New York- someday I will get there!
    P.S. you and your sis look soo much alike!

  5. All of your photos look so good! You must have taken a photography class or two (shouldn't have dropped Visual Media in college-curses).
    Also, really loved the ginger comment.
    Great post, as always.


  6. Um, pretty sure your sister is Lana Del Rey.

    1. Seriously! That girl is gorgeous!

    2. I think she's like a younger Rachel Weisz!

  7. It's Movenmber in Aus (is that a worldwide thing?) where men grow their mustaches to fund-raise for "man causes". My ginger has the most ridiculous porn mo going at the moment. He refuses to trim it so I refuse to kiss him because it's all sorts of scratchy.

    It is pretty impressive though!

  8. Your sister is so pretty! And as usual, little huck looks adorable while sleeping. :))

  9. You have a good looking family! The sadness that comes along when the fam leaves is the worst! *hugs*


  10. Love these pictures though I must admit, I have no idea what the high line is.

  11. I get this...we live in the Bay Area and I have made a rule not to take any more photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. But it changes every time so I fail every time.

  12. Its Ginger Time In The City. By far my most favorite! I'm still silently giggling.

  13. you're so right about pictures up there! i always think it's a good idea, then i get home and have the exact same photos as the last trip to the high line!!

  14. Admission: I have lived in New York nearly five years and have never ever been to the High Line.
    I feel so much lighter having admitted that out loud!
    kate at ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  15. you can never have to many pictures of the high line. i too insistent on taking more pics each time i'm there even tho i've been there a million billion times.

  16. *too many...how embarrassing for me

  17. I would definitely look through an album of High Line pics.

  18. Haha! The last pic is awesome.

  19. First, I LOL'ed about the triangles because I totally didn't catch them in the title the first time. Second, I took the family to the High Line once and because of these images, I'm realizing we are totally due for a visit -- when it gets warmer, of course. Third, I am digging these posts of family, NYC and the Ginger. Keep them coming!

  20. What is a high line? That is all...

  21. ginger time in the city!! LOL! and you are one good looking bunch!

  22. I love your photos! Can you tell me what kind of camera you use and what photo editing you do? They are beautiful! Thanks!

  23. That mural is of Brandon Many Ribs from the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. It's part of the Inside Out project by the artist JR. I've been wanting to see it, thanks for posting a pic!


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