getting dressed for a date or a somewhat formal event in the colder winter months can be a bit of a challenge. you want to look seasonally appropriate and warm, but not like a sherpa. my little sister is getting married in december, and finding a wedding-appropriate dress that will keep me warm outside for long periods of time without looking ridiculous in photos (photos photos photos!) has become a project and a half. 

i found the sweater dress at need supply and it's sort of made my life complete (it's since sold out). it's a hug in clothing form. not to mention it happens to have zero shape to it, which is a-ok by me. what is it with me lately? i love dresses shaped like potato sacks. they're all i want to wear.

this dream catcher necklace is a new favorite. it was a gift from Penh Lenh, a jewelry line in partnership with Abolition International, empowering Cambodian women to free themselves from former hardships, realize their dreams, and become whole again. it's a great cause, the pieces are beautiful, and i love the opportunities i've gotten to help get the word out for causes like this whenever i can.

this post was sponsored by No nonsense. follow No nonsense on facebook and twitter for all the latest news and updates on their stylish and affordable legwear.

on me:
hat: c/o bcbg max azria (similar)
necklace: c/o penh lenh
tights: c/o No nonsense (in deep gold)
boots: madewell (similar)

on huck:
hat: zara
sweater: h&m kids
pants: c/o thief and bandit
boots: c/o polarn o pyret

p.s. that's a temporary tattoo! i'm still testing out the waters over here...
p.p.s. photos by brandon holbrook!


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  2. stop being soooo adorable! I can't stand it :)

    Sending some love over from Germany


  3. I'm addicted to gray and black (forgotten white also exists) so imagine my coming out, Natalie!
    But really let's not get carried away here, I just need one colour at the time to consider myself dressed. We don’t want crazy, do we? ;) xxx

  4. Nice your look, cute your baby.
    Thanks for your comment.

    Very soon.

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  6. Love the dress and tights and the boots. And heck, I like the tattoo also. I wrestle constantly with the quandary of whether or not to get "inked" myself. Especially since it's kinda frowned upon in the church. oh well, I will probably do it anyway.

  7. Those boots are fabulous! Don't you love this time of year? Best excuse to wear cute shoes and sweaters. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. love this look!!

  9. that sweater dress... yup!

  10. You are rocking that tattoo! You could totally pull it off forever. Do it, girl.

  11. obsessed with that dress! looks like the perfect winter uniform. tight.

  12. I want to kiss those sheets every time I see them! You have probably told the world already, but where are they from? Also, this hat is not a mistake like most hats are. Hooray for good head wear.

  13. Boo that dress is sold out! Any alternatives? Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. That necklace is gorgeous!

  15. partially off-subject question: your little sister's wedding is back on?! yay! (I hope?) If you already covered that I must have missed it. Either that or I'm a wee bit confused!

    1. Same question! Not to be too nosy but what happened? I'm hoping this is good news!

  16. I am confused along with Jodi!

  17. loving this series! can't say no to a great pair of tights! :)

  18. Oh, I think I want about 75 of these tights and leggings. Question: do they run true to size? I wear a 4, sometimes a 2, and am worried if I get a small they'll be tight around the butt and thighs (esp the leggings). Also, if they only come in S, M, etc I can't see me wearing the same size as you, since I'm 5'6" and 120 Lbs and you're not... and I'd wager I weigh like 15 lbs more than you at LEAST. Crap, probably like 20, LOL.

  19. Love love love the dress/shirt!

  20. I am taken by this outfit and especially, would love to sneak that incredible necklace from you! greetings from berlin.

  21. Love this entire outfit! I have to get a hat like that! So cute!

  22. Wow, I like the whole set. It's so simple but I can't take my eyes off of it)) I like color tights too. Actually,the first post on my blog is dedicated to mustard tights))
    I also combine them with white socks when I put my Converses on. Your idea of matching mustard and grey is interesting. I'll surely try it too)
    Best regards,

    Alice (Mslingva)


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