ah, rose. that is a great name.

so, we had a really beautiful thanksgiving weekend. the whole thing was just spectacular from start to finish. i kept getting all those cheesy grin vibes from it, you know what i mean? when things are just so good and you're all tingly? i liked this weekend. and i'm already sad at the dwindling leftovers situation. i take my leftovers really seriously. leftovers are the reason for the season. quote me on it.

we started the morning at landmarc in time warner center for brunch with friends and watching the parade out the window. it was so fun to see so many of our friends there--easily five tables of us--all coming and going at different times. one of my girlfriends had been there since 7:15 AM, so. i mean, that's dedication. 

that evening we had dinner at one of brandon's firm's partner's homes (?? no matter how i write that, it looks weird). talk about old school! we took the train out to long island and let me tell you, this family. it was the kind of family from a christmas movie, all crazy and wonderful and perfect, they were just perfect. dinner was amazing. by the end of the night we'd basically been adopted in and look, i'm thrilled. these people! huck has an east coast grandma now, and a hand-me-down stuffed banana. it's good stuff.  

the first thing i did upon crossing the threshold of our home that night was dispatch myself to the kitchen to make us an entire thanksgiving dinner. sides and all, and i was up until 3 AM, yes, that's what i did. because i take my leftovers really seriously. because i make seriously amazing leftovers turkey sandwiches. and also because there's something really wonderful about being in the kitchen and working on all the dishes my mom always made, and my grandma always made, and my great grandma always made... it always feels like spending a few hours with them, even when i'm in there all by my lonesome. 

really that sandwich is worth it.

ohhh, thanksgiving. seriously it's one of the best holidays of the year, don't we all think so? top two, easy. and anyway, there's a poetry series on a few of the trains we take around town a lot, and one in particular i love to read and savor whenever i see it. it's called Ragtime, it's by Kevin Young, and it goes like this:

like hot food
i love you

like warm
bread & cold

cuts, butter

or, days later, after

when i want 
whatever's left

i hope your thanksgivings were wonderful. i hope your stuffing was the perfect consistency, i hope your yams were covered with mini marshmallows, and i hope all your pumpkin pies came out just the way you hoped. with lots of whipped cream on top.

let's do this, christmas!


  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was lovely! I really enjoyed reading about it. Also, your son is adorable. I think maybe you should post a recipe for that left over turkey sandwich because it looks divine!

  2. I love Thanksgiving. I have been campaigning for the four years since I left New York to bring it to Australia. Still no luck, but still I try! This year we had just moved house and I have mere days before my next baby is due so I postponed the campaign, but next year, I plan on gathering raggle taggle friends from everywhere and force-feeding them delicious food and my love. I so enjoyed the joy and family and friendship in this post of yours. Exactly what I loved so much about Thanksgiving when I lived in the States. Thank you for sharing the good things!

  3. Ah, Rose! I'm glad you wrote that, I have been trying to figure out Happy Thanksgiving Back since Thursday and had started to think it was a scene they cut when it's on TV. (Thank your is cut, how is that allowed?!)
    What an awesome weekend!
    -emily hansel

    1. TV cuts off "thank your?" How dare they!!!

  4. How awesome that you got to view the parade! What a great spot! Glad your holiday was relaxing!

  5. Love these photos! i have always wanted to watch the parade. You got to watch it and be warm! how perfect! Is that a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils? :)

  6. this photos are gorgeous! looks like a perfect weekend ;)

  7. glad to know i'm not the only one who loves that poem.

  8. Oh gosh, no words can describe my jealousy of being able to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person! It's my dream! These pictures are beautiful! And what a fun way to spend Thanksgiving with dear friends and new ones! Yay to Huck having an east coat "grandma" ;)
    xo TJ

  9. i could eat a whole pan of stuffing by myself but i've never been able to make it just riiiiigggghhhtt.

    ps happy thanksgiving back?
    pps can you believe that actress is whats her name from greys?
    ppps i finally stopped watching greys, its too terrible.

  10. Oh gorgeous! I am so completely envious of where you live. You must see some amazing things.

  11. natalie, your pictures are so lovely! p.s. thank you for titling this post "happy thanksgiving back". it made me so happy. :)

  12. thanksgiving day seem so fulfilling for your families!! and i always love staring at pictures!

    xo josephine

  13. I was really, really hoping that if you did a Thanksgiving recap, you would use that exact title! Makes me oh so happy :)). Sounds like a wonderful time and such lovely pictures, as always.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving from Paris!

    xoxo PARIS BEE

  15. Looks magical...I've always dreamed of New York for Thanksgiving...just something special about that.

  16. The You've Got Mail references. Every time. Love it.

  17. Love it :) I've been saving this post in bloglovin feed until I could sit down and read it.

  18. That cup of pencils! I love YGM!


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