after a really strange halloween last year, this year has been just what the doctor ordered. we could really "feel the spirit" of halloween again, if you know what i'm saying. we made it to a few fun halloween parties, huck is at the age where he can differentiate between creepy and scary and really enjoy all of our favorite halloween movies with us, and last week we even found a sitter in time to see the procession of the ghouls at the cathedral of st john the divine. (they play a creepy silent film with a live organist, followed by puppet ghouls parading down the aisles of the church in the dark. st john's is the largest gothic cathedral in north america--you can see a few of my instagrams from the night HERE and HERE. the whole thing was wild). 

after an insanely busy day working, we were able to run up to 69th for some trick or treating on our old street. it was just really nice. we saw a few of of our favorite neighbors and got ourselves a big old bucket of sugar. lemme tell you, huck was a natural. he had all the ladies slipping him extra candy, and by the end of the night he was working three suckers at once like a pro. dude knows what he's doing. 

69th street is nuts this time of year. we really miss it. halfway through our trick or treating brandon said, "it SMELLS like 69th street!" which was funny but also i totally knew what he was saying. the air is different over there on the east side of the west side.

and then we attempted to recreate this old shot, because, meeeeeemoriieeeeeeeess...

we ended the night at crumbs for a halloween cupcake that brandon had seen in a window and fell in love with (more sugar, obviously), and then huck tanked out on my lap while watching nightmare before christmas... still in his pirate costume. it was just about exactly the way any toddler's dream halloween should go. and then his parents ransacked his candy stash. not bad all around.

happy halloween!

love, pirate henny huck and his two scurvy parents

  △ photos above by the supremely talented mark weinberg. △
p.s. so many thanks to H&M for huck's pirate costume! 
FYI: 25% of H&M's All for Children autumn proceeds are going to UNICEF. it's a really, truly great cause.


  1. hahaha, the last picture is so darling!!!

  2. Precious. Fantastic costume idea - Huck looks so handsome! Looks like you guys had a fabulous Halloween :)
    -Amanda |

  3. Aaawwww that last photo is too cute! The photographer captured the perfect candid moment of him. :)

  4. so! so! cute. your little boy is too precious

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  6. So darn fun! Looks like he loved every second of his Halloween! :)

  7. Looks like a truly celebratory Halloween!! How fun!

  8. Cutest little pirate around! That last picture just breaks my heart! Too adorable! :)
    xo TJ

  9. So sweet. 69th street reminds me of you've got mail. :)

  10. Oh he is just the cutest thing ever!!!! Great photos!!


  11. oh my gosh, what a great get up!


  12. These pictures are fantastic. I especially like the picture where you tried to recreate the picture from the older post. Super cute :)



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