1 / we were slow to give up christmas
2-3 / we celebrated new years on east coast time, and then huck went on to refuse sleep until new years hawaii time (reverse jet lag?)
4 / i've been introducing huck and his two arctic friends to all my favorite old movies on VHS.
5 / we took weekend trip to grants pass where huck accepted his crown as the farkle king (i hate farkle)
6 / i've been ripping through alicia paulsen's felt ornament kits in between writing sessions. i only have two left to make, i'm pretty sad about it.
7 / we had a mini golden globes party (matthew mcconaughey!?)
8 / i had a blip of writer's block for a few days, got a lot of nail polish done
9 / "hey henny! go stand next to that picture of mommy and say cheese!"
10 / janelle's chocolate chip cookies continue to be the best chocolate chip cookie on the planet earth
11-12 / so, the mall.
13-16 / major thriftage happened in grants pass. all those records for just $30!
15 / this is only in there because i needed one more photo to make it an even two dozen :)
17 / huck has never been so happy. he's also never been so tantrum-y. having this much fun all the time is EXHAUSTING. i successfully moved his bed time up an hour, which was like . . . WOAH. if you know huck and our bed time battles. but how cute is he? here he is "calling grandpa." (grandpa was on a fake phone on the couch to the left.)
18 / my view as i write
19 / last weekend we visited the motherland so i could pay pilgrimage to the gods of wool. afterwards we had ikea meatballs, it was literally the best day of my life.
20 / these two are twins joined at the hip.
21 / i've officially reached genderless status in my beauty routine, should i be alarmed?!
22 / obligatory car selfie. i've missed driving, you guys. a lot. and car dance parties. and for once i'm really appreciative that portland has stayed stuck in the 90s, because the music on my car radio! insane in the membrane came on when i was driving on the freeway the other day and let's just say my moves are intact despite my time away and i'm impressed with houw loud car stereos can get these days. i am officially having a middle school natalie resurgence, it's not bad.
23 / huck's first successful hot chocolate. he always asks for hot chocolate and then gets highly offended when i make it for him--turns out what he's really asking for is chocolate milk at room temperature. but thank you to starbucks! for getting our vocabulary straightened out one hot beverage at a time.
24 / grants pass photo i forgot to move over with the rest, what are you gonna do

hey january! high five!
may the last 15 days of this month be just as insane in the membrane as the first.


  1. Yes! a new post! I knew that if I visited 28 times today eventually something would change. I read through the entirety of your archives and am going through a bit of a withdrawal. Thanks for inspiring me to get back into my blog! (aaaand the importance of photo filters- they just make everything look cooler...)

  2. re: 21, what about mascara? your bed head/bangs are a right inspiration btw.

  3. i bought some of alicia paulsen's felt ornaments this last year with intentions of getting them finished BY christmas. THAT didn't happen but whatever. i'll chug along at them sooner or later.

  4. Your dad and Huck are possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!
    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the writing!


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  6. hope you are having a good time! get that book done because i can't wait to read it! :)

  7. I live in Portland and keep hoping I'll run into you here...looks like I should spend more time at the mall! Dang! Also, I'm originally from Pendleton. Best.

  8. It looks like your time spent at home in Oregon has been perfect! Enjoy all those family moments :)
    xo TJ

  9. What a sweet collage of photos you have here. Car selfies are a must! And the picture of Huck next to your childhood photo is so adorable! Happy Thursday!

  10. the picture of huck in front of your baby picture kills me!

  11. Oregon is just the best ever. I'm debating a trip down there (to Hood River) for the weekend. Oregon is just the best, right? And insane in the membrane, whoa, total throwback!!

  12. Yours is the blog that I scroll through the pictures first and then go back to the start and read every last word. You make me laugh every time, thank you for working at your craft. It's inspiring:)

  13. Lovely lovely pictures Nathalie.


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