a few photos from our day in sedona.  we drove up from the valley to visit jerome, the town where my grandma grew up, and then we kept on going till we hit the red rocks for a little mini hike. 


huck + theo are the best little duo. their temperaments are so well-matched, they don't wrestle over toys too much, they seem to move about the same pace and like all the same things. they had such a blast playing together, it broke my heart to split them up. brandon's been telling "huck + theo" stories at bed time all week, it's huck's favorite thing. they always start with theo meeting huck at the airport in arizona and usually end up involving lizards somehow. i have a ton of photos just like these from when we were at the native american crafts market. the boys found themselves a table to crawl under and then passed this ice cream cone back and forth, taking turns having a bite, laughing hysterically the whole time like they had just invented the funniest thing anyone could do. it was so adorable i sort of had to roll my eyes. huck is really into talking about what makes something funny these days. he's always doing goofy things around the house and then saying, "mom, that's a pretty funny thing to do, right?" 

related: the other night huck was holding a few bananagram tiles and needed to free up a hand, so he stuck the tile in his left hand between his chin and his shoulder, like you would with a phone. brandon and i started to laugh, and henry stopped what he was doing and looked up at us in slow motion from one side of his face, trying not to let the tile slip out, with this ridiculous look on his face. we started laughing harder, and he got it, he knew it was funny, but he didn't want to let the tile drop, so he'd laugh with us and then clamp his neck shut and then we'd all laugh even harder. i mean, i guess you had to be there? anyway, huck. 

thirty minutes in this spot trying to nail a decent family photo. did we get one? nnnnnope.*** so, yes, there were t-shirts involved with this reunion. each of the original siblings picked a color for their families to wear, and three of them chose slightly different shades of red. we're the ones in the brown-red, you see. maroon. oxblood! you should have seen us at the haunted hamburger in jerome. we took over, all these silly t-shirts and the waitress standing there in the middle of us with her hair falling in her face and this crazy stressed look in her eyes. brandon, patron saint of waiters, made sure she got a good tip. (brandon worked as a waiter through college, so tipping well and being kind to waiters is his superpower.)

amanda did the whole hike with a fat baby strapped to her chest. super woman! (she's got him in a beco for those who are curious.)

knew those old cowboy boots i found at the thrift store in idaho six years ago would come in handy one day :).

and thus concludes the 2014 lovin reunion posts.  

***update. we did get one! here it is, thanks sandy!


  1. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing:-)

  2. I am sure you have been to my hometown then, Saint George Utah. Red rocks everywhere!! All over the place. Come in the summer and you can come with us to the lake on our boat.

  3. We did that hike! Sedona is so beautiful and it must have been a blast with so much family there.

  4. jerome is a awesome place!! i love it so much eventhough just saw it in pictures.i guess the real one must be really have a huge much fun!

    xo josephine

  5. We just returned from Arizona, too! We were there for our daughter's sealing at the new Gilbert Temple, but we spent quite a bit of time exploring the Tonto National Forrest and the red rock is gorgeous!!! Wonderful to see all of your family, I'm sure. Blessings.

  6. Your mom was too cool for the Lovin tee?!

  7. haha! the t-shirt idea is amazing. So fun! The scenery is breathtaking!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  8. I've been having a pretty hard morning but just sat down to check out the latest with the Holbrooks because I KNEW if I saw a Huck smirk I'd feel just a little better about my day. It worked. Thanks for sharing your adventures and adorable family with complete strangers. I hope you know how much you guys are all adored! xx

  9. What are your sandals, Natalie? Silver Saltwaters?

  10. LOVE THIS. family reunions are pretty fantastic. also, sedona is so gorgeous. i've only been once for like an hour and i'm dying to go back and spend a few days.

  11. My niece is named after Sedona, so I always get excited when I see her name in writing ;) And I'm so thankful your husband's a good tipper. It's how I judge a person's character...kidding but not kidding. Thank for sharing! - Leith

  12. The t-shirts are so adorable! Like you could totally wear that again and it'd just look like a comfy vintage tee or something!! Anyways, sedona looks gorgeous! It reminds me of Southern Utah where I'm from and my heart aches a little for the mountains and hiking!


  13. I do thank you very much for sharing this beautifull pictures of this greeaaattt landscape. you know, the northern germany landscape is much more boring ;-)


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