this is a post about basics. what do you consider your basics? this is an existential question, i think, because nobody's basics are the same anymore. for instance. i don't do blazers or ballet flats, and i don't want to make blanket statements or anything but i've never met a button up that liked me all that well, so i steer clear.

my basics start with a good, slouchy white tee. i'm still trucking with the forever 21 tees i bought a few years ago, upsized for slouch (i took a large), but everlane's ryan tee is spot on as well, no upsizing necessary, as are these two tees here and here. and denim. last summer i discovered the current/elliott stiletto. it is the only jean i don't have to have hemmed up seven inches. (they cost an arm and a leg but i have had insane luck finding them on eBay and have never paid more than $50 for a pair.) 

from there i like a trench coat--the one i have is from target, but zara has one right now that is right on trend for spring--longer, silky, a bit less structured than most. i've found that a drop waist dress is kind of a fun silhouette on me and can be styled for all four seasons, and then there are the basic black, grey + navy sweaters i can't seem to stop wearing--my favorites without fail have all come from everlane (this one, this one and this one, from the men's section!), a black jersey pencil skirt for fancy times, and something with a peter pan collar because i don't do button ups but i do do peter pan collars. top it with a floppy brimmed black hat,  and bottom with a bootie because booties and i have become besties... i'm curious to see what my summer besties will be, now that i'm feeling ornery about the saltwaters this year.... oh i have serious inner turmoil over this, you guys. i've had my saltwaters for nine years and it really feels like treason to say it, but i might skip unpacking them this summer. maybe take a break for a bit. you know? the saltwaters have gotten too loud, is what it is. don't hold me to it, i'll probably change my mind because i love my saltwaters like i love my own child. anyway, booties. these are the most gorgeous boots known to man and they happen to be way out of my price range. (i found a pair of used harrows super super cheap on eBay, it was the find of a lifetime, but these are a good alternative as well).

anyway i want to know what your basics are. i just found a pair of pink suede booties for wearing with all black this spring and luckily pink suede can be a basic. because i said so. 

this post was sponsored by eBay. you can see more of my favorite basics here. #followitfindit
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  1. i love me a good white tee and black jeans. i found a pair of high wasted black jeans, and let me tell ya, i ain't going back to regular jeans. they are like the godsend "mom jean" but "trendy." :) now i need a pair of distressed black jeans like yours!

  2. What do you mean by the Saltwaters becoming too loud? You mean too many people wear them now? I love them so, but they make me look sooo stalky... cause I am stalky. Bah humbug lol

  3. my basics are a tee shirt, usually procured from the $10 racks of the men's section at Target, and jeans. i wear crazy socks almost every day, because i read a quote once that said something about no one interesting ever wearing boring socks, so i roll with that. and for shoes i wear a pair of BOC clogs almost every day, although i'd love to get a more ethically-made pair. as it gets warmer those clogs will be replaced with my Old Navy black flip flops i've had for four years now - i'm waiting for them to die finally so i can get a pair of Birks. oh, and a cardigan almost always. i'd also love to get a pair of adidas that are black with white stripes for everyday wear, and a pair of red kicks for football season (Nebraska colors are red and white, natch).

    i wear black, grey, and white almost exclusively, with red thrown in during football season. i'd like to rotate in more purple somehow, but i'm on a pretty big "don't buy anything for myself" kick right now, trying to get back into wearing what i've got now that i'm done being pregnant. we'll see how long that lasts though, because 90% of my clothes don't actually look like my uniform, so i'm doing laundry every other day!

  4. how have saltwater sandals gotten too loud?

    1. yeah - i'm guessing you're saying too popular? cuz they be ERRYWHERE. and i won't wear them on principle, now. (same with toms.)

  5. Old Navy has great basic t-shirts right now. I need to head back there and grab a few more white ones. I love a simple white tee with a great neckline. I also love my black felt hat and booties. I am known for my obsession with booties, so I feel you on that one. I just finally got a denim jacket from H&M. It's super fitted (I'm not into baggy jean jackets) a little bit cropped and it's cute with a good pair of black shorts. Summer is always hard for me as I'm a jeans girl, but I'm trying to find summer items that fit me well.

  6. I am currently on the hunt for some fabulous basics. 8 months postpartum over here and I'm just feeling like I can go shop/fit into something again!

    P.S. I know you are an Anne Shirley fan & I put together a little post just for her so I thought I would share it with you. Happy Thursday!

  7. i never realised that i had a go-to outfit until the other day my sister said 'do you own any other clothes, or is your cupboard just like the Simpsons?' i went home and checked out my closet and have now realised i own 6 plain black Bonds Classic T's & 4 pairs of Res Denim high waisted skinny jeans (varying colours!).
    i am happy to admit that my basics are the 'basics of basic' - black T & jeans (and my old black Dr Martins!).

  8. Great post. I am going to search for the current/elliot stiletto that you mentioned. White tees rule!

  9. i love love love everlane stuff! cannot wait to pick up a silk blouse for spring!

  10. love basics. These days I've been trying to get rid of everything in my closet and remain with just that - the basics... Lots of black, white and grey. I also love drop wait dresses!

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