i field an awful lot of questions about my saltwaters these days. 

are they comfortable? do you like them? do you looove them? can you walk in them for a long time? where did you get them?

i thought i would set the matter to rest for once and for all.

these are my saltwaters, they are rad.

i grew up wearing saltwaters every summer as a kid. i bought the ones i'm wearing now in 2007. it's amazing how little wear they show after so many years.

i have a pair in navy and tan, they're about perfect. they go with everything. i wear one of them practically every day. i'd estimate that this week alone we've clocked in over fifty miles together.  that sounds absurd but it is true.

i'm thinking of someday adding to the family with a red pair. possibly yellow. though i do feel that those punchier colors are more fitting for a frillier girl, a girl who wears her ruffles, rather than the other way around. (my ruffles always say, "look at this girl named natalie that i am wearing. isn't she silly for thinking she could get away with me? how funny does she look?" which is why i never wear ruffles much, really.)

i got mine at

(they are slightly cheaper through

they are comfortable, i love them, and the minute huck's feet are big enough you better beleive we're going to be twinners.

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here are this week's posts:
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  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    I love those shoes. I get a lot of questions about my Sperrys and yes they are absolutely that comfortable! Plus they go with shorts, certain skirts and pants!

  2. I have a pair in silver and love them! Silver came out last year, I believe... you ought to check them out. ;)

  3. One last saltwater question..... do they fit true to size? I wear a size 7.5 and I don't know if I should go for the 8 or the 7?

  4. @Haley--I usually wear a 6 or 7 and ordered a 7, so I'd say order on the bigger side of your feet if you're nervous!

  5. 22.5 pounds! damn, baby got back.

  6. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    How are they size wise in terms of width? Sorry to be a hassle!

  7. haha....your so right about elevators!
    i havent heard about these shoes (oh dear should i not admit that does it show how uncool i am?)
    they sound and look great

  8. i'm wearing saltwaters RIGHT now... and i love them. they're my first pair (got them early this summer) and wear them practically every day!

    no regrets here!



  9. I love them, I want them, however I have a size 9.5 so they might make my feet look more clownish!
    My son started wearing salt waters very young! I'm glad your not the only momma of a boy that will put her son in them. I think they are most definitely unisex...and they work great on chubby little feet! Sooo Cute!
    I grew up wearing them too!

  10. 22.5 pounds? What a chunk. My slender little niece is only 8 months, but I think she's barely around 14 or 15 pounds. Ah, Asian babies. :)

  11. fantastic picture - greet. Horst from berlin

  12. Hello Miss Natalie! I've been looking for some leather sandals in Germany (I'm an ex-pat) but everything is so expensive here... BUT I ordered them since I'll pick them up at my parent's in the US next week. I'm so excited and thanks for the tip.

    I got them in red after much deliberation. I am one of those girls who wears ruffles. Lots of ruffles and flowers. So I went for a bright color. I saw that they're on some "future ugly shoes" list! How rude!

  13. Thanks for the tip, I am off to check them out!

  14. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    Awesome servicey post. I had never heard of Saltwaters until recently. Am now debating if I should buy them before summer is up or wait until I can get a full season. Decisions, decisions... =)

  15. I've been wanting Saltwaters for a while now and was wondering if they were good for walking a lot in, so thanks for the tip! I think a tan pair is on order..or maybe white..tough decisions here.

  16. Oh my goodness! I used to wear these as a kid! Now I want to buy some immediately.

  17. I love my salt waters too. I picked some up in Boston a few months ago n they are sook comfy, I am dreading swapping them for my welliesvwhen winter comes.

    PS Madewell also stock them

  18. I LOVE SALTWATERS!!! I had a pair in pink and white when I was a wee lassie. Best summer shoes ever. My favorite winter shoes were sparkly pink Converse hi-tops with pink laces. Heaven.

  19. I had to get surfers for my boy cuz his feet are too fat for the classic.
    I've been planing a saltwater purchase for myself all summer long and haven't yet. I'll have to get on that.

  20. i love your blog, and this is my first time posting- because i also LOVE those shoes. I have been trying to find the adult size tans ones all over- (sold out). Thanks to you, i bought some online yesterday. Yay! Your baby is the best.

  21. I love my saltwaters, too! Yay for saltwater LOVE!!

  22. i bought some for my wee one (she's almost 2) on zappos- they came in TWELVE HOURS! yah, couldn't have gone to find them in person that fast! plus free shipping. i ordered 2 sizes, and sent back the ones that didn't fit. now i just wish i would have ordered myself some...

  23. i am slightly sad that i have fielded questions about whether or not my saltwaters were orthopedic shoes. and now they sell them at madewell! saltwaters are the shoe biz's best kept secret. i wore them for a week in guatemala and they are the bomb. better than chacos.

    related: president obama wore saltwaters as a kid, apparently.


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