brandon and i are major harry potter fans.
since we've been married we've bought two hard covers the day a new potter comes out and then power raced through to see who could finish first.
every sunday afternoon at our house is reserved for harry potter mini marathons.

a few weeks ago we went to the harry potter exhibit in times square.

it was the cost of a nice dinner out and so i had to get my money's worth even though the strict rule was

one of these days i will see a shrink and he will cure me of my incessant need to break the rules.
pills, let's hope!

and here is me and huck and some kids, gosh they look intense.


  1. Well I am glad you broke the rules this ones. Because I couldn't not go and see the exhibit. I am super excited to go as well. My hubby bought me tickets last month.
    Wish I had a group of friends to go with to all get dressed up and be super crazy. But I am still glad I am going to the midnight showing.

  2. I love Harry Potter too! My 2 year anniversary is this Monday and we are planning to go see Harry Potter, then come back home and order pizza and drink champagne in our backyard by our fire cage thing. We live in Portland, so it is still pretty cold here at night (even in July). I know it is a dorky way to celebrate our anniversary, but I am sooo excited!

    P.S. I love your blog. You and your baby are so cute!

  3. yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!

    i missed the exhibit when it was in chicago, and i'm still broken up about it. *sniffle* :(

    i love that you & the holbs each had a book so you could read together! brilliant!


  4. Midnight showing, I hope??

  5. I'm not a pot head at all but I can't wait to see yer halloween costumes.

  6. It's not screening in the US yet??

  7. ohhhh natalie. so many things to say.

    first of all, i think my love/obsession for all things YGM can be rivaled (and yes, surpassed, even) only by HP.

    second of all, i've never seen any of the movies and i never will (i'm THAT into my imagination + rowling's words...kinda scary, huh?) but i will live vicariously through you as you wait in anticipation!

    thirdly, howww can #5 be your fav?! i can hardly read that book without wanting to jump out of a window on account of dolores umbridge!! actually, though, the sirius + harry relationship is best in that book...though we all know what happens with THAT (3rd hardest i've ever cried in a book, ever - when he finds that mirror in the end). if you must know, my order would be 7 (utterly brilliant, perfectly perfect, a downright masterpiece, etc, etc), 5, 3, 4, 6, 1, 2.

    lastly, holbsamort is your best work yet.

    yaaaay for halloween! i can't wait.

  8. My husband does not understand my obsession with (or giant crush on) Harry Potter even a little bit. I am glad there are other adults out there as excited as I am. Last summer when I made him take me to the midnight showing, we ended up sitting next to a girl I used to babysit when I was like 15. That will make you feel old and ridiculous real fast.

    It is really hard for me to pick a favorite....maybe 7...or 3...or 6... They all serve their purpose. :)

  9. have you done wizarding world at universal studios in florida yet? when you do, choose the frozen butter beer over non-frozen. you'll thank me!

  10. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Snape's robe looks purple in the first picture? I'm sure it's the lighting but I have to kind of giggle if it's actally a shade of purple. Snape would be much less intimidating if his robes were purple.

  11. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    Order of the Phoenix is my favorite too! I'm seeing it at midnight tonight...though now that I'm an adult in the real world and not in college I'm getting a bit nervous about my ability to stay up that late.

    I was totally Hermione for Halloween last year :-)

  12. I'm SO excited about Harry Potter, I bought our tickets for a Sunday Matinee yesterday. Order of the Phoenix followed by Prisoner are also my faves :)

    I'm trying to estimate the amount of times I'll get weepy (during part one it was 4) but who really knows.

    Have fun and enjoy a night out w/o your handsome lil guy.

  13. I kind of love that you called him the holsamort; still giggling over that one.

    Also?? I love that you ("illegally") took a picture of Snape's robes! Snape is my favorite! He's so darn complex, and I love him more than I love just about any other character in all of literature! Just sayin...

    Enjoy the final installment! I'm going to watch HP 7.1 tonight in order to get ready for 7.2 on Saturday. (It's when I could go.)

  14. I knew I loved you!! Me too. Me too!!!

  15. Do it!! I'm going to the midnight showing. I plan on depriving my baby of sweet sleep during the day so he stays nice and quiet for the baby sitter. I'm not telling her he's teething. I think it would be better if she found out on her on while I'm sequestered away in a dark, Potter filled theater.

  16. You should fashion yourself a press pass for special occasions like this. You are, after all, intrepidly reporting for those of us who can't see the exhibit.

    Half Blood Prince, Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire, for me.

  17. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. OBSESSED. I took months collecting the hardcovers at thrift stores (seven for the price of two new ones!). I have the paperback collection as well for Emergency On-The-Go Harry Readings (too hard to tote along a hardcover, right??). I read the seventh book from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am the next day and called in sick (my eyes were too swollen from bawling for me to see anyway...right?). I cry at the opening of every movie I see in the theater. I listen to the books on CD (checked out from the library) EVERY DAY (I need the sound of another adult voice in the house, and the guy who does the books on CD is AMAZING). I watch the movies every Sunday. And every time the trailer to the last movie comes on TV, I get teary-eyed and tell Karl, "I just don't know what I'll do with myself after it's over." The first time I said that, he looked a bit alarmed, then said snarkily, "I don't know...become obsessed with something else, maybe?" I guess he didn't realize I WASN'T KIDDING. BTW, my faves are 3-7 (they take turns being my favorite), though the first half of the last book, I confess, was a wee bit boring (really? five chapters and you're still in the woods?).

  18. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    bOOKS: My favorite are the first and Deathly Hallows.
    mOVIES: My favorite, again Sorcerer's Stone and Azkaban. It's a total tie, for me, with those 2.
    i've seen every movie, too many times to count, but feel all of the ones after Azkaban are very disappointing. They leave me wanting, and feeling that important scenes were given short the Dobby scene in HP &DH pt 1.

    Assuming that pt 2 will also leave me feeling short changed, i'm planning to begin from the beginning again, via audio books. have you listened to those? Excellent. And i love being read to again.

  19. What about being two Death Eaters holding a baby Voldemort? Awesome? Or Prof Dumbledore and McGonagal holding a baby Harry? I wish I had a baby to dress up in wizarding garb.

  20. Have you seen We Are Wizards???? WATCH IT NOW. My favorite is Goblet of Fire, but I cry at all of them. Going tomorrow am at 11:15 - bought our tickets last week!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

  21. I am also a lover of Potter, although, my husband does not feel the same way. Nonetheless, we're both super excited to see the final movie!

  22. I am silently crying in my office (only a little) because we can't go to the midnight show tonight b/c we have an early EARLY flight to catch tomorrow morning. :(

    I'm EXTRA excited to see it, but also sad, because it feels like....the end of an era with the last movie coming out.


  23. we love harry potter. me more than my husband.
    my favorite book is the half blood prince. i just love harry potter, in fact- we're watching the second movie right now.

  24. a girl after my own lil wizard loving heart.
    we're on a major countdown for the midnight premiere, that's less than 6 hours here in the beehive state!
    having a party, made licorice wands and pumpkin juice, yum!
    i have a hard time choosing between 6 &'s a toss up...
    many a tear will be shed this eve, not quite ready for it all to end *sniff*
    my wand is at the ready...

  25. Almost every time I learn something new about you guys, I like you more. Last week my husband was studying our four-month-old son and said, "He looks just like me, but he's got your eye color." And I said excitedly {in the special whisper I reserve just for occasions like these}, "Harry Potter! Christian, our son is like Harry Potter! Like HARRY POTTER! Christian, he looks just like his dad but he's got his mom's eyes, just like Harry Potter!" They were both unimpressed.

  26. harry potter exhibit?! so jealous!! thanks for snapping pictures - the rest of us don't mind you breaking the rules?

    favorite books: half-blood prince, then azkaban. and I timed myself with numbers 5 and 6 to see how fast I could read them. (#6 in under 6 hours!)

    I can't wait to see pictures of the Halloween costumes!

  27. Natalie I think you are the first person I have come across, with legitimate Potter devotion, that likes Order of the Phoenix best. That's usually at the bottom of peoples' lists because of hormonal Harry. Anyways, my favorite is Half Blood Prince followed SO closely by Prisoner of Azkaban which is followed closely by all of them.

  28. Oh I love Harry Potter!!! So, so, so much! And I totally love that it seems to divide between people not interested at all, and people obsessed. I am in such good company!

    My favorite is Goblet of Fire. I remember the first time I read that book, i re-read the quidditch world cup part twice and I loved all the triwizard tournament challenges.

  29. Order of the Phoenix is my favorite too! Everyone else I know hates it. I think I love it because it's depressing, it's slow, it's heartwrenching, and it ends so terribly. And Azkaban comes after that. Book twinners, you and I. It's nice to know.

  30. I love that you have a HP reading race, that's awesome!

  31. Well, I am happy that I can finally start reading and watching the series. (I have a firm rule with myself that I will never begin a series until it has finished being written, because I started one several years ago, and the author never finished!!!! Oh the agony!!! I will never put myself through that kind of torture again.) So, I am really looking forward to picking up the first HP book at the library next week. :-)

    Jeremy, on the other hand, does not abide by such silly rules, and he has watched them all without me. I can't wait to catch up.


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