my mom and i have been doing a lot of running around lately. when i sit down to try and sort out a way to put it all in the blog so i can remember it, i go a little cross-eyed. so here are our new york adventures according to my cell phone, photo dump style.

being awesome in strollers.
fake shopping (you know, shopping for things you have no intention of buying, like fall coats when it is 103 degrees outside, or anything at all from abc carpet and home, ever.)
spending time in fish's eddy. heaven.
bravely surviving drastic temperatures in the park.

eating lots of baby for dessert.


  1. I don't understand how he can have such chunky legs. They are the cutest things on this side of the interweb. I want to eat them up! :)

  2. nat you are seriously my favorite...i always love your posts no matter what! and henry makes me go wild...i think he has that effect on many women.

  3. He is so gosh darn cute. How did you get such a perfect baby and life? He puts the Gerber baby to shame. Lol

  4. fish's eddy is the best. love going in there and poking around.

  5. Heheheh, love Huck's heat-infused tresses! That baby is aaaaaall kinds of cute!

    Also, fake shopping is the bane of my existence. So many pretty things to buy...! And Murphy's Law has it that whenever you're NOT looking or can't afford to buy nice stuff, you see all the greatest things ever. When you need to buy great stuff, you come across mediocre stuff. Pah!

  6. White onesie-d babies. Enough said.

  7. I LOVE Fish's Eddy!!!

  8. Isn't sweaty baby hair the cutest thing EVER!!

  9. I love love your blog! Seriously CANNOT get enough of

    a) your humor
    b) your nicknames for the holbs
    c) that chubby baby.

    i mean ... can anyone really resist a beefy set of baby thighs? negative. keep up the awesome work, lady!

    2. Being awesome in strollers is hard work, so I'm glad Huck's on it.
    3. The wooden bench and the three pillows - mail it to me.
    4. LOVE the yellow coat (raincoat?)
    5. I vote for the blue sandal, not the brown loafer.
    6. The pics of The Holbsbencher enjoying his son were cute, but I think the bigger one with his awesome smile may be my favorite from your blog. (I'd declare that more definitely if I could remember all the other pics of him.) He looked so happy and relaxed. Yay!

  11. fish's eddy just stopped my heart. stopped it dead. heaven. absolutely.

  12. Really adorable lil one! And I LOVE those shoes you were trying on :)

    Just happened across your blog - I look forward to keeping up with it!


  13. What a great collection of photos. I love having those to look back on, since it's a perfect representative of you and your fam at that time :)

  14. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    great pics! i'm going fake shopping tomorrow...should be fun!

  15. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    DROOL chelsea market! LOL on fake shopping, perfect description hahaha!


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