Yo! it was a real good weekend. Good weather, good friends, some dang good hummus in there, too, And now we have a whole week stretching ahead of us. And a whole summer, too. It's kind of exciting. I have a real good feeling about this summer. Real goods all around.

It's rainy and drizzly this week and we've been enjoying this mellow start to things. Long mornings in our jams, spinning records while making breakfast, and hauling out the water color paints to paint commissioned portraits for my rather demanding three-year-old. I like this schedule. (Today Huck requested: one penguin, one castle, a carrot with a face, one bunny eating said carrot with a face, and--best part--a broom. Twice. Two brooms.)

Here's what else we've been up to.

1. Weekend picnics in Sheep Meadow with my dudes:

2. Learning to batik in Brooklyn:

3. Playing with friends, and sticking our faces inside every flowering bush we walk past, ever:

What number am I on now, four? 

4. Lincoln Center for our daily scoot. Huck goes as fast as his little legs can push him while I check my email and make sure he isn't crashing into anybody. And then sometimes he asks for my phone so he can get pictures of his scooter (and his mom, blurry, seemingly missing one hand):

Aaaaaand, 5. We're registering Huck for Pre-K. How did this happen so fast!?! Let me tell you, registering a kid for Pre-K out here is IN-VOLVED. We're talking tooth and nail here to get a spot off the wait list for the half day program, because I just can't get behind the all day program for my not-even-four-year-old, so we're gunning for the unicorn half-day spot in the pot-of-gold half day program at the end-of-the-rainbow school about thirty or so blocks north of us. Wish us luck! 

(With an acceptance rate of 9% (!!!!!) we're going to need it.)

The end.

ON ME: from the top, dress / sunglasses (scored on eBay) / sandals from zara last year ; hat / shorts / wellies ; maxi

P.S. You can find direct links to everything from my shop page, in case you want to browse all my favorites at once!)


  1. Love the pictures! I hope you find the perfect pre-K! And those pictures of Huck painting are just so dang cute for this Tuesday morning! :)

  2. Huck is really too cute :) I love these photos!


    Grace et Rose

  3. who knew pre-k was so impossible to get into? I feel like most colleges have better acceptance ratings..anyway, I love all of the fun pictures in this most and your little boy is absolutely adorable!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2014

    thanks for adding the my shop page! I love smelling every flower I pass too!

  5. These pictures are adorable. -Hanna Lei

  6. Pre-K is impossible in Denver so can't even imagine NYC. It's crazy that you have to think about it so far in advance, my son just turned six and it feels like we've been doing this school stuff foooooooooooooorever.
    Good luck and that Huck!

  7. The tiny batik-ing is adorable! And I love to see spring in NYC, thanks for the beautiful reminders :)

    belle + compass

  8. Best of luck as you embark on the journey of pre-k enrollment! I am a preschool teacher in Carroll Gardens and feel so bad for what these families have to go through for childcare.

  9. We were lucky and got into the pre-k that we wanted! It's hard even here in Utah!

  10. I thought you were standing in the mini airplane for about 4.81 seconds! Ha!


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