Happy June! How did this happen!?!

The B and I are traditionally Yankees fans. I don't really know why. Actually, I don't follow any teams, of anything, and Brandon only really follows basketball during March Madness (he is determined every year that he'll finally beat my brackets but you know what, I always win anyway), and this year, ice hockey (why?? Go Rangers?), but there it is. Sometimes I think like maybe our agency was stripped from us when we first moved to New York, by virtue of the fact that this one time we got $5 tickets to a Yankees game on Brandon's 28th birthday and then that was just it, like the matter was settled for us. (WAS BRANDON EVER THAT YOUNG HOLY CRAP!)

And maybe this will make your eyes roll all over the place, but I've always felt more spiritually connected to the Mets, if you know what I mean. You know, they're the underdogs. A little less shiny than the other team, not nearly as much money... that is so the Holbrook style. All this is just a spectacularly uninteresting way of saying hey! So we went to a Mets game last weekend! and I made us all get Mets hats to rectify the Yankees hat situation back home. And actually, I don't even know who won the game, now that I think about it. I made us leave early so we wouldn't get crushed on the subway by hordes of humanity heading home. So yes, there were peanuts, and Crackerjack, I did care very much about getting back... Buzzkill, party of one.

Did Huck insist that he and his dad wear matching superhero arm bands to the baseball game? Of course he did. 

Double dog, popcorn, Crackerjack, pretzel baptized in holy cheese sauce. Extra 'kraut. Super healthy. Not pictured: my fifteen dollar diet coke. Just kidding, it was only $8. 

Pointless aside: the other day Huck and I were talking about our favorite vegetables. ("Mom, can we talk about someping?") Huck said he liked broccoli and carrots, and I said I liked sauerkraut and beets, and then we both looked at each other a little funny. Because, yeah, that does sound gross. Also, sauerkraut is a vegetable only so far as pickles are a vegetable. Which, they totally are.

Huck could have made it all nine innings, he loved all of the cheering and shouting. I was really impressed. Brandon did take him back into the concessions area about halfway through the game so they could get some cotton candy, sort of a get-the-gingers-out-of-the-sun break. 

I still haven't decided whether I'd rather be a Mets or Yankees fan. Maybe I just don't like labels. In the end, I suppose I'd like to be like Switzerland. Or Bella Wwan! You know, with the wolf and the vamp. 

Anyway. Baseball. Now it's really summer!

Take us out, Huck.


  1. Do I spy with my little eye a wee tattoo on that dainty wrist of yours?? Are you officially inked?!?!

  2. i hate both teams. but i hate the Yankees more. On principle. the same reason you like the Mets.

  3. My husband's a big Mets fan (we're both from California, never lived in NYC) and he loves the quote by Mets outfielder, Curtis Granderson, "True New Yorkers are Mets fans." Sounds like you found the right team. ;-)

  4. I echo your pickles/sauerkraut/beets sentiment. Definitely a legitimate answer in a discussion of one's favourite vegetables. I don't even care if cucumbers are a fruit. Pickles are absolutely vegetables ;)

    This is a fab post. Makes me want to a) live in America b) go to a ball game c) have a matching superhero wristband with my dad d) eat a hot dog.

    xx jemima

  5. so cute! sounds like a great day!

  6. Matching superhero armbands... swoon hahaha.

  7. Looks like such a fun day! I love sports games in the summertime. Huck is getting so big, it's crazy! And your hair girl, srsly spot on. I aspire to such hair perfection. <3


  8. Am I losing it or did you write a post about your faith and now it's gone?

  9. On the link for "brandon's 25th birthday", it says Brandon turned 28, so I guess... No? He never really was that young?!

    1. oh my gosh. where is my brain anymore?! hahaha, good catch! that is hysterical! derp derp.

  10. I love baseball games, looks like a lot of fun! -Hanna Lei


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