What I wore to brunch with friends last weekend. To a restaurant I incorrectly called "Southern Comfort" on Instagram when actually it's called Southern Hospitality. Whoops! (Dude. My apologies, Justin Timberlake.)

I am such a fan of Hackwith Design House (the makers of the beautiful tasseltry hanging above our bed), and I'm so excited to be working with them today to style a few of their new pieces, due for release very soon. Hackwith is a small independent design house based in the midwest. They release a few new pieces every Monday morning from their webshop, in very limited quantities, so every purchase is few-of-a-kind, and feels like a little victory when you snag just the piece your closet's been missing. Every item is handmade, the materials are top notch, and the draping is always so elegant. I've been lucky enough to own a few Hackwith pieces and they are always standouts in my wardrobe. All I want to wear anymore are these understated, muted neutrals, and it can be hard to find pieces that hit all the sweet spots. I felt just like me the minute I slipped this on, and isn't that the goal?

Here are a few quick photos we snapped after getting down with some chicken + waffles. (The thing about chicken and waffle is, insert a million heart emojis right here.)

p.s. huck

ON ME: the Alder top c/o Hackwith Design House (set for release June 9) / horsehair clutch c/o Primecut Bags, in partnership with Hackwith Design House for their Makers Alongside series (set for release through Hackwith's shop June 4) / jeans / birks /  sunglasses / cuff found at a roadside jewelry table in Arizona / day 8 hair c/o my intense laziness + finally nailing the perfect dry shampoo routine (more on this later)

*Many elements of this outfit can be found on my shop page, where I'm attempting to keep all my favorite finds organized for you. So when you wonder where I got something? Check there. (It's not my shop per se, just a handy way to find junk. You know.)

**Do like me and set an alarm on your phone for Monday morning Hackwith releases. I'm regularly pointing my Safari app to their site first thing Monday mornings, all bleary-eyed, while still in bed. Total recipe for disastrous impulse shopping, yes. But when you find "the one," it's worth it. Maybe. ;)

*** Huck's ridiculous watermelon helmet can be found on Amazon ;).


  1. *strategically hides new tat. Womp womp.

  2. you look like the super stylish 70s dream mother. love it!

  3. His watermelon helmet is too much...and he just looks like one cool kid. And I agree with the above comment, you look like a super stylish 70s mom and I think that is just awesome.

  4. Do you find that while trying to invest in better made clothes you have less?

  5. Cute! I have seen that helmet in my neighborhood, and I wondered where to get it.

  6. Why do I love Birks on you and HATE them on me??!! :(

  7. Dude, I love that you do day 8 hair too! Gotta love dry shampoo, it's a lifesaver! And that shirt looks phenomenal on you!

  8. Argh.. I have birks envy. I am with the commenter above, they look great on you and it really works but I just look like a completely ridiculous grandma/accidental hipster/fool.

  9. AnonymousJune 04, 2014

    You look adorable in your Birks and all your photos in them make me want a pair! The outfit is super cute!!


  10. such a cute outfit! also, i'm 28 and almost bought a watermelon helmet for myself - it's not a style exclusive to young children, is it? ALSO, three cheers for the stylish 70's dream mother, because that totally nails this look!

  11. I love the outfit, and Huck's helmet is so cute. -Hanna Lei

  12. w a t e r m e l o n helmet! he he :)


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