What do you get when you combine one very boring outfit that you've already worn five million times with a new pair of nerd shoes? 

You get the same thing you got the last time, only nerdier! 


I've been looking for THE pair of nerdy saddle shoes for just about forever. It's not like they're that hard to find? But every pair I'd tried seemed to be missing something crucial. For one thing, I have a specific black-to-white ratio. TrĂ©s important. Second only to the black/white ratio are the dimensions of the toe box. Proper width is tricky, and I like mine to have some clomp. Like a throw-back third grader going to prep school. Ooh, like Rory Gilmore! Not like the delicate wing-tip of a mob boss in the twenties. Pass me a gun with that weird wheel-y thingie! Eh-eh-eh-eh-ehhhh! (That's my 1920s villain with a cigar dangling out his mouth evil laughing sound effect. Spot on, right?) 

I finally found these puppies by searching "cheer shoes" on Amazon at two in the morning last week, because I'd remembered randomly that my mom wore a pair in an old photo of her with her high school cheer squad. Perfection achieved! I totally got that rush of buy buy buy! now now now! energy that shopping junkies sometimes get? Not that I would know? 


I should really have my Amazon app removed from my phone because I get into more trouble with it than a high schooler behind the bleachers.

At first I felt like Ronald McDonald in them, until I googled it and it turns out his shoes are red. (Same with the Hamburglar's.)

I get questions about this jacket all the time, and sadly, it's an eBay score from a few years ago of a brand I haven't seen since. It's cropped at the sleeves and the fit is suuuper snug, and if you're in the market for something similar, this Madewell version is almost a dead ringer. (Are they out of the black right now?) I've tried it on and by snug I mean SNUG, so size up. (At least two sizes if you want something boyfriend-y.) 

My favorite gold chain bracelets come from Littionary. I get asked that one a lot too. :)

Well so anyway, that's that. Photos lovingly taken by this guy ☟

You can tell he's thrilled about it.


  1. That face at the end is the best and your shoes are pretty awesome too!
    The Pepper Express

  2. The first thing that came to my mind after seeing your shoes, they look like black and white cookies. Only with them you can choose which side you'll damage first ;) x

  3. Those jeans look perfect on you! -Hanna Lei

  4. haha what a cute photographer ;)
    I looove that jacket. I often want to wear mine out and about but the long sleeves make it difficult to eat comfortably if we're dining outside, thing like that. I need those cropped sleeves!

  5. love the shoes! you're such an enabler. i just got some awesome bensimon sneakers on shopbop! :)

  6. Well, pretty, but i dont think they're nerdy, you know?

  7. AnonymousMay 21, 2015

    toddler-taken iphone photos warm my heart like i caaant even express!! cute huck!! and you look adorable of course!!

  8. Yay! Comments <3 I love your style and you look gorgeous in these pics!

  9. I love these Natalie! How are they on comfort while walking around the city?

  10. I really like your hair in these photos.

  11. This has nothing to do with the real content of your post... just a comment about how truly happy it makes me every time you make a Gilmore Girls reference. It fills my heart with joy. In ways that a TV show probably shouldn't. So, thank you!

  12. I love that stripy top - plain but chic.

    Lizzie Dripping

  13. I love the whole outfit, so simple but the shoes definitely make it feel more quirky.

    I love that he takes your photos! So adorable.


  14. He takes your pics!!! Ah, he's my hero! He's gotta give my kid some pointers.


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