Oh hey, hi, hello! So nice of you to drop by! Who me? Oh, I'm fine! And you? Some weather we're having, eh?

We've been enjoying the heck out of spring over here. We hit 82 on Sunday, barely eeked out 61 on Monday, spring is emotionally unbalanced right now and I really like it. Vacuuming up popcorn off the rugs a million times a day. The post office and I have become besties. On the way out the door the other day Huck proclaimed the post office a "pain in the payants." Huck likes to cram as many syllables as he can into words that should only have one, and it was a weird moment when I realized I think he gets that from me? When you've picked up the vocal tics of the rest of your family without even noticing it, it's kind of like discovering your nose on an old photo of some ancient aunt you never met. 

I got the last bits of my "spring capsule" figured out if you really wanna call it that. It's actually just all that I have left. A couple of dresses, some shorts and some slouchy tee shirts. My spring/summer wardrobe consists of 60 items total. I have a few skirts I might still donate, and one pair of overalls from my once stupidly large collection of overalls that I'm still not sure I'll really wear but can't seem to part with. "According to the KonMari method" (is how I like to start my sentences all Hermione Granger style), once you've finished with the tidying you'll know it, like, I suppose, cosmically. You'll no longer struggle to keep things organized, you'll no longer want useless things, you'll basically become Buddha and be translated in the twinkling of an eye (am I confusing my religions?). If you find your space becoming cluttered again, it's because you haven't quite gotten there yet. So, I still haven't gotten there, says the pair of cheap sunglasses I picked up the other day. Though I'm awfully close. (Anybody want to buy my Helmut Lang leather jacket?) (I'm planning a post on this if anybody cares!)

This year I've been really taken by the way the light has been changing along with the changing seasons. The direction it slants, the colors and hues. A spring sunshine illuminates a space so differently than a winter sunshine, it's like the rays are made of entirely different stuff. Early in the morning these days our little corner of the loft is just like heaven. We have the windows open and the  breeze smells sweet and the birds are chirping and the entire room is blindingly bright and beautiful. It's easy to forget we're even in New York City.

But we are in New York City and speaking of the other day Brandon scored us some sweet tickets from his office and escorted his two soccer dummies to a soccer match at Yankee Stadium. We sat right behind the dugout, and Huck got to enjoy an all-you-can-eat shrimp and crab leg dinner. Aren't we fancy! 

Who is this kid who thinks sweet potato fries are terrifying but will happily down an entire ocean of shellfish?

He and B returned from a bathroom trip like this, in full on NYCFC soccer gear. He looked like a very short retiree from Florida. 

In other fancy things I have no business attending, I went to a party for Chanel No 5? There was this really fascinating interactive exhibit there about the science behind the fragrance, with these crazy neat ways to experience the top and base notes and learn about these psycho roses used in the scent that can only be picked in the mornings before noon and only in the month of May and only from these bushes grown in this specific town in France!? Emma was there too so we played around with the lighting in the exhibit and got a couple of really great results. (She's been using a fuji point and shoot lately too and i was like, boom. that settles it.) 

Someday when I release my acoustic folk poetry or whatever, this will be my album cover. Thanks, Em.

Speaking of ridiculous things, I was asked to host a little class at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store on fun things to do in NYC in the summer, and so last weekend, I did!

I knowwwww.

Hecklers in the peanut gallery. 

My presentation was rather technically advanced. 

This slide was my personal favorite if I do say so myself. And if you disagree with me on the hotdog situation you are in dire need of a hotdog intervention. 

Meeting readers is fun, and then later realizing you sooo already know them on Instagram is even more fun. Don't you sometimes think we should all be required to wear a "HELLO MY NAME IS" with all our Instagram accounts listed front and center? THINK OF THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS WE COULD CLEAR UP.


(Imma cram this post with as many pictures of myself as humanly possible mkay?)

Afterward, we got black + whites at the William Greenberg's under the Plaza (um, REVELATION TO ME) and then, sigh, we went to Old McDonald's in Times Square so Huck could get a littlest pet shop of horrors pink plastic cat . . . thing. 

So, my Mother's Day was good, how was yours? I jokingly call it the "Who's Husband Loves His Wife The Most and How Much Does It Suck Not Having Babies Of Your Own You Not-Mother You" Instagram Competition. Because. My new tradition is buying myself my Mother's Day gift, because I am ornery. And also because I don't like to make poor Brandon stress out about making sure the day is perfect. Not that he would though, let's be honest. ;) Ha ha ha But anyway, for my Mother's Day I bought myself Anne Shirley. And then the Universe gave me Rory and Lorelai I KID YOU NOT. Brandon did get me my favorite flower and a lovely back tickle, which is all I really wanted anyway. I don't know, Mother's Day. Still not my favorite.

Though being this guy's mom is.

And now for more photos all photo dump style without too much accompanying wittiness, because why start now?

Huck, any time "Let it Go" comes on the radio. 

Puddle blasting. I'm excited for more rain. Come back, more rain! 

Just recently we've reached this level with Huck where I pick him up and he is all solid human now. You know when they're babies and toddlers and they feel kind of wobbly still? Just a little? Not anymore. I took him to kindergarten registration just the other day and I didn't even get that pang of "my baaaaaby!" that mommies sometimes get. Just the other day though, while sitting on the bed, Huck looked just like baby Huck, and I felt that familiar little ting in the center of my chest. Not too many of those moments are left to come with this little dude, I can just tell. So I'll take 'em where I can.

Would you look at these boys? Thank you, Brooklyn Flea, for grilled corn on the cob.

Whew! And now you're up to speed. 

Oh and yes! This is fun too:

It's a party!! Won't you join us?? 
Anyway new releases just came out today and btw -- this and this
Hope to see you there!

Nattie the Rattie Over and Outtie!


  1. Noooo! I love leaving comments. And I love reading all the comments.

  2. Love the selfie of you and Huck. You're a great mama!

  3. 100% agree about the Costco hotdog! I find any reason to go to Costco just to grab a hot dog

    x. Morgan

    1. My hubs agrees that the Costco hot dogs are the best anywhere while I am diggin' the BBQ Beef Brisket sandwich...yummmm! We plan our shopping trips to ensure we are there for a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner whether we are at home in Chicago or Phoenix.

  4. I've had Anne of Green Gables on several Christmas/birthday lists (that's how my family rolls -- still with the lists) and I still haven't gotten it! haha

  5. It’s so cool that you get to meet your fans! I need to grab myself a Costco hotdog it sounds like.
    Little Sloth

  6. Your chart is too great. Have you tried Dough donuts? I love Doughnut Plant, but those really have my heart.

  7. A. You are so cute. B. I see you have the 70's girl up C. I can't believe you had such an analog slide at the Apple presentation and D. I love that peanut gallery shot and those Chanel shots. Good stuff.

  8. your family is 110% adorable. And also, that striped shirt you've got on in those photos...please spill where you got it!

  9. Chanel party, how fabuloussss! Adorable update and a happy mama's day errryday to you! And since this may be my last comment on here...I must know, what is a black & white!? (California girl over here)... but I feel like I need one in my life.

  10. "Who's Husband Loves His Wife The Most and How Much Does It Suck Not Having Babies Of Your Own You Not-Mother You" Instagram Competition

    Yes!! A similar thing could be said about Valentine's Day as well...

  11. I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I just want to say - Mother's Day. Ugh. I feel ya. My struggles are different than yours, but the feels are similar I think. I know I'm lucky and #blessed if you will to be a mother, but the journey has been soooo hard. And so much different than I ever imagined. And watching 90% of my friends have these AMAHZING motherhood experiences makes me feel... bitter. OK? Yeah, I said it. So Mother's Day? Good for you! (Not for me)


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