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I got a lot of mileage out of that oversized watch trend, but lately I've found myself drawn to the tiniest small watch faces with slender leather bands, worn turned inward at the wrist. It feels dainty, it feels decidedly un-fashion-y, it feels really old school and classic. Between this turn of events, and the number of sundresses I kept in my "sparks joy" pile (read .that. book.), I'm starting to think it might be a more feminine summer for my wardrobe this year.

Anyway I've been getting a lot of source requests on my Instergram so I thought I'd do a little postywosty and call it a good Monday. How ya feel on that?

My favorite tiny dancer watches be as follows (is it pirate day in my brain?):

This one with menswear-ish brogues and some boyfriend jeans.

This one with high waisted skinnies and some baskets. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, "sneakers." ;)

This one with a simple striped shirt, sleeves rolled up to just below the elbows.

This one with your favorite flowery summer-weight skirt. Aaaaaaaaaand saltwaters.

This one with your beat up high top Chucks. In white.

Anyway, your grandmother approves.


  1. Hello! Huge fan here with a tiny request. Is there any way that you could make it so that when readers click on your links that it opens in a new window?
    It's a minor inconvenience, but it would make it easier to bounce back and forth between your blog and all your lovely links!
    Thanks! hope you have a gorgeous day

    1. ahh yes, will do! good thinking! you can set your own browser settings to always open links in new windows, in the meantime, but i'll get on this tonight!

  2. Was there a black and white small Casio watch you had pointed to at some point? I remember thinking it was very cool and really inexpensive, too.

    1. yes! I think I linked to it in a Friday post last week or the one before? I'll update tonight with that one, can't believe i forgot it!

  3. Since you receive a commission on these links whether we but the watch or anything from the site, I would love it if you would post a picture so I can determine if the site is something I want to imbed cookies in my browser. If the site is Amazon, you receive a commission whether I buy the watch or a book. Anything from that site. Just post some pictures with the links and it will feel less like a business and more like a personal blog please

  4. I have a bit of a watch obsession, too, lately. I really love some of the styles from Olivia Burton of London, and I've found some great vintage watches on Etsy.

  5. We recently launched timepieces, with customizable bands!

  6. I just recently got me a purty little casio calculator watch, Thank you Mrs. Holbrook! I wear it all the time and people call me a nerd and I'm obviously just so way cooler... Duh! Also, does it go with EVERYTHING or what?!?!?

  7. Love them all! Also, my budget and I appreciate the affordable suggestions!

  8. Love them all. Also, my budget and I want to thank you for the affordable suggestions!


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