Holy cow, this week! If I crammed any more "taking care of bizness" into this week we've had I'd be sprouting my own shoulder pads already! (Power suit joke? No? Ok.)

And now for some HNJ ward business.

First of all: We got news the other day that the Kokosnoot perk package had fallen through and the team wouldn't be able to fulfill the perks for those who'd donated. I am so bummed right along with you! I believe a refund is on its way, and to make it up to everyone who donated I put together a special listing and reserved some totes so that everyone who would like can still get their signed copy and tote. If you donated to Kokosnoot, will you please shoot me an email so I can give you the details? heynataliejean at gmail, with "Kokosnoot" in the subject line. And thank you so much, you've all been so patient and understanding. It is much appreciated! We'll get it sorted out for you!!

Secondly: Hey will you come see me at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store next weekend? (HOW COOL IS THIS BTW!?) I'll be sharing how to get the most out of your summer in the city, both as a mom and as a regular old summer fun-seeker, as well as a few of my favorite "summer hacks," you know, tips for getting the most out of your summertime fun in the city (my picnic blanket hack will blow your minds, dudes), pluuuuus I'll be talking about the book a bit and answering any questions y'all can throw at me (softly) (slow pitch). Starts at eleven on the crack! Register-slash-RSVP HERE pretty please with sugar on top! I'm not 100% certain but I believe we won't have copies of Hey Natalie Jean for sale at the event, so please bring your own for me to sign. (I know the Barnes & Noble ten blocks south will definitely have a few copies if you're in a pinch, and I'll happily sign your bra as well, just throwing that out there.)

Third and finally: Huck and I were on Domino Mag this week for their Mother's Day special! (Right? This week.) You can check it out HERE. (That amazing onesie is by Ace & Jig, I know yous gonna ask.) 

A couple of other things that caught my attention this week . . . 

This story on working conditions for nail techs in NYC nail salons. I'd always suspected something was off--after getting a gel polish manicure once in Utah a while ago and being, like, this is holy hells bonkers amazing, I visited a salon here in the city to get another and, yikes. The difference between the two markets! You can tell pretty quickly over here that these places are not at all on the up and up. I haven't been able to justify getting a professional manicure since. Crazy that this stuff still goes on.

What exactly does NYC smell like? Made me laugh. Also, isn't reading about fragrances fascinating?

Relevant to blogging, Kottke on "who is the customer?" iiiiiiinteresting.

Drooling over these earrings.


Related: David Duchovny, Why Don't You Love Me? hahahaha total time warp listening to this song)

Speaking of music, I'm thinking of writing a song. It starts like this:

I'm washing my hair tomorrow /
Bet ya bottom dollar that tomorrow /
There'll be suds....

Anyway, it's a work in progress.

Have a good weekend, potatoes!


  1. Hi Natalie! Erika (who I think you've been working with at the Apple store) is my sister's best friend! I was showing her your book right after I got it and hopefully it helped spawn the idea (also, just you're being wonderful).

    I'll be there!

  2. Regarding the double post earrings, wouldn't the space between piercings probably differ from person to person? How would you know if those earrings would match the spacing of the piercings on your ears? Just wondering . . .

    1. I know, I've wondered this too....

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  4. Oh gosh, this perfume/ city smells thing is amazing. How is this a thing!? Who wants to intentionally smell like KFC and weed?

  5. hi natalie,greeting from singapore. i bought your books weeks ago from amazon and got notification from them that book will arrive at my office on monday. can you see how eeeexxxcited i am?!!! i can't wait for monday to arrive, never love monday so much before

    xo joselovincolors

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