Whatever, it's an outfit post. 

My wall! My wall! Our last stretch of Brooklyn I took full advantage of my white wall and that one electrical box on the corner that perfectly propped my phone up for me while I used + abused the patience of my self-timer app . . . Oh those were the salad days! 

I also wore exclusively blue and white our last days in Brooklyn. Apparently.

That is such a funny expression. Salad days. 

Hey look! 

Turns out I had practically that exact dress back in my Idaho Round-One days, only it was from the Old Navy. Eight years later and all I'm changing up is the color of my sunglasses. I am so boring! Isn't that delightful?

Pardon my bad 'shopping up there as I attempted to blot out some street garbage (shed a tear), but I am getting some serious mileage out of my 3rd grade French braiding skillz these days and I felt that merits some sharing.

tank / sandals / tote bag of the century! (only a few left!)
(top + nevernudes from zara last year, sunnies from a dude on bleecker, shed a tear)

I like to call these shorts my nevernudes, because Tobias Funke would seriously be so proud. Also they are inappropriately too short and I am going to be 33 this year. 

(Paint-by-number splotches all up and down my wrist right there . . . )

As for something I could wear to meet your grandmother . . . 

shirt / pants (on sale!) birks / market basket

These are the most comfortable pants of my lifetime. 

That attitude, man. 

(sunnies from a dude on bleecker, shed a tear)

I truly think this might be all of my favorite thing to wear of all time. This for the rest of my life, happily. I also think that French braids, like a good meatloaf, are usually even better the following day.

Wow! Well, you made it. The end.


  1. Natalie, I love you to pieces, but Adidas is German, too. So, I suggest you come over here (bring your guys!), we shop some German footwear and you teach me how to do French braids properly. Deal?

  2. First of all I'm so jealous that you can wear shorts that short. I haven't had the legs to wear short shorts since I was about ten.
    Second of all, ohmystars, that Idaho round one photo of you is beautiful!! (Not that you don't look beautiful in all photos, but that bob is bangin'! Really suits you.)
    Looking forward to all the new/deja vu life in twilight zone Idaho posts. I know nothing about Idaho. Excited to see it through your eyes :)

  3. I love that basket! Getting one!

  4. Adidas is a German company...

  5. Do I see some new ink on your arms? You did an inked lady series a few months ago - would you want to share yours with your readers? :) Congrats on the move!

  6. you look so adorable!! love all of these looks!

  7. LOL Adidas is German...

  8. My heart broke when u said birks are ugly ( even though I have the knock off ones from target )
    Then your wearing them in the following picture , crisis averted

  9. Thank you for including those basket links! I need some in my life.

  10. Love all your outfits. On to better things! -Hanna Lei

  11. I really like your outfits (and Hunks). I love the simple look to all of them! Good luck in your next town!


    Records Of My Troubles

  12. I also think birks are hideous....but I don't wear them at the same time, silly nat! ;) I am, however, a big fan of those pants you have on with them though *insert emoji heart eyes*

  13. Girl, tshirts and jeans are all you need. With boots in the winter and sandals in the summer. It's my uniform and I love it.

    However, I have realized that at my ripe old age of 25 I am too old for the booty shorts, so I'm off to find more of Jcrew's 5inch inseam shorties.

  14. Oh man, ethical fashion is great, but H & M and Zara are anything but ethical in terms of both human and environmental toll. I definitely recommend "The True Cost" in Netflix!

  15. I definitely bought that American Apparel dress for my birthday, and spilt gold gilding liquid on it the third time it was worn (in a row, without washing, as you do).

  16. Love the woven bags!!!! I need to order one

  17. I loved every single look and I'm in major need of a white wall!

  18. Doubt your doubts! 👍🏻

  19. What a great basket tote - thanks for the tip! And nevernudes? Gah, I love it! Oh, Tobias...


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