Oh is there anything more tragic than a misplaced wad of chewed up bubblegum!!!!???

Poor puppy.

We were at the AT&T store, for some reason. I'm not sure that we accomplished anything particularly important while at the AT&T store now that I think about it, except that I happened to discover a giant wad of stale old bubblegum smooshed into the back of my kid's head while I was absentmindedly running my hands through his rattail.

(We do this sometimes for luck, it's sort of like rubbing a rabbit's foot.)

Huck had me take a photo of it so he could see what it looked like, which is something he has taken to doing lately any time he is somewhere without a mirror and needs to see something about himself. 

"Mom, take a picture."

I obliged.

The irony here is that just two days prior I was reminding him of the responsibilities that come with being a gum chewer. It was during my bi-weekly request to puh-leeease let me cut your hair, or at least trim it into a tidier shape, but Huck is a man who knows his mind and his mind is liking the mullet, so he said "No, thank you," and I said, "Well just be sure not to get gum in your hair, because if you do, we'll have no choice in the matter." Snip snip.

I'd tell you I said a silent prayer just then that he would get gum stuck in his hair, but that might make me look like a not-so-nice mom, so, I won't. 

(But I did.)

Aren't you glad I thought to take this picture last week to immortalize the rattail in all it's masterful glory?

I am.

(Also, old cowboys eating huckleberry ice cream. Swoon, dammit!)

Huck understood his fate--peanut butter or no peanut butter the hair had to go--so when the time came after we'd pointlessly left the AT&T store and I'd finally located the scissors, he looked at me with a pure fire of courage in his eyes and he said, bravely, "Cut it, mom."


And now! Presenting! EmoHuck.

I swear, get that boy some mousse and he's ready to join The Cure

I made sure to keep the all-important swoosh safely intact. Huck's pretty thrilled with it. Sometimes I think his new hair reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it. 

One of my readers could. She sent me this:


Anyway, it's my anniversary today.

I done been married twelve years. How does that make you feel inside? Old? Me too.

But! The good news is that Brandon, Professor The Holbs at WSU, officially a cougar again (go cougs!), will training the brightest young minds this fall in the ways of the Excel spreadsheets, making me the official MILF of the accounting department. (Yes it does.) This means I get to practice my flirting skills on the youth of America again.

Which makes me a cougar, too! (Get it?)

Such a bright spot on my horizon. Add a gold start to my Lucille Bluth chart. 

Anyway, in conclusion, here is my husband looking a bit like Chris Pratt. 


I love you Beebs! Happy ambliversary! 


  1. Happy anniversary! Hahaha this whole post had me cracking up. Love Huck's new cut. Great job!

  2. He's at WSU! My alma mater! Wish I could have had him as an econ prof a few years back... welcome to the family! GO COUGS!

  3. I'm really sad Betina moved, mostly because I can no longer eat Ferdinands ice cream when I visit. Enjoy a cone for me, on the double!

  4. adorable photos! happy anniversary!

  5. Loved the post and loved the link back to the older post. You are hillarious!

  6. Happy anniversary! Huck looks so cute with his new hair! Love your photos!

    Records of my Troubles

  7. hahaha aw - happy anniversary!!!

  8. Oh wow . . was not ecpectibg the 'wad of gum in hair' arc! Yicks-Yuck! And yeah, a total Cure package now. Cutie :)

    Happy Annv.!

  9. Happy anniversary! Huck is so adorable no matter which hairstyle he has! I remember getting gum in my hair when I was little and then getting the comb stuck in the gum as I tried to pull it out. Safe to say I let mum deal with it after that!m(Also crushing on your house decor big style at the moment) Glad you're well!

  10. OMG! That cow though!!! It's kind of like Huck's twin in cow form!! Happy Anniversary Holbrooks!!!
    Loving the new digs!

  11. Huck's hair cut is cuuuuute. I have definitely had to get gum out of hair more than once. Olive oil is my weapon of choice.

  12. Cow pic made me LOL. I'm desperately waiting for my oldest's hair to grow out on top so he can have a sweet undercut.

  13. ha, my husband is a WSU professor, too (though at the Spokane medical campus). and we have a four year old named August, and we have family in Portland, *and* that family includes a beloved six year old who goes by Huck. so we like your names! they are clearly the best. :) we think we'd like Moscow, too, and keep talking of making a quick day trip. is there anything we'd be silly not to do?

  14. Three things: 1) Happy anniversary! You two look like babies in your wedding pics! 2) Huck's hair looks adorable, and it makes me very happy that he has such opinions about it; and 3) I, too, aspire to be Lucille Bluth.


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