We had intended to bugger on outta Vermont immediately after staying at Killington, but the owners of the Snapdragon Inn in Windsor, Vermont, contacted me on Instagram + offered us a room for the night if we wanted to stay + poke around a little bit longer. We'd found ourselves completely smitten with all the antiquing + the funny stand-offishness of the locals, not to mention maple ice cream, so we were so excited to accept. 

Killer rootbeer at the Harpoon Brewery!

I miss my mommy!

And my daddy too. :)

Huck behaving rather Huckishly. Completely delightful, isn't it?


We also visited a glass blowing / clay throwing studio while we were in Windsor and it was THE BEST.  

Oh! We also had dinner at Windsor Station, which was amazing!

When in Rome . . . 

Look at that form! 

Ok wow that was a lot of pictures.


  1. Vermont sounds lovely! Also, I cannot imagine growing up with the expectations that come along with being a middle schooler in New England. Wow!

  2. Gonna need some outfit details on this one, Natalie... boy was it good!

  3. I love your pictures! Looks like you are having an amazing time in your new home!

    Records of my Troubles

  4. As usual, I find myself forwarding this to my ex...we agree on very little but your adventures always seem to intrigue us both. I love maple everything and we are big fans of our local glass/pottery studios...delightful

    I went to Grants Pass a few years ago on a coastal trek with an ex. A good friend of mine's folks a few other people I've met are also from there. It seems like such a small town, too. They probably all know each other :)

  5. fabulous photos!!

  6. I really enjoyed the photos in this post and that book sounds so much fun. I needed this for Monday.

  7. So I just reserved the e-book in my library and even though it came out TODAY there are already 8 people on the list in front of me lol. Sounds like just the right kind of read to end the summer with. Also I adore these photos.

  8. Ahhhhh you're making me long for another trip to Snapdragon Inn! Glad to see you had a wonderful time. New England is truly unique and I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary up here since leaving it 7 years ago for NYC. Totally enjoying raising my kids up here!

  9. I've been following along here for a while and had to comment now because you were in my neck of the woods! I totally agree with the funny stand-off-ishness of Vermonters. They are a a rare breed of cat (I can say that cause I married one) - they like their privacy and to keep to themselves, but they are always willing to roll up their flannel sleeves and pitch in when a neighbor is in need.

    Looks like you had some great weather for your stay!


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