An Apology To My Body

Dear Body,

I am sorry for biting the insides of your cheeks when I am nervous. I am sorry for not always washing your face at night, and I'm sorry for all the sugar I put in you, (especially the minimarshmallows).

Please forgive me for all the tanning I did last summer.

I deeply regret that one time I dyed your hair red. And I'm sorry for cutting your hair last summer and then resenting you for it, when really it was my bad idea to begin with.

I am sorry for thinking bad things about your knees.

I'm sorry I fell out of that tree that one time last summer and got that dent in my leg. I am sorry for picking at that chicken pock on my left temple when I was six.

Sorry, too, about all those high heels.

I'm sorry that I always forget to give you enough sleep.

And I am sorry for the skinny jeans.

I am sorry for ever talking smack about you.



  1. Just found your blog via cjane and love your fun and quirky posts. Just what i need.

    to my body: I am sorry for thinking you are never good enough. I blame it on the media though. really, you're just perfect the way you are.

  2. dear body,
    i'm sorry

    i hate fighting, can we kiss and make up?

    thanks for all your hard work the last few months, especially that whole contortion act you managed when we squeezed that kid out of our lady parts. that was no joke friend.

    i'll try to do a better job of not stuffing our pie-hole full of cookies, halloween candy, and other such sugar laden deliciousness. i'll try and stop complaining about your newly grown stretch marks and fluffy side and front bumpers. i'll try and make it to the gym more and get us back into those favorite jeans we love so much. after all body, you do a lot for me, and i appreciate YOU.

    so thanks,

    let's be friends again

    love kalli

  3. Dear Brittany Body,

    I love you, I am certainly grateful to have you.

    I am sorry for never thinking you are good enough. I am sorry for complaining about our thighs, and our hair, and our weird stretch marks.

    I am sorry that I complain that you aren't strong enough. I am sorry I don't give you enough time to recharge and that I expect too much of us.

    I am sorry.

    I am going to take time, even when you feel good, to rest. I not going to feel guilt about the yummy desserts that we eat! I am going to slow down on extra treat intakes though! I am not going to exercise too much.

    Body- in glad I have you!



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