A Very Bad-News Day

Today I had a bad-news day.

When one is having a bad-news day there is nothing to do but watch a Meg Ryan movie. This is a well-established fact.

You've Got Mail has been my go-to Meg Ryan movie for Bad-News Days since I was in high school. But I watched it and it wasn't working and I needed more! So when Tom Hanks said, "Don't cry, Shopgirl," and I was still crying... went Sleepless in Seattle.

I think Sleepless in Seattle is easily one of the most wonderful films on the planet. If you don't agree there is clearly something wrong with you.

I cried through the radio phone call and the "breathing in and out every day," I cried during the dramatic retelling of The Dirty Dozen.

When Tom and Meg held hands at the top of the Empire State Building and I was still tear-streaked, I realized this was serious business. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I put on When Harry Met Sally.
I had a full three-course Meg Ryan meal.

The Meg Ryan Trifecta, if you will.

When Harry Met Sally is for serious business Bad-News Days.

If When Harry Met Sally can't fix it, then nothing can.

And what do you know? By the time Meg and Billy are arguing over Casablanca and Meg is spraying hairspray in the car (a classic Juliemom move, I'll have you know), and they are debating whether good sex ("humpin' and pumpin'") is possible with a guy named Sheldon, and days-of-the-week underpants, I felt better.

I also find that blubbering like a baby whenever a Meg Ryan movie shows a classic shot of New York City tends to help get the last of the weepies out. Meg Ryan movies are always shot in the city. I wonder if that is in her contract?

The leftover birthday cake and the cinnamon-swirl bread helped, too.

And then I bought some Mint Julep cups online. I am still not sure why.


  1. You bought mint julep cups...and you don't drink mint juleps. For my own curiosity, where did you get them? I've been looking for some for a while.


  2. I'm having a bad-news Monday. Or a 'case of the Mundays' if you will. It started off terrible and I'm keeping a low profile here at my desk. I'm the same as you, weepy and stressed and I've no idea why. Isn't being a girl just GRAND? I need to go watch a sappy movie myself. :)

  3. Adam I found them on a wedding supplies website of all places, and I'll send you the link once I get home. I got them for flower arrangements, duh!

  4. Howdy from Austin!
    I link to you through Cjane this morning. Love your posts, love your work on the onsies (I have twins and I have about 40 white onsies. they are easy to bleach) Anyway, we love cinnamon swirl bread here at this house and when When Harry Met Sally is on at least one time per week, I watch it....."Um Sally, report to me"...."IRA?"


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