Things My Dog Has Eaten

a christmas-print handkerchief

a whole banana - peel and all

my sister's thong underwear

a sample packet of kiehl's oil-based makeup remover (is it any good? now i'll never know...)

an entire loaf of chocolate chip zucchini bread

cargo lip plumping lip gloss

a package of sour punch straws

my sister's thong underwear (no, this happened twice)

half a loaf of sara lee whole grain white bread

seven hair elastics

dearest peter pan, sometimes i fear you're touched.
mama loves you, ya weirdo.

1 comment:

  1. you are not alone...

    more socks than I can count
    at least three whole bananas
    an entire pear
    a peach pit (don't know if that ever came out)
    a corn cob (surgery to remove that bad boy!)
    all the stuffing out of a throw pillow
    lots and lots of underwear
    part of a laundry basket
    an entire box of green tea
    a whole loaf of french bread
    a pound of raw ground beef out of a hot frying pan
    the raw egg mixture that makes up a quiche
    a pan of boiling chicken noodle soup
    a styrofoam plate full of brownies, plate and all
    at least two flannel receiving blankets


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