A Request

You lurkers who have been pregnant, please tell me:
1.) How long did it take you to get pregnant?

2.) Did you feel any very-very early symptoms? Like, ridiculously early symptoms?


Thank you!


  1. 1) Uh, without sharing too many details, I got pregnant the first time I actually made an effort to do so. All I did was keep the calendar in mind. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am! Very weird. Extreme fertility apparently runs in my family.

    2) Actually, I DID feel early no that something was different. I can't explain exactly why, but I knew for certain what that fateful little pregnancy test would say. (I think because there was a MARKED lack of backaches, cramps, and the like.) I also felt Camryn kicking weeks before I was technically supposed to--I detected tiny little flutters at 13 weeks, and most people won't feel them until about 18 weeks or more.

    3) Words of comfort...well, I don't have many since I didn't have to be patient and can't imagine how hard that can be! So heartbreaking. But one thing I DO know--babies are wonderful. And a great decision. And something that will completely and irreversibly change your life--and not only in good ways! Definitely try for a baby if you're ready for one, but also remember to relax (the best way to get pregnant, but a hard thing to do!) and savor the last moments of freedom and couple time you have. Because once they're gone, they're GONE!!! Having a baby is great, though, and worth all kinds of sacrifice. Just...don't wish away the time you have left with Brandon and just Brandon. It's wonderful and bittersweet and something to take absolute advantage of before a little one comes home to stay!

  2. I am not pregnant. But I saw you delurked on my blog so then I had to click on your blog and now I love you. That's all.

    Mormon girls for Obama unite.

  3. hang in there Natalie. That baby will come for you, i just know it. And you know you will be an incredibly cute prego mama. :) Are you taking prenatal vitamins?Oh, and by the way, the antler shaped candle stick holder you got for your b-day...awesome!

  4. i wasn't even fact, i was avoiding sex at all costs during my fertile period...and i wasn't on any birth control. but i somehow did get pregnant after 6 months of being off birth control. i guess it's true what they is all about timing. i guess it was just the right time for us to have our first baby. who knows, maybe it will take me a while to have another child. i do know it took my sister 9 months or more of trying to get pregnant. i know another friend of mine was trying for months and had 2 miscarriages and was going through a hell of a time trying to get pregnant and keep the baby. i believe it took her just under a year to finally get pregnant and not have a miscarriage.

    i know it must be a trying time for you. but God gives us trials for a reason, as much as I hate trials! who knows, maybe he's trying to teach patience. i often wonder why he gave me a baby with colic, that wasn't funny and i'm still a little miffed with him! it does not make me look forward to having a second baby! and i in no way feel any more patient because i had to go through that. but i went through it for some reason. this comment is getting long...but just hang in there and keep trying! that baby will come sooner or later.

    and it's true what megan said...don't forget to enjoy YOU right now and BRANDON even though you are having a hard time. i would LOVE to put chase back in my stomach one more day so i can have one more day of ME time!

  5. Since I am your most loyal lurker... :)

    I had an idea that I might be pregnant probably a week before I missed a period. My breasts grew a lot (yay!) and I was eating everything in sight... which led to me gaining like 5 pounds the first week.

    I hope baby-making is going well! Enjoy it now because you'll have to get more.... creative later. :)

  6. 1) 5 years
    2) no
    3) don't give up. there is a time table & unfortunately WE have no control over it. there is a greater plan at work. i know it is hard to hear & no one wants to hear it. trust me on that one!!!

  7. It took me 9 years to get pregnant. I had long since stopped trying or even caring. I had no idea I was pregnant in the early months, though I wish I had because the Mean Mommy Monster was RAGING. I guess the pregnancy really got hormones changing around.

    Trying to get pregnant really sucks mostly because your sex life is ruined. It especially sucks if you are a control freak like me.

    Back when I did care about getting pregnant favorite piece of advice to hate was "just relax." Ha. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN ANYWAY!?

    Chances are you will be suffering through morning sickness soon enough.

  8. PS - I agree with Megan... maybe you guys should go on a great vacation together... not to try to get pregnant, just to enjoy time alone with no children. Because like it or not, babies turn into 4 year olds who have no bowel control and 6 year olds who are master manipulators.

    Just sayin.

  9. FOUR years! Hang in there, visit the Temple for understanding, and peace. Our prayers are with you! xoxo, nik

  10. Did you mention that you are going to Disneyland next month? So I have some friends back in Maryland who tried for a year to get pregnant, she had a miscarriage and 2 years after that they tried and tried (mapped and measured temperatures, the whole bit). Then they did a New England harbor cruise and I'm not even kidding you two weeks later they were pregnant. They stopped trying, left it to God's will, and BAM! It happened. So, chin up! I'll happen perhaps when you're least expecting it :)

  11. Hey Nat, how are you? I found you thru Brooke's blog. Like she said, it took me almost a year with my first. The second (I'm almost at the end of my first trimester) took 4 months. What finally worked for me? Those ovulation predictors they sell next to the pregnancy tests.

  12. Hi, Nat, I found your blog through a comment on CJane's blog.
    I don't know if I'm supposed to comment cause I've never been pregnant, but my hubby and I have been trying for about a year now, and I just wanted to say *hug* I'm with ya. I can't give any advice but I hope you know your blog has given me strength in my journey. I wish you the best! I know it'll happen for you and it'll happen for me (just knowing WHEN would be great!)

  13. I'm a control freak and wanted to get pregnant asap. I mapped and charted. Then I saw my doctor. She told me to keep trying. This was April of 2005. I was pregnant by July of 2005 and had twins in April of 2006. Enjoy the time with your husband. You will get very little when you have kids.

  14. Greetings from...Pullman? I found your blog from CJanes...and we are only 8 miles apart. Insane.

    About "on becoming pregnant;" I went off of birth control and got pregnant the first chance. Apparantly the women in my family are fertile and my mother didn't, for some reason, see fit to tell me. Hence, I had a baby in March. And I did have a very clear sense that I was pregnant. It was just a thought, to be honest..."I think I'm pregnant." And all other symptoms were absent.

    I do agree with Megan, in that the hardest part was mourning the loss of home being just me and my husband Brandon. I was really surprised by that part. However, now that I have Birdy, I'm thankful for the time we did have as just a couple, and it makes me look forward to the time when it will be just us again. I wonder if we will still be as interesting and entertaining to each other, but that's stuff you just find out in time anyway.

  15. hey I think I heart you, bless cjane for directing me your way

    Getting pregnant and staying pregnant was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. The getting pregnant part was relatively easy for us, the staying pregnant part was not. I had two super emotionally draining miscarriages back to back after we started trying a few months after we got married. 4 months after the last one I got pregnant again and managed to STAY that way finally. I gave birth to my beautiful boy 9 weeks ago.

    From my own personal experience and from hearing about the experiences of others I've learned a whole new attitude of gratitude for what we as women go through to get our babies here. It's not always easy and sometimes you have to find an alternate route but you will be successful, through one method or another.

    good luck!!

  16. So, this totally old post is tugging at my heartstrings! My hubs and I have been trying for 6 months and I suffered a miscarriage. It's the worst ever. I see that you are JUST about ready to have your baby, so this is kind of pointless, but I just am really liking someone to commiserate with, I guess. PS I like your blog. And I, too, followed my hubs to Moscow. I'm from the 'big city' of Tacoma/Seattle. It's an adjustment!


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