My granny goose has this hallway of photos. It is my very favorite thing ever.

This is Shirley Jean

and my mother

Great Grandma Viola and Great Grandpa Davis

Great Great Grandpa George and Great Great Grandma Serena

That's me in the pink dress, on the right

My grandpa's office obviously, peanut brittle and caramel corn are old man staples.

This picture, oh my gosh.

Their bedroom.

The living room is like a treasure chest.

Gooser in the kitchen making her famous pancakes.

The sugar pot.

This finger scares the crap out of everyone.

The funkiest yellow laundry room.

My mom and me in the "girls' room."

And then I found this mirror while antiquing and I take it back, Granny Goose, you can get me this for my birthday.

Bee close up!

The End.


  1. I lovelovelove Grants Pass! My grandma lives there too & I spent many summers there! Let's go visit sometime! And also: come home asap.

  2. I'm home next week! Can we have a slumber party??

  3. YES!!!! Oh my goodness I miss you so much!

    And I used to call Grants Pass "Grass Pants".

  4. And so, we see why Natalie has good, eclectic decorating style.

    And also, I had a boyfriend from Grant's Pass once. He was a douche of the highest degree. I say "boyfriend" and I mean "this guy I made out with a few times". After 2 weeks he wanted to take me home to meet the fam in Grant's Pass. I declined. Not for wanting to go to Grant's Pass though, because I kind of did. Oregon, I've never been and I think we should meet sometime.

  5. I used to be able to do splits like that! Do they still call them Chinese Splits or is that too unpolitically correct?

    And the wallpaper in your mom's room...I have scrap-booking paper like that!

    That finger scares the crap outta me too.

  6. i LURVE that mirror. If granny doesn't get it for you, I might have to drive out to oregon and get it myself. While I'm unemployed (and LOVING it!), that is.

  7. absolutely the most cutest, warmest bedroom ever ... i just wanna cuddle up in there!


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