And Now For Something Else

This is a message from the dogs.

In case you had forgotten about them, this is Peter Pan.

Photos by Blake

Peter Pan would like you to know that he is sleeping on his doggie pillow at night, much to his intense chagrin and woe, and also that he gets off the couch every time when he is asked. He misses snuggling under the covers, and for the life of him, he just cannot understand why his mom tells him "NO" while he stares forlornly at the white duvet with his muddy, stinky paws.

This is Barnaby MacDuff.

Barnaby MacDuff would like you to know that if he barks at you when you are at the fence, it is only because you are his sworn enemy, and he doesn't mean anything personal by it. And he is sorry. But he has so many sworn enemies these days, you know? It's just hard to keep up with them all.

He is extra sorry if he has nipped at you lately. I mean, he's a Scottie. He can't help it.