Today in honor of Nie and her anniversary I donned the reddest lipstick I have, straightened myself up good and tall, and told myself in the mirror "You are a queen!"

When Blake got home from his math tutoring he exclaimed at the doorway "Your mouth is red!" in a manner most shocked and entertained.

My red mouth fell downward in insecurity. My red mouth and I have a history of not understanding each other. Too red? Too lippy? Too nosy? I am never sure.

Once Blake had left to inhale every edible item in the pantry I stood at the mirror and pondered. I could feel my queen slowly deflating.

I met Alexandra at the Baja Fresh for lunch and while on line she peered at me through her new bangs and declared the color a good choice for the top I was wearing.

But I still wasn't sure, and was thinking about taking it off when I realized: To doubt your worth or your beauty is so not Nie.

So I put on an extra coat instead and stood a little taller.

Thanks, Steph.