Safe Folded I Rest

In my family we all sing. Sort of. Alex is majoring in Vocal Performance at BYU-Idaho and Amanda majored in Vocal Performance at OSU but Natalie majored in Communications. Alex sings high and loud and Amanda sings high and loud but Natalie sings low and soft. Alex sings Opera and Amanda sings Opera and Natalie sang jazz at a restaurant in Downtown Portland one summer between semesters. Alex can wail and Amanda can wail and Natalie can . . . harmonize really well?

It's not terribly fair.

My dad just turned fifty, so when he asked us to sing in church on Sunday we all had to say yes. Birthday blackmail.

For posterity.
And for because I don't think I have this in me ever again.
I am relinquishing my title as "Sister That Sings."
You two can have it.
(But we sounded pretty good.)


  1. I like how it's an unwritten physical rule that if you're singing the high part you have to raise your eyebrows. Thanks for that demonstration Nat's sister.

    All in all, I liked it yots. I love to sing. I love to harmonize.

  2. I showed this video to Lily and she had lots of questions:

    1. Why are they singin?
    2. Why do they all look the same?
    3. Where is their Daddy?
    4. Do they have a mailbox at their house?

    So funny. I told her that I thought you probably did have a mailbox at your house.

    P.S. I liked the song :-)

  3. My 3 year-old says "That's a beautiful song, Mommy!"


  4. Beautiful! Great job and I hope when I am fifty my kids can sing like this to me :)

  5. I will forever consider you a Sister that Sings. Hello, Earl Had to Die at the Pops Concert circa I don't know when COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE.

    I'm beginning to think I may have thought of you as an older sister when Amanda and I were attached at the hip. Way too many memories of your high school years are stored away in this brain for there to be any other explanation.

    Also, I bet Alex loves the freeze frame on the video.

  6. Goodbye Earl kind of WAS the coolest thing ever done at Tualatin High School, you're right, haha :). And Allison, we had three versions of this taped and Alex was making the same face in all three of the freeze frames, it is hysterical!

    P.S. Little Wheeler, the disembodied voice of my dad was coming from the kitchen. It's creepy huh!

  7. eeeeeeekkkkk. I hate hearing myself recorded! the first verse is waay too slow and especially out of tune. I think it must have been way better in sacrament meeting :)

  8. I don't know any of you but I like your voice the best because it is lower and reminds me of Anne of Green Gables.

  9. Amy that is the second time in three weeks I've been compared to Anne Shirley and it is so confusing!

  10. Wow you have all got some pipes!! What a beautiful gift. I can imagine that your Dad had tears in his eyes that Sunday morning, looking at his beautiful daughters and thinking, honestly what have I done to be rewarded with such blessings in my life. We could all be so lucky! Someday your own sweet children will be singing to you!

  11. Natalie - Comparing you to Anne Shirley is the ultimate of compliment for me. I can't speak for the other commenters. But your writing captures a certain Anne quality. Sincere, vulnerable, funny and dreamy. Anne had the best imagination in the world. So while I would not compare you to Megan Follows in looks(the actor who played Anne), there is something very Anne-like about you. Again, I know you not. So I could be totally wrong.

  12. What beautiful sisters--must make your parents cry to see you and hear you like that. I can wait for my kids get older and make me cry for the shear joy, but it will be beautiful once I'm there.

  13. don't tell anyone but i like your voice best.

  14. What restaurant did you sing at in Portland?


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