My Blog Is A Toddler

Nat The Rat, a Bagel, 2005

So. I was sitting on my bum the other day, thinking of interesting things I could blog about, and I thought, hey, when is my blog birthday or whatever? How many years have I been doing this anyway? And my computer sat blinking at me right there on my lap but I was too lazy to click back into my archives to find out, and also I figured it was probably sometime in August anyway, so instead I ate a Cinnamon Bear and decided whether or not I would go running that night. (I decided YES!) (I took Peter Pan with me and that turned out to be a dumb idea!)

Then tonight I was sitting up in bed debating imaginary Etsy necklaces, and then I was all, hey, let's edit the tags on my blog! I figured my tags were all pretty useless anyway but they may as well be coherent and things.

And it turned out that my tags were in a sad state of disarray so I fixed them up, and then since I was in there I went, huh, when did I start this blog?

Turns out I started it tomorrow, four years ago.

And now that I know this, it's all up to me to do something about it, isn't it.

Do I make myself a Blog Birthday Cake and take pictures? Do I host a grand giveaway? (I have nothing!) Do I... I mean, what? Now what am I going to do?

(I think this is why I didn't bother to find out in the first place, because, shoot.)


This was my first post ever.

It is, appropriately and not surprisingly, about Target.

I went back and read it and then I read some more posts around it and then I realized I was a heck of a lot more interesting back then.

But the plus side is, this blogging at 12 a.m. thing is pretty entertaining! (At least for me!) Wooo!