Bloggie Birthday

So, my blog just turned four. We needed to celebrate this.

It just so happened that I had a stash of Vanilla Creme Peep Hearts saved from that one Valentine's day when I hoarded them all and hid them in my desk drawers. Once marshmallow hearts were on the menu, I saw it all, glorious and sparkly, a tea party! With the dignified cast of characters that make up my little blog.

I selected my favorite couture doggie costumes to lend an air of sophistication.

I set up a nice little tea party in the middle of the spare bedroom.

We sat down for some pink lemonade tea and marshmallow hearts, and that's when it all sort of fell apart. That room is a wreck. I have clothes hanging everywhere, and a giant teetering stack of onesies to finish for an order, and it is really really hot in there after 4 p.m., and my guests were less than dignified.

Three minutes in and Barnaby had helped himself to all of the marshmallow hearts.

Peter Pan drank all of the pink lemonade.

Holbs The Photographer was in a hurry.

Barnaby's hat would not stay on.

I started to sweat.

I don't think I'll do this ever again.

Happy Birthday, Dear Blog.
Here's to however much longer I can keep this up.

And now,
Nat The Fat Rat
The Cliffs Notes version
I live in New York City.
I regale you with tales of subways and weather and going to the atm and things.
We get Peter Pan.
The Holbs decides to go to law school, we leave New York and move to Idaho, ushering in the Nerd Era.
I start to really really want a baby. We don't have much success, but I still have hope.
I decide to turn over a new leaf.
I will always hate game nights.
My candidate wins (jury still out.)
We don't make it to Hawaii for Christmas.
I finally quit my soul-sucking job.
Peter Pan almost dies but lives to pee another day.
We go to San Jose for the summer.

The End.


  1. Nice. Your celebration didn't dissapoint.

  2. Hi Natalie. You don't know me, at all, which probably makes me a blog stalker. But I DO know Allison, so that counts for something, right??

    I've been blog stalking you for...a long time now. 9, 10 months maybe?? And I'm finally saying hello because a) Happy Blog Birthday! and b) to celebrate you turning comments on, because everyone should get blog comments, no?

    You should also know I rely on you for midmorning entertainment in my little cubicle, so please keep the blog going forever and ever, amen.

    And I'm no longer a stalker, right?

  3. Happy 4th! Love that the puppies were dressed for the occasion :)


    P.S. Just leave the comments on!

  4. Happy Bloggie Birthday! I love the quick recap at the end but I love the pictures even more. How freaking cute to dress up your dogs and use a real fancy teapot and everything. Keep the comments on!

  5. haaappppppy bbbbbblloooooog bbbbbiiiirthdaaay!!!

  6. Another stalker...sorry. I do enjoy your blog, though. Happy Birthday. I just have to say that your husband must be extremely patient. To think of his being the photographer is more funny to me than the tea party itself. Go Holbs!

  7. Happy happy happy blogthday!! Reading your blog makes my day, everyday. Thanks Nat!!

  8. Happy blog birthday!!

    P.S. Please leave the comments on! The main way I find new blogs to read I thru the comments on people's blogs!

  9. * Is thru.

    Typing on an iPhone seems to be difficult for me. :)

  10. Happy blog-i-versary! Love to read your posts everyday!

    Keep it up! You're great!

  11. Love the celebration...awesome teaparty for the dogs! and the blog!

    Okay, the shirt you are wearing is making me totally have a Run Down to Wally World and Buy the Miley Cyrus Mania trip-up. It's all your fault!

  12. screwy, you totally called me on my wal-mart tee! i debate every day whether to be ashamed that at this point 75% of my wardrobe is from wal-mart. but the miley line is CUTE and i don't care who knows it!

  13. I wish I was there to celebrate with you or go to cafe rio or something. And you know what? You make the walmart look GOOD!

  14. Oh Girl! I already bought Miley's most awesome pants with buttons on the bottom! The only thing I say to Miley is: Girl, those stirrups have *got* to go! lol

  15. Happy blog birthday!

    I enjoy your blog sooo much! Keep it up!

  16. Happy Bloggie Birthday!!!!

  17. Another stalker here! I don't even remember how I found your blog but I'm so glad I did because boy does it make me laugh. You write so well. Happy birthday and congratulations on 4 yrs!

  18. Happy umm... Blogiversary!?! I too think you should leave the comments on. Someone needs to hold you accountable for the things you say. I stopped trying 6 years ago!

    hubby (or holbsy)

  19. poor dogs... Happy b-day though!

  20. Came and took a look because of Blog of Note!
    Decided I like it. Am now a new follower!
    Great blog BTW! If you get a mo come and take a look at my little old Aussie blog!

  21. This post just popped up under "these posts are fun too", I'm SO glad it did. I frequently comment on how nice it is to go back and hear the tales of the terriers (I own a westie) Anyway, I know that is an old chapter of your life, but it's always nice to read your old posts and reassuring that your humor and talent with words is still there. Giiirl, go one witcha bad self. I must admit, I do love the early days of NTFR, but as always I love seeing a brand spankin' new post pop up on my dashboard (aaand instagram then twitter).


  22. I came across this post, same as Maggie.^^ Oh my gosh, cannot stop laughing!!


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