Easy Like Monday Morning

I woke up this morning and decided to practice being "easy."

You know, being the spouse of an ambitious type is sort of exhausting. He just wants to learn all these things and make all this money someday, and who am I to stand in his way? And bless his heart, he thinks he wants my opinion -- Florida? Or D.C.? Or NYU? -- but he doesn't really want my opinion.

Nobody really wants my opinions.

So today when I woke up in a real "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Holbsy" kind of mood, I decided to roll with it. Anyway, my husband somehow survived for twenty five whole years before I married him. He got by somehow without my constant wisdom and advice, right?

It is a good thing I decided because the first thing my Holbsdude did today was announce that he was taking the afternoon off. Coming home early! And just like that all of my hopes and dreams of a freshly scrubbed house had to be abandoned, because when The Holbs comes home the world stops. It is almost like a law of physics. He comes inside like a redheaded tornado and then asks me what I am up to every ten minutes. 

He arrived home at noon with a hungry belly, took one look at my morning bed head, and set to work brushing my hair for me. So, there went my emails.

"Want to go get some lunch?" he asked while he brushed.

Have you ever said no to a man who was brushing your hair?

But first we had to go to the Walmart on account of I had a dream that I went to the Walmart and bought a swiffer and used it to clean the floor under our bed and when I woke up I was like unto an woman obsessed. Dust bunnies!

My trips to the Walmart are sacred times. No husbands are allowed. I like to wander through the aisles, ponder lipstick colors I'd never wear, catch up on my text messages, you know. With The Holbs there, would I get to analyze cereal box nutrition information? Would I get to inspect thread counts on sheet sets and commune with paint chips? But in the spirit of being "easy" I let him come in with me. I let him talk me out of a baby Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix for sale in the parking lot, too. 

Then I let him take me to the Quiznos at the mall for a chopped salad. He got a roast beef sandwich and we ate them at a table in the middle of the mall for maximum people-watching. Then I let him tell me I couldn't buy him any shorts at Old Navy. They were 20% off! What are husbands for if you can't even buy them shorts in the summer?

Next he took me to the Kinkos so he could priority mail some something or other to the kind folks at Georgetown, and while he was doing that I tried on some reading glasses at the dollar store next door. Oh I love the dollar store! I almost bought some strawberry Twizzlers while The Holbs wasn't looking but then I didn't, because standing in that long line did not seem terribly easy to me at the moment. Also The Holbsugar saw me through the window with my armful of candy (Charleston Chews!) and he made that face at me which is to mean, "Seriously?" (But they only cost a dollar!) So. But now that I think about it I am really wishing I had a Twizzler.

Then I let him take me to Tye Dye Everything so I could smell like a hippie for the rest of the day. I have no idea why he took me to Tye Dye Everything. 

I let him drive me home and I even let him change the songs on the radio a zillion times.

Now I wonder if I should go practice being "easy" in the bedroom?


P.S. The really wonderful thing about my life these days is all of the emails I get from readers who are struggling to get pregnant.

I recently got an email from a reader who had bought a onesie from me for the Nie Nie Fundraiser. She was struggling to get pregnant at the time and bought it for "someday." A few months ago she emailed to tell me that her someday had finally come. Isn't that wonderful? 

Yesterday I got an email from a reader who needed someone to share her frustrations with. I was so honored to get that email. (Expect a reply from me soon!)

Today I got an email from someone who had just found out she was expecting. I was the second person she told!

And I just wanted to tell you all how much I love being included in your lives.
I hope you know how very seriously I take your trust,
and how very much I've appreciated your prayers and love and support too.

Thanks times forty million. xo


  1. This is my favorite blog. I'm serious.

  2. The Pan looks like he's scowling. It's pretty amusing. Maybe he was counting on you coming home with Twizzlers too . . .

  3. One thing I've never been labeled is High Maintenance.

  4. You know, I think I fell a little (big) bit in love with your husband when he came home and brushed your hair. Sigh. Nope, I could NOT say no to him either.

    And what is the Swiffer like? Did it catch all the dust bunnies?

  5. I love the picture of Pan. He does look very scowly!

    For my sake, I hope you move back to NYC. Then I could live vicariously through you. Your posts from your NYC days are some of the best. And then you could meet all sorts of cool East Coast bloggers and the blogosphere would explode with awesome.

  6. Hair brushing is one of the main reasons I had children. My husband is intermittent with the brush, so my plan was to start them young and train them up. My baby may only be 2 and a half and unable to say crocodile (she says pacobowal - too cute!) but she can wield a brush like a second year hairdressing apprentice!

    PS. I am dying to know your opinion on Denzel Washington! If you're anything like me I can guess your opinion of 'preggers' and it's not good!

  7. Well, if I married someone who was like unto Denzel Washington (I won't ask you what you think of him), and he brushed my hair.... I could never, ever complain about anything again. Also, I would be easy all the time. ;-)

  8. That's funny. My husband called while I was in Old Navy yesterday to ask that I please not buy him any shorts.

    P.S. I am none too fond of the word 'preggers' myself!

  9. I too try to take the husband shopping for fun...and quickly find out it is not as much fun! The whole Target experiance is totally cut short! I too hate the word preggers and even more so hate prego...I am not full of a spaghetti sauce, it's a baby!

  10. Tim stops the world when he comes home too! I know exactly what you mean about not being able to get anything done because every 10 minutes you have to report on what you are doing to the beloved. *sigh* I get called high maintenance too, I wonder if I should practice being easy. Only I just don't want to.

  11. I say Prego because it reminds me of spaghetti sauce, but it ain't exactly the best word either...Probably annoying in fact.

    I also too dislike taking my husband along for shopping. Can't look at or get anything I want. Hence why Miley Cyrus clearance racks got some extra love over the weekend from me sans the hubs.

  12. I am glad you got to be "easy" for the day- I find that hard to do!! I love the fast that you said he made it 25 years without you- it made me stop and think I do that too, to The Boy- I mean he did have a life before me and seemed to make it OK... Thanks for sharing and glad you are feeling better!!!

  13. Even though it has 8 letters, preggers is really a 4 letter word. I personally prefer en fuego-I know it means on fire, but isn't that how you feel sometimes anyway? It's way more applicable than preggers. And seriously- the use, and spelling of oeuvre- impressive for an easy day.

  14. Holbsy brushes your hair?? *sigh* My Hubs did that for me ONCE (or maybe twice?) after a day of boating and my hair was SO tangled I almost thought I'd have to cut it off. But he saved me. So I guess, in a way, Hubs has brushed my hair... or at least detangled it. But how lovely!

    Also, I have to agree with Emily --> favorite blog! Seriously.

  15. too cute! but i agree w/ the comments that the pan looks upset. perhaps next time you & the holbsbrusher go out and you bring back doggie treats and then take a picture of the doggie smiles becuase ... well... okay, the pan is cute when he's scowly, too.

    the hairbrushing thing is the sweetest thing i've heard all day!! : )

  16. The picture of Peter Pan is tooooo cute!

  17. I am not sure if this is still the case but a few years back swiffer products carried antifreeze as an ingredient. A few dogs died because they would lick the floor after their owners cleaned the floor since the taste of antifreeze is sweet. I would just double check the ingredients to be safe and maybe google the ingredients in antifreeze to make sure they aren't in there. I just don't want anything to happen to your adorable doggies.

    FYI This isn't the anonymous person that posted the meanie comments. Just sayin!

  18. NYC in the spring / summer ...I'm here and can hardly wait!

  19. I'm putting this in list format because it's just easier that way.

    1. I absolutely LOVE that rug that Petey Boy is standing on.

    2. NYU??? Seriously???? Now, this is the funny part: I have mixed feelings about this choice. (Apparently, I'm not so easy.) And if your opinions don't matter, then mine certainly don't, but nevertheless, I have them. Crazy huh, that I have opinions about decisions of people that I've never met. Silly, silly me.

    3. Preggers, ugh. And prego, too. Yuck.

    4. "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Holbsy" did me in. Now I have that song stuck in my head. (Well, not THAT song exactly.)

    5. "Have you ever said no to a man who was brushing your hair? I didn't think so." You just won the award for my all-time favorite blog line. Congratulations.

    6. I bet in a few days you will be receiving Twizzlers in the mail. :-)

    7. I had to google oeuvre. You have my reverence.

    8. I was waiting for that wink wink joke!

    9. Hooray and double hooray for EVERYTHING about that PS section. HOORAY!!! :-)

  20. Peter Pan looks somewhat like he is gaining some sympathy poundage. Yes? But then, they say photographs add a bit. Maybe that's it. hehe.

    Either way, impressed looking he is NOT. :D

  21. Haha, I would be reluctant to give up my solo-shopping time myself! I can spend twice the time wandering, its so peaceful, and I just KNOW I picked the right granola bars because I really had the time to think it through ;)

    Wonderful about the emails you receive. It goes to show how much putting stories out there can really affect & help people.


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