I Feel The Need, The Need For Burritos

"Tomorrow I would like a Patty's vegetarian jr. burrito," I announced to my husband, whose very life's existence is centered around procuring my heart's culinary desires the minute they arise.

But then I thought about it and I issued a correction.

"The fetus would like a Patty's vegetarian jr. burrito tomorrow."

I learned from Andy Carman that anything that goes on for the next six months I should blame on the baby, which I consider to be rather smart. Think about it. I blame bad behavior on it now, and then when it is born I make it do hard labor around the house. Genius!

"So, is that in the cards for me?" I had to ask again because I was being ignored.

Brandon was far away, eyes glued to the flickering television screen, where Goose had just fallen into the ocean and Tom Cruise was holding onto him for dear life like a devastated lover.

"You're going to have to let go!" Brandon said.

And I said,

"Beg your pardon?"

And then the man in the helicopter said,

"You're going to have to let go!"

I marveled at this man on the couch with me. This man who, unbeknownst to me until now, somehow knows the entire Top Gun script like he knows how to do wicked cool stuff with Excel spreadsheets.

But that still doesn't answer my question about that burrito.


  1. Lately, my friend, any time I read your blog I get a major hankering for...whatever food it is that you talk about. The fetus is all-powerful, it seems. Your fetus must be a good one. :)

    Still laughing about your "and Tom Cruise was holding onto him for dear life like a devastated Scientologist lover who hasn't come out of the closet yet" remark. Bwaha! Hilarity at its finest, Natalie! Heh heh...

  2. Ya kill me girl!! So let us know if you get the burrito! It sure sounds good! I so loved being pregnant! (I guess that is a well known fact since I had five kids!)

  3. When I was on a trip to San Diego, I went on a date (yes I did! It was a miracle! And the guy was CUTE TOO!!) to the barbeque/bar where they play Great Balls of Fire in Maverick. So romantic.

    And some guys at the table next to us thought we were married(???). How they got that idea, I'll never know. But anyway. Then the guy I was with told me he was dating a flight attendant. LOL

    But I digress. And think I'll have a burrito for lunch.

  4. Tell the Holbs to pick me up a burrito too!

  5. I have a feeling you'll get the burrito. I wouldn't worry too much. ;)

  6. Have had a loooooooong day. Couldn't resist popping on to see if you had something to add today. Yay for me, you had!

    Love this post would be an understatement. I now not only WANT a burrito, I NEED to see top gun again. Funny, funny. As always your my hero.

  7. Mmmm... burritos! Fetus is right... you should have one.

  8. I couldn't watch Top Gun at home either, or 90210 or any of the shows my friends were watching. But I've more than made up for that now! ;)

  9. I had a dream last night that I was Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's in, I was in their daughter's body, a bit older, and being shipped off to stay with one of their friends because Tom had been caught dealing a plane's worth of drugs.
    I hope the fetus gets its burrito today!

  10. I have still never seen Top Gun. Hmmm...maybe a burrito and movie are in order tonight?

  11. I love Top Gun! And I'm with DangGina...whenever I read your blog I want whatever food you are describing. The leftover Subway I brought for lunch just isn't going to cut it. I may have to call Tim so he can procure me some burrito for dinner.

  12. mmm... burritos. Can we call the fetus Cletus the Fetus? It has a nice ring no?

  13. The burrito/ Top Gun theme has made me think of a great jingle for Patty's restaurant: To the tune of song Danger Zone-"Gonna take you right into the burrito zone, the burrito zooooonnne."

    Love this post, but I love them all, especially the way you make the bible more interesting than my pastor can. He's good, but he needs some lessons from you!

  14. hey so what about a cafe rio or costa vida burrito? are you a fan of they have veg ones? but still sweet pork salad, extra lettuce and pico? yuuum gotta hit up those burritos while your down there?!

  15. Sad thing is we don't really have burritos in the UK, so I can't relate to this craving. Hope you enjoy it anyways!

  16. Did you ever get that burrito you wanted????

  17. OK...This is weird! I belive it was Thursday, on my home from work (around 4 pst) and I received a Text from my Boyfriend
    bf "I'm said"
    me "why babe?"
    bf "Goose just died?"
    me "who?"
    bf "TOP GUN!!!"
    me "hmmm???? haven't seen it"
    bf "WHAT!!!!"

    lol! weird to think that our men were doing the same thing, at the same time.... hhhmmm....

  18. I never got to see Top Gun or Ross and Rachel either. You know, come to think of it, I STILL haven't seen Top Gun. Hm, I wonder if that is a situation that needs to be rectified.

  19. Are you ok? I've just started reading your blog and, based on your older posts, you usually post quite frequently. I hope everything is alright and you are just bogged down with being tired and moving house or something.


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