At six thirty on the nose, my dashing husband waltzed through the front door positively glowing, having survived his Last Class At U of I Of Ever. Isn't that marvelous?

"I am done!" he announced like a tuba. "Let's celebrate!"

I looked down at my pajamas. I was hardly party ready. The horrible truth of the matter is that today I didn't get dressed, or leave the house, or even look into any reflective surfaces. It was too gross outside.

"Are you wearing a bra?" The Holbs asked, suddenly interested.

I got dressed and the outside was even grosser in person, but The Holbs was jubilant and wanting Mexican food and for him I would get dressed in gloomy weather a hundred times over! Plus, chips and salsa.

I ordered fajitas.

And now you know that story.


  1. You are adorable and reading your posts makes me feel happy and content. And your hair is pretty. :)

  2. Please. Your blog is nothing but an exercise in narcissism (which, by the way, you've been spelling wrong for ages). You have thousands of followers who do nothing BUT compliment you and your inane ramblings, and angrily flare up (as I'm sure they will at this comment) any time you have even the slightest criticism (and who, by the way, are like moronic sheep, believing everything you say! How hilarious it was when they all started bashing the Holbs for someone else's comments just because you alluded to it!). You get plenty of compliments. So why are you so greedy for more?

  3. Annnyways.

    I love giving compliments. Here's a real true one: I stay up late and I often read your blog right before I go to bed and it always makes me happy. I head to bed with a smile.


  4. Ok. Anonymous. Why can't you just play nice? You don't need to be rude. If you're not happy, don't read. That's all I have to say. New topic.

    Nat, you DO have pretty eyes! So, quite a fitting title there. But really. You have an incredible gift for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. For giving those of us who have the privilege to read and follow this blog a new perspective on the tiny little things that go on in our everyday lives.
    Also, your Old Testament discussions? Fabbo.


  5. Whoa. Anonymous woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. Be nice!

    ok so compliment. I love your writing and how you make what most people would call "an ordinary day" into a magical little story. Your writing inspired me to pick up writing again and I started a blog (not this blog) about 6 months ago because of you. (and I've kept it up!) : )

    *Big smiles and big hug*

  6. Well, I love that you unabashedly covet and ask for our praises...and I get that you do so (at least partly) with tongue in cheek. (hint-hint, nudge, Anonymous)

  7. Haha funnnny post! Love your combination of wit and goofiness. And you are so stinkin' pretty! That was the first thing I noticed when I started reading, thinking "how can such a gorgeous girl be a rat?" Ohh the mysteries of blog land. P.S. I love your hair!! You needed to know that, too. The End.

    Oh and Happy Friday!
    -Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

  8. Weeellll...sumbody done woke up on de wrong side of de bed dis mornin'! Watsa matta honey? Nobody wannna shoot the breeze with ya? (Thick Southern drawl, sarcasm, and eye rolling to Anonymous...)

    I agree with Sarah Vella...I enjoy your ramblings!
    Tammy in far far away Italy

  9. Nat- you are a big part of the reason why I fell in love with blogging.

    Anonymous- How much time do you have on your hands? Need a hobby?

  10. Nat- you are the first blogger I ever followed, and it wasn't because of how smart your husband was :)
    I'm pretty sure your other 1163 followers are reading this blog because of how funny YOU are, you made a pajama day sound waaaaay better than it would be in my house.

    Also, I must say I am madly jealous of your hair, I could never get mine to be that well behaved.

  11. i just woke up and am too tired to think up a new compliment, but i pretty much agree to everything said above (sans the anonymous comment). also, i live right on the very outskirts of DC and can tell you firsthand that we can get pretty awesome weather here. we also have museums growing like weeds and who couldn't use some extra culturing??

  12. I too have a husband that is the smarter faster nicer one! BUT while i am pregnant i get ALL the attention! Mainly when i start to show which is NOW!!! GREATNESS!! Then after that its all about the kiddos. SO maybe it is preparing you for motherhood! which is great! congrats by the way on the new little holbling (sorry i made up my own name for your little baby)

  13. You make me laugh, even on a day when I know I'm going to have to go to my Reproductive Endocrinologist for bloodwork and an ultrasound to check and make sure my ovaries aren't about to explode... so I can go on Clomid, and be jubilantly pregnant like you. Unfortunately I already fill out my bra (and the seat of my blue jeans) so I don't have that to look forward to.

  14. You have a really awesome name (if I do say so myself). And I think it's pretty neato how you can write about not a ton of exciting stuff but it sounds fun and funny and...well...entertaining! I hope life brings you some nicer weather soon. In NYC it's going to be in the 80s tomorrow...just sayin'!

  15. Congrats to your Holbs, what an awesome selection he was indeed. Loving this post. As always I read your post just before bed. It's easier for me what with being an Aussie and all, they pop up at just about the perfect time. Great timing you!

    I am wondering who the anon is tho. Who could be bothered stalking a blog to bag it. Seriously.

  16. Well, regardless of what the Debbie Downer has to say, I love your writing because it's clearly written to entertain - not at all intended to be a diatribe. I read your blog because it makes me smile. I'm not looking for the answers to life or solutions to my own personal shortcomings. I read about your life and it reminds me that life is meant to be fun and it's meant to be lived. Even if doing so from the couch in your pj's (which, btw, sounds wonderful!).

    Just like in our "real" day to day lives, we have to ignore the comments on our blogs from those who never were taught the lesson "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all". Seriously, if the blog bothers you that much, then don't read it. No one is making you.

    And I apologize for the rant here - but I'm fed up with negative people.

    And please, forgive any misspellings . . . .

  17. I think I will instead compliment annonymous because he/she needs a bit o' lovin'.

    Dear Annonymous,

    I'm sure you look lovely or handsome and are very smart or funny or both!

    I hope your day improves...or maybe it's already good. Who knows?!


    PS - Nat, you certainly deserve mucho compliments. I will narrow it down too....your hair. Love, love, love. And how you love dogs.

  18. Although I'm proud of your husband for being so darn smart, I cannot fathom that people don't compliment you all the time. ALL THE TIME! I mean, in reading your blog, I've come to realize that your brain has got to be, like, the most interesting place I've ever heard of. And you're lovely enough to share your thoughts via this here bloggy-blog. So thanks for that, lady!

    Plus, look at how darn cute you are. It must be lovely being you. :)

  19. Oh yeah, and I disagree about the weather forecasting thing. Altogether, I can't love the forecasters. Sure, there are some handsome ones who sometimes get the weather right, but...I've learned to hate them all. Especially the ones in Idaho, which isn't really fair,'s Idaho. The weather is almost entirely unpredictable, except that it'll likely be windy, and much chillier than anyone could hope for.

    This is all.

  20. I love it that you make everyday life seem so sparkly! You have an amazing gift of storytelling, and reading your writing is such a treat.

  21. Your blog makes me smile. Whenever I see a new post, I get excited and open it in a new window. Your stories about your life and the Holbs never get old. Thank you for blogging!! Oh, and you and your burrito belly are adorable!

  22. Your blog does indeed make me laugh. I love how you're so open with life, and it is nice to see people so proud about their faith and willing to discuss it openly. It is an inspiration.

  23. You have the cutest personality ever.

  24. Anonymous is weird...just weird. And hopefully lives somewhere that the sunshine and warm weather can turn that frown upside down...or at least get him/her outside and away from the computer.

    But, you, Natalie, have made each of us, the moronic sheep that read your blog, feel a connection to you via words on a computer screen. We look forward to your postings because they feel like visits, and the commenters section is even turning into something like a community as well. THAT, my friend, is an accomplishment of which to be proud.


  25. Come to Texas! The weather is lovely here.
    A) I love your blog, its so fun and whimsical.
    B) You are so creative and talented! Onsie-Twosie-- waaaaay to complicated for miss inpatient me.
    c)You have such a great way of seeing the world-- it's realistic but full of possibility, like a fairy tale!

  26. It's 11 a.m.-ish here in ny and it's already 70 degrees. I'm pretty much thrilled with that- I even opened up the windows before I laid back down on the couch! just saying...

    Your blog makes tons of people smile- you have tons of followers, doesn't that say a lot? I can only get my mom and my best bud to actually follow me and not creep! lol You're so creative and reading your stuff is addicting!

    You're a great mom already and a great puppy mom! Who else can love a baby so much before they're even conceived and now that he/she is in the oven, he's even more loved! (you've been loving the little peanut forever now!) I hope I can love a baby as much as u do some day

  27. If it weren't for a certain 2 1/2 year old, I would have had an entire week of wearing PJ's and eating pancakes! The wind here in my part of Washington (state, not DC) is ridiculous!

    Hmmm...a compliment. You are about the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen!

  28. I love the way you write, I think you have true talent in it...and The Holbs is pretty darn lucky that you picked him!

  29. So I discovered this blog a few months ago...because google said it was neat, and this is my first comment, ever.

    I think you're great, Nat. From the bottom of my retiscent Mainer-cum-Euro-Expat soul. Congratulations (late, I know, but like I said...first comment...I thought them a long time ago) on the little Holbsinthemaking.

    On the topic of compliments...everyone needs them. Your Holbs is lovely, I'm sure...but you're the cats meow.

    So. Enough commenty-commenting.
    Have a lovely day.

    (PS. Anonymous, if you don't like the damn blog, don't read it long enough to know that narcissism has been spelled incorrectly for "ages". Seriously. Eat some carbs, meditate, have a drink...whatever. Just stop peeing on people's parade over here. KThx)

  30. 1. you pretty much make me laugh everyday.
    2. you inspire me. (duh on this one)
    3. you have impeccable taste. in husbands and clothings and the like.

    love ya nat,
    emily b.

  31. Okay, Natalie. Not only are you the cutest pregnant girl ever, but ever since you moved into good old Tualatin 2nd, I've alternately liked/hated you because you were nice, interesting, funny, creative, and gorgeous; you had the cutest bedroom EVER; you could sing AND act (two talents that have forever escaped me); you're a great writer; you have the best clothes ever; and your home is decorated far better than mine. Why do I continue reading your blog when it only makes me feel fat, ugly, boring, and trapped in an ugly house decorated with cast-offs from DI? I don't know...maybe because I'm glad you're my friend. :)

  32. Seriously, Anonymous? You keep trolling other people's blogs and making rude comments, and I'd bet every penny of my tax return that you LOVE reading the furious responses to your mean-spirited and unwelcome comments. So how does that make you any better? Blogs are for silly ramblings, quirky observations, and the occasional reach into the void to see if anyone out there thinks you're really okay, warts and all. PLEASE let it go. Or simply go away and build something yourself instead of coming over here and tearing things down.

  33. You know that your blog has hit it big when you get a regular mean spirited anonymous commenter! Congrats! Revel in it. Then accept what is true and ignore what is not.

  34. You know what - I totally get your blog. I don't have a job and do nothing all day, every day too. Thank you for being someone I can relate to for a change. There is nothing wrong with enjoying being lazy and not having the desire to contribute. You ROCK!

  35. oh, yes we have warm weather. and with that warm weather comes the dreaded humidity. get ready for the worst hair days of life. if you guys do move here (and i hope you do!) i hope it's in september. i think DC is prettiest in the fall.

    ps, don't forget that freakish 3 foot snowstorm we had this winter.

    pps, DC is opening a cheesecake store this weekend. thats right, an entire store dedicated to CHEESEcake. i'm just sayin, DC is pretty great despite its crazy weather.

  36. I find you to be quite charming and funny...thus what drew me to your blog via Sparks. You know, prior to the blog coma.

  37. Dear Anon:
    I am guessing you are a fellow male? For only we males don't understand that a woman/wife can never get enough compliments... thus your comment, "You have thousands of followers who do nothing BUT compliment you and your inane ramblings...You get plenty of compliments." Oh the things we males will never learn!

    Anyway, I am glad you read and comment - even if they are negative. Everytime I listen to Glen Beck (which is very limited), I criticize him like it's going out of style. But I still think he's pretty funny. So, I imagine that is somehow where reading my wife's blog fits in for you.

    So, keep on keepin' on. Criticism keeps us in check and spices up life.

    And by the way, you're a meany-head. (Should that be hyphenated? I am sure you will tell me if it should.)

  38. Hi--I just happened across your blog when browsing through blogs of note in recent months on blogger! Love it! Your post made me laugh, and I have added to follow. Well done. : )

  39. First of all I think it's hilarious when people choose to remain "anonymous" as if they don't want everyone to know who they are. They want an opinion without an identity. LAME.

    Secondly, I compliment your writing skills ALL THE TIME, Nat, so today in your honor I will try a new compliment. I'm totally jealous of your long, voluminous eyelashes. Always have been since I first started following your blog. Beautiful.

  40. PS... WAY TO GO, HOLBS! I was wondering if anyone would mention that "Anonymous" criticizes Nat's blog, but still obviously reads it him/herself. LOL!

  41. You have a hater! That's a sign you've really made it..too bad they were to scured to post their name. I agree with Keri, dear hater, sounds like you need a hug.

  42. Sure, D.C. weather is nice in the spring, but the summers! Ohhh the humidity!

  43. Jenny,

    No, you are adorable! You commented first, which means you are confident and generous, and also I love you.

  44. Anon at 12:56,
    But how DO you spell narcissism? (There weren't any compliments in here, so I don't feel obligated, but thanks for stopping by!)

  45. Thanks, Sarah Vella!

    I always love to hear from you because you are an Aussie, and Aussies are always always tan and gorgeous, so you must know all kinds of things.

    (P.S. I still don't think you are a bogan.)
    (P.S.S. Thanks for defending me. Oh I love you.)

  46. Family of Three,

    You have the most gorgeous, long legs! (I know that cause your blog showed me.) Your husband is one lucky man!

  47. Rachel (Moose Cupcake),

    Oh you are too kind. You think I'm pretty? You really do? You love my hair? Well, I love you!

    Oh and also, you have a beautiful blog, and your profile pic is to DIE for. And you take amazing photos! The photo of your sister's yorkie kills me.

  48. Tammy,

    Your hair! I clicked over to your blog and your hair made me gasp. You saucy minx!

    And also you have amazing eyebrows.

  49. Dear Beth,

    You have a beautiful blog, so that is a REAL compliment! I really loved your Heart on My Sleeve post. You have a beautiful talent!

  50. Sarah Beth,

    I can tell you are a really good puppy mommy (these things are important you know) and that dresser you refurbished is KILLER. Oh my gosh I want one just like it.

  51. MiddleMelansons,

    You have the world's best dimples! Ugh so jealous! And the name you picked for your third daughter is beyond gorgeous. You are such a good namer! (I also love the crib bedding you picked out.) (Holbling is kind of funny, actually.)

  52. Noods,

    Oh, you have such a beautiful name as well. Look at us, so fabulously named. Sigh. If we go to New York next year we can be The Natalies Take New York! Scary! Your shower/run situation is something I relate to dearly. Many days have I gone stinky to try and get myself out the door. Also, you have really beautiful cornsilk hair! Oh to be blonde!

  53. Soccerbelle,

    Thank you for understanding my writing. (And you even defended me on your blog, oh you win my Favorite Person award!) Sometimes I send these bizarre things out into the universe rrreally hoping nobody takes them too seriously, heaven knows I don't. You must be really, really smart. Oh and also fabulous! You're probably really pretty too. Your blog has no pictures of you but your flower photos are lovely!

  54. Keri Beth Mason,

    YOU are clearly a genius. Of course thats what Anon needed, good thinking!

    And also your daughter is beautiful (she obviously gets that from you) So sorry about the poison ivy! One time my dad went out in the back yard to see if this plant was poison ivy, but he couldn't really tell, so he rubbed it on his arm. The next day he had a rash everywhere, including IN HIS THROAT. That stuff does not fool around.

  55. Dearest, Dangest, Gina,

    YOU are fantastic. Also you love your neices and nephews (just nephews?) and your Facebook status updates are HIL-AR. Lastly you look really good in hats. This is an accomplishment, really.

  56. Real Life,

    Your photos of Holly and May are amazing! They is obviously loved up pooches, you can just tell by looking at them. Good job, you! And you are Canadian which means you are nice and polite and well mannered AND your from my home girl Ann-with-an-E's home country! Bless you!

    (P.S. Your poetry is inspired, and I wish I could hang laundry on a line like you!)

  57. Dear Alex Getts,

    You are one handsome gentleman, you know that? And you read my blog! I can't quite get over that. A dude reading my blog?

    (Your About Me is really clever, by the way.)

    (And check out your drawings! You're talented! Thanks for drawing the big hipped girls!)

  58. Erin,

    You have one hell of a striking profile picture. Beautiful! And you look so mysterious! Also, you're in SCIENCE according to your blog profile, and this means you are hard core, and now I feel really intimidated that you read my blog, which is very un-sciency. Who are you, famous rock star person? Goodness!

  59. Jessie,

    Of all my moronic sheep, I think you are my favorite. BAAAAAAA.

  60. Dana,

    Your compliment got me all teary eyed, thank you. What part of New York are you in?

    You don't have a blog or a profile so I have to wing it here, but since you know how to give a really humbling comment, you are obviously the smartest, kindest, most generous person on the planet. And since you live in New York you are also very sophisticated and cool, and edgy, and you can kick some serious butt if needed. Huh? Am I right? Love you!

  61. Jessica,

    The name of your blog is GENIUS. And your little boy is darling. What a little heart breaker!

  62. miaT,

    First comment! Welcome! You should really comment always, it's fun.

    But here is your real compliment: Oh you rock those bangs like none other! That is so hard to do! I know, I've tried. Girls who can really rock bangs are obviously the best girls on the planet. They mean you're groovy and cool and listen to records and things. So jealous. Oh, and you ran a half marathon? Good gravy woman!

  63. Dear emily b.

    It is always humbling when a REAL writer such as yourself drops by my silly little palace. Also you have an honest-to-goodness beautiful face. Beautiful!

  64. Megan,
    Ohhh Megan Megan Megan,

    I have been thinking about this for a while and now I get the chance to say it loud and proud! You are hands down the world's best thrifter, and that takes incredible skill, patience, and above all, STYLE, to pick all that amazing stuff out of the junk. Camryn always looks adorable and trendy and just perfect, and as for YOU missy (faulty high school memories though you have, honestly) YOU are one hell of a beautiful woman.

    (And your husband is nice too.)


  65. Dear Brooke With The Amazing Red Hair,

    You are hotter than the Pioneer Woman. True story!
    (Also you have fantastic taste in music.)

  66. Anonymous Part Two,

    Is this Robert Campbell?

    A word on my not having a job: I've always had a job, I even have one now. (I don't blog about it.) My career of choice is being a stay at home mom, and this kid is more than 1/3 baked, so I'm almost there! In the meantime, I am practicing on my puppies. Just like The Holbs is practicing to be a Tax Attorney by going to school and getting us more in debt than the federal government. At least that makes sense to me. Anyway, you rock too! (Honestly, your comment was very well written, and I appreciated it, so stick around! Every good blogger needs a couple of trolls, and I am honored to have you.)

  67. Nomadic Gnome,

    I know I know! That snow storm scared me speechless! Btu if there is cheesecake I am there.

    P.S. Can I have your face? Your profile photo is everything and more on this whole earth. The bangs, oh they kill me.

  68. C.C.,

    I love you and your sassiness, and I'm honored to have you around these parts, since I know how freakishly smart and witty you are. How is your back? I say go swim some laps and stick it to the man!

    Um, Mikeys?

  69. HOLBS,

    But Holbs darling, where is your compliment? Was it where you called me Glen Beck? Because . . .

    Guess what? You have a structural chin of magnificence, especially with that dimple. Oh I love that chin dimple, you dream boat, you.

  70. Bush League,

    Welcome! Thank you!

    Here is your compliment: You are well-spoken and intelligent, and very attractive!

  71. Erin,

    I know! You are so wonderful! Here is your compliment: The name of your blog is INSPIRED, and the photograph of that blue egg in the nest is my FAVORITE.

    Also, you have a beautiful complexion!

  72. Kaloula,

    Um, holy cute blog Batman! And you bake cookies with bananas! You are obviously a genius.

  73. Mrs. Walk,

    We'd be coming by in August, so hopefully we'd just catch the tail end. Does it break in September like it does in New York? Good heavens. HEY, WILL WE BE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD MORE OR LESS?

    I love you, and also I love that photo I have of you from when you were wearing that one-piece leopard print thong on my birthday. Remember that?

  74. Rhonda,

    I think so too! What a lucky dork!

    You are such a doll. I always always love your comments, they are the sprinkle on my cupcake. Oh, and you love RenFaire's as much as I do! Clearly you are a genius.

  75. Caitlin,

    You are too too kind!

    Your Conundrum post is beautiful. Oh my goodness you have such a wonderful spirit.

  76. Gabby,

    Thank you!

    First of all, the title of your blog made me laugh out loud. And your post on The Real World (My favorite cast was Seattle ALL THE WAY). You are completely adorable.

  77. Mrs. C,

    Thank you for understaaaaanding me!

    Well, I think you are incredibly beautiful AND intelligent. Look out!

  78. Sarah,

    I could definitely use some extra culturing, after having been trapped with nothing but cows for entertainment for four years.

    Your compliment: You are an Aries, which means you are passionate and loving and kind!

  79. PJtheGreat,

    I hope you will love the Clomid, and that it WON'T give you horrible period cramps and three cysts when it's all over. (But I hope you DO get your baby. Oh the things we do!)

    Your Moments of Joy concept is absolutely brilliant, I loved reading them!

  80. Melissa,

    I AM a good husband picker, I know, it's true. And your blog is beautiful! Loved the post on fuscia. Don't you think fuscia is the best color ever?

  81. Alicia,

    Thank you! You are so sweet! But look at you and your luscious brown hair!

  82. I think your blog is a great example of how our attitudes determine our lives. I love how you make the most average of days sound like a grand adventure. Your blog helps me to recognize the gloriousness in everyday things (like the weather forecast on my phone), and the importance of finding humor in everyday life.

    I think you have an amazing attitude toward life. Not everyone could move from NYC to a small town in Idaho and make it sound like there was no place on earth they would rather be (I know, I've lived in small town Idaho). You're joie de vie is apparent and infectious.

  83. You are funny. I collect funny people, hence and therefore, I follow you. :) Also, I don't find many people funny. But you dear, you are tops.

  84. Your analogies with sex make me smile.

    And my husband just finished his last class of law school ever. And it is delightful. He didn't make me leave the house though. We had pie and celebrated in PJs

  85. PS - The Holbs gets a Gold Star. Add 2 pts to his tally.

  86. You have amazing hair & are photogenic and have super cute clothes! Plus, you're hilarious - I'd trade places with you any day of the week:)

  87. Jodie,

    Oh, I am honored! You obviously have very discerning tastes. And I really loved your squirrel metaphor. Simile? Metaphor.

  88. ashlee,

    Thanks doll! I love your 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week! And you love creme brulee, you are obviously a soul sister.

  89. Buttercup,

    Tell me more tell me more!

    You, my dear, are full-on babely. Full on! Does it hurt being that beautiful?

  90. Natalie,

    Your husband is obviously more practical than mine. And mmmm, pie. That sounds really amazing right now.

    I've been so enjoying your blog! Did you know I'm a subscriber? And also you are a world-class Tweeter! Also you have really great style, it's true.

  91. i think you have an awesome name, and your blog is on my must-read list because you are such an awesome writer and make me wish i could write about my day as effortlessly as i feel you do. you always make me smile and contemplate eating a mcdonald's vanilla cone in your honor. since, after all, we have the same name and live in the same town. :) i keep hoping someday i'll see walking around the mall or some such happenings, but i never do. oh well. such is life :) you are awesome :)

  92. Natalie, I envy your home decorating skills! Your house it so stinkin cute, I can't understand why it didn't sell the second it went on the market. Crazy Idahoans! Don't they know fabulous when they see it? I'm still trying to find my decorating style. Right now it consists mostly of Ikea and craigslist finds.

  93. You have awesome doggies! And a gorgeous mum, husband, family, life!x

  94. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie,
    How I love reading your blog! You are amazing and you make me smile. Today I read your blog at work and laughed out loud and I am pretty sure I read parts of it aloud to my coworkers. Cause everyone needs a dose of Nat to get them through a Friday afternoon

    I also love that you are so gracious with Meany-head (thanks to the Holbslawyer for teaching me a very technical lawyer term!) You have definitely made the big time when you get an anonymous hater.

  95. YOU are creating LIFE. What more can there be to compliment? ;) "What did you do today?" "Some school work. How about you?" "Oh, I just put the finishing touches on the nervous system of the human body forming inches below my brilliantly swelling bosom."

    And you inspire me to keep up with my own blogging. I thank you for that.

  96. Natalie,

    Well, YOU have the cutest blog EVER, so there. (If you ever do see me around be sure to say hi!)

  97. Kristi,

    Ikea and Craigslist are the best way to go! (Don't forget the Goodwill, too!) You have a lovely name! (You don't have a Blogger profile, I'm grasping at straws here!)

  98. Kerriface,

    My doggies ARE awesome, huh!

    YOU have an awesome new pixie cut!

  99. Tamara, Tamara, Tamara,

    You have a fantastic blog! I went over there to find something to compliment you on and then I got sucked in for a while and forgot what I was doing!

  100. Jinxie,

    Remind me to tell you about the time I had to convince The Holbs to get me a glass of water and finally had to pull the excuse "I'm too busy growing arms!"

    Now darling, you have some amazing photography going down at your blog. And stinking adorable kids! And really, really amazing photos. Seriously!

  101. AnonymousMay 01, 2010


    I love your blog and your hilarious outlook on everyday life! And of course I envy your adorable little doggies. I hope your house sells some time soon and that you have a happy, healthy pregnancy!

    Sarah :-)

  102. I always save your blog for last. It's the cherry of my blog-reading sundae. :)


  103. Nat!!!!!!!!!! Are you moving to DC???!!! Because that happens to be WAY closer to me and some of my best friends live in DC!!! Yay!

    I'm all for exchanging compliments ... you are the wittiest person I know and I envy your writing skills!

  104. Natalie...Nat, Nat, Nat...What can I add to all of that? Certainly not another At!

    No, serious...sometimes you make me wish I was a girl...your posts. Better than midnight PBJ's.

    Did I just say that?

    Let me redeem myself from that bit of gayness by saying that I have put myself in Peter Pan's shoes as well. (Rest assured, the Holb's sneakers are off limits...though tempting).

    From here...Your's is a wonderful life...Keep them/us dreaming darlin' are a gift.

  105. Nat, your blog is stupendous, my life is a tad crappy right now and your blog is one of the few things that can still make me smile! I look forward to reading it everyday and I'm very sad that you take the weekend off :(

    You have beautiful hair, I love the way your house is decorated and I bet my eggs you are going to have the cutest baby of the century!

    I think anon is just jealous of how awesome you are...I know I am!

  106. Sarah,

    You are adorable! And you teach secondary school. (Is that like high school?) Obviously you are a saint. (And I agree with your thesis re: lavatories.)

  107. Amanda!

    I know! Holbrook reunion! You'll have to send me some tips on where/how to live in D.C., I feel swamped! (We might end up back in New York, we're not totally sure yet.)

    Your compliment: YOU my dear, are the classiest thing ever and you are stupidly pretty. Stupidly!

  108. MommaSkye,

    Having complimented my baby for being cute you are now the greatest person on the entire planet EARTH.

    You, my dear, are an inspiration. And bless your darling daughter, she is just sunshine, isn't she? (Also, I think you look like Snow White.)

  109. Oh Steven Cain,

    I especially love your comments, because when I get them I feel like I have really done something special.

    Your post about your kitten giving birth was so wonderful. I laughed, I cried . . . Oh, and your list of Do's and Don'ts are especially wise, my friend.

  110. Sarah,

    Thank you! You work at the B&BW, too! I loved it there! And you have a darling blog header! Owls!

    You have a beautiful oval face, perfect for red lipstick.

  111. Hey Miss Nat....

    I <3 your writing style.

    You're just a happy person and it shows :)


  112. @ are an amazing writer!!If you ever plan to write a book ,do lemme know!!Not kidding seriously.:)
    You have an amazing way of making even simple,usual, boring things worth thinking about:D. And that's one of the major reasons as to why i like your blog:)It makes me appreciate such small things a lil more.
    +you are pretty and I'm jealous of you coz you have such a gorgeous husband and even more gorgeous camera!!:D

    @ anon..we praise her coz we like her. If you don't...then scoot buddy!

  113. I manipulated the PT into clearing me for running so the back is better but aches from pounding pavement. Fo sho on Mikey's...I will be in the 'Scow on May 15 to May 16 to watch one of my chums graduate from the law school....maybe I will get lucky and see you!

  114. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    "Are you wearing a bra?" BUAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That line was my favorite thing in the whole post. Hilarious! The fact that you didn't even respond made it even funnier!

  115. Stacy,

    You are beautifully spiritual and your photos are completely, insanely gorgeous. And all those handsome boys!

  116. Secret Agent,
    I still cannot believe you are in high school! You are the smartest, most mature (and most HOTTT) High School freshman I have ever known (and I have known many!)

  117. Lunatic,
    Oh, you are too kind! And so exotically beautiful!

  118. Nat, this post was inspired. I know you knew you were loved before (*wags finger at anonymous), but wanted to GIVE some compliments & what better way than to exchange? You are a smart cookie, and don't let anyone tell you differently!! : )


  119. Nat-
    The magic you make with fabric, well that is just about as cool as it gets. Your holbsfetus is going to be one lucky kid to have you for a mom- I foresee craft projects galore, and that 4th grade diorama is so going to rock.

  120. Jess,
    You are absolutely beautiful, and you have such striking eyes!

  121. Carmar,
    YOU are inspired! And wonderfully nice and very witty in your comments!

  122. Nat -

    Thank you for your kind words! And yes, this dude loves your blog! It's always a pick-me up!

  123. Seriously, you are a pro at napping. A PRO. I envy your napping abilities. You should teach a class. Forget that! You should go to the Olympics! I know you'd represent the good old US of A and get us a gold medal in the napping event. Go, Nat! Go, Nat! Go, Nat!

    Also, you are a good plate-waller, amazing at fetus translation, and wondrous at finding life-sparkles.

    And oh yeah, you made Dean's List in cereal eating. Didn't they send you a letter home?

  124. This is my 1st stop at your blog & I already know that I'm going to be at my computer all night reading up on old posts. You have wit & while I'm assuming you don't always comment back on every seem sincerely genuine in your compliments to your readers & THAT is an incredible quality! I'll be back...often.

    PS. love your comment back to anonymous. You have class!

  125. Hey, Nat,

    I came back to check on my compliment, as those are very important and not to be missed, and I re-read my comment above. It sounds snarky the second time around (maybe that's just in light of the comments you've been getting from Mr. Anon.) But I wanted to clarify: I was being silly and hoping to give you a laugh. I hope it worked and that I am being overly conscientious for nothing.

    (See, it's much easier lurking!) :-)

  126. Oh no! I forgot to respond to yours! Missy! I totally knew what you were getting at and it delighted me. I am so sorry to leave you hanging like that, terrible!

    Here is your compliment: You are witty and incredibly kind and generous. And also you are hysterical!

  127. Dear Nat,

    I am sorry for being late to the compliment party, I have really been missing out on all the fun! I love this game of you pat my back i pat yours. or tickle if that's the way you like it!

    OK nat, so here it is, I think you are a beauty, the kind that mothers dream of birthing, the kind that got extra attention from her kindergarten teacher because how can you not favor the cutie pie little brunette girl? And the kind that snatched the heart of the most delightful holbsband!

    And also, I wish I was your real life childhood neighbor because I would have had you over to sleep on my parents trampoline so you could keep me up giggling all night long, and then we would TeePee that annoying decan who lives down the street!

  128. Craftify it,

    I just lost two hours to your blog, you nut! You are one talented and thrifty lady, and what a beautiful home you have!

  129. Kjrsten,

    WOW! You know me so well! ;)

    You my dearest darling are an inspiration to women everywhere! You have such an impeccable eye for style and fashion, in your home AND on your body, and your blog inspires me daily. You have such darling kids and I can tell you are the coolest mom, that they love you and trust you and genuinely look up to you. And serious as a heart attack, the next time I'm in Portland I'm emailing you and meeting you for some Anthro at the Bridgeport. Yes?

    (We really SHOULD have been childhood friends, but we can be besties now and make up for lost time can't we?)

  130. OK. Your swimsuit Christmas card? Brilliant. Frankly, you look better in your swimsuit than Holbs looks in his. Even with his red hair. I think of that photo when I don't want to work out. It inspires me. LOL!

    And I need a compliment. Today has NOT been a good day. So bring it on, Nat! And a general "your photos are nice" isn't gonna cut it. Let it be a challenge to you. teehee.

  131. Thanks, Nat! I'm glad you thought it was funny and not ... whatever! :-)

  132. Lynn,
    Your photos ARE beautiful, but since that's off-limits I will say this instead: You have a beautiful, warm heart, and a gorgeous smile. You look like Amy Adams! Such fantastic coloring!

  133. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    I would like very much to live in your pocket and listen to your internal monologue all day. You are the cutest, most adorable and funniest little thing in my reader. I confess I often save up your posts to read all in a big bunch because they are so darling and always cheer me up. But I also hide pizza rolls underneath the frozen pork chips in my garage freezer so that the husband won't find them and eat them all because if I didn't hide them then they might not be there when I desperately need them on a Wednesday at 2:00 in the afternoon because the day is stupid dumb and that probably doesn't make me sound like a very generous wife but it's not that bad because he doesn't actually like pizza rolls and he LOVES pork chops but I hate them and I not only buy them but cook them for him and search out new recipes to make them taste less like I'm sucking on an Ikea catalogue so that someday I might also get to enjoy them and we can add that to our list of stuff we'll still love to do with each other when we're 80.

    So I promise I really AM a relatively nice person and if I ever meet you in real life I will ask permission before I just start moving myself and my pizza roll supply into your pocket.

  134. I am two years behind on this post, but as I have started reading your blog since you first started it...I love it! I started my blog in 2011, and have only received one negative comment. I wondered why in the world would someone leave such rude comments. If you don't like anyone's blog then just scroll right past it is what I would say.

    Nonetheless it didn't bother me. I turned it into a positive post, and it was well received by my facebook friends.

    You're blog is awesome, and you are adorable! Cute family. Cute everything. I live in Jersey & how nice it would be if our boys had a play date in NYC! Don't ever stop writing.



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