How To Do A Thursday Right

I woke up very early this morning.  I rolled over to say good morning to Peter Pan, you know, as you do, and after I scratched his little velvet ears and played a drum roll on his ribs he reached over to my pillow and ate the hair elastic that had just slipped off of my hair. Just like that! Down the hatch.  I said to him, "Peter Pan, if you die today, it will be entirely your own fault."

I find I am saying that to him fairly often lately.

One of my dearest friends came to Moscow and today I got to eat a turkey sandwich with her that was the size of my head.  With cranberry cream cheese. As we sat down to eat her brother asked me, "Wow, are you hungry?" and I said, "I probably won't finish this," and then I did.

I played a rousing sonatina on the piano this afternoon, and when it was over the baby kicked me in approval. I thought this was rather nice.

Then I convinced The Holbs to take me and the dogs on a nice long walk through the neighborhood. We tried a route we've never taken and ended up in a giant field full of wishes. There were enough wishes in there to last you all summer. A person could really accomplish some things in there.

During a Grey's Not-Rerun commercial break we saw a preview for Eclipse, and then . . . I died.

And now I am going to go lie in bed and poke the fetus for a while, and possibly ask it what it thought about tonight's Grey's Anatomy, and was it as disappointed as I was when Lexi said I Love You to Alex in front of McSteamy? Because, seriously.


  1. I was totally against electric keyboards until my husband bought one that has its own stand and all 88 keys. It's amazing! Now if I could just remember how to play Axel F...

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2010

    Nat, I too was disappointed when Lexie said "I Love You" to Alex! Only because, I am not an Alex fan. She would have been so much better off with McSteamy!

    Also....Meredith lost her baby! Didn't see that one coming :-(

  3. I guess the piano belongs to you. Because it belonged to the Holbs' friend, but he gifted it to you, since you'll be the one playing.

    How exciting to feel the baby move!

  4. Who knew avocado sized Mozart's have such a thing for quesadillas and turkey sandwiches! this little human is going to be fabulous!

  5. Wow! I wish someone would give me a kind electric piano for free. Amazing! I'm glad the fetus approves. I can already tell you are growing a baby Nat. But wouldn't it be lovely if it had red hair like Holbs and your quirky personality? Adorable!

  6. Darn. I missed last night's Greys, but now I know before I know. At least I won't be disappointed, though! How funny about the piano. C is a "free" anything snob. If it's free, it's just going to take up space, this after years and years of my dad giving us things like fireplace screens when we don't have a fireplace, and a hundred oak banister rails. I keep hoping that they will find a home on my someday gazebo...

  7. Erin is right, Holbsbaby needs to have Holbsish red hair and a delightful Lovin personality!

    As for Peter Pan, my brother's dog, Crash, eats whole socks and frequently expels the completely whole sock from one end or the other, but no other details need to be given on that subject. He is still alive and well and in search of more socks to this day!

    The piano was definitely acquired free by none other than You (as in you specifically and not Holbs in general) because the friend would never have gifted Holbsy with the piano. Seriously, right?

    Not that it has any bearing in this comment, but I have a very respectable Kohler & Campbell piano who is simply the Duke of our little kingdom and I love that piano, but have yet to learn how to play.

  8. You're not a Remember The Titans fan :O.....we are apparently not soul mates. But I'm not a Twilight fan so I guess we're even!

    There was a dog in our area who ate something like 20 binkies. He ended up having to get them removed. I think Pan knows something is coming that might cause him to lose attention from you, animals are super smart like that.

    Babies that love music in-utero always turn out to be the best! I think the baby was rewarding you for being so talented.

  9. YOU really got the piano for free. It's a gift for you. That's my vote. My daughter kicked when I played the piano as well. Now 2 years old, she spends at least a half hour a day at the piano. No joke. She can even find D if she tries really hard.

  10. "Not good literature"? Irrelevant. Does anyone say no to hot chips because they are not haute cuisine? I don't think so.

  11. That cranberry cream cheese sounds divine. As do the wiggly movements of Baby Holbslovin! I love the analogy of a fish swimming. : )

  12. I too would have preferred a Lexie & McSteamy reunion...sigh...But (and this might sound terrible) I am sort of happy that they nixed some Mercy-Westers because they didn't really have any good story lines. It just sunk in this morning that season finale = no new episodes for MONTHS. Oh, the void!

  13. Elastic eating dogs- that's a new one. I wonder what magical non-food things the fetus will eat once emerged.

    I foresee a new girl Doc-who was in love with Dr. Owen (kim reaver)becoming the new McSteamy love interest, but don't you?

  14. I was terribly disappointed in Lexie as well, especially since Alex was calling her Izzie! What is that about? Clearly, she should love McSteamy. Also when Charlie's dying declaration was to Reid and she was already dead....but wow.

    You got the piano for free, the friend probably wouldn't have offered it to Holbs if you didn't like to play. And Barney clearly would love you more.

  15. Hey, it's been awhile since I've had time to read blogs, but I'm back now!

    This totally reminded me of the first time Jeremy felt Liberty move in my tummy. (She'd been moving for a few weeks, but he could never feel the movement.) One Saturday morning, we were both lounging around between the sheets in that blissfully wonderful state of peaceful wakefulness when she did a sommersault. I grabbed Jeremy's heavy hand and lifted it onto my tummy right above Liberty. He kept it there expressing wonder for a few minutes, then it slowly slid back towards him as his arm muscles relaxed. After he had gotten a few inches away, Liberty moved until she was directly under his hand again. We laughed about it, and as a joke, he moved his hand to the other side away from her. She quickly moved again until she was under his hand. That's when we started to wonder, is she purposefully moving under his hand? He moved several more times and every time, she quickly followed. We thought that was very cool. :-)


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