Jazzy, Tucker, Bonita, And Other Stories Of Laziness

Today I am mourning the loss of my fitness regime. Please, could you tell me, have you seen my will power? Perhaps it is in your back yard. Did you check the mail box?

I set out for a two-mile jog today but came home after kicking pebbles on the sidewalk for a scant mile. All day long I wished I was out running and then the minute I was there I felt like eating a slice of watermelon and tanning my freckles instead. My will power really is the rudest thing.

Though, had I not wimped out at the quarter mile mark today I might never have found out the real names of the three horses who live at my favorite house on D Street.  I was feeding them tufts of tall grass at the fence when two little girls in bright pink stopped to toss their hair and adjust their backpacks.

"Do you know their names?" the freckled one asked me, her braces sparkling in the sun. We were kindred spirits, me and Freckles, I could tell.

"Only the names I made up for them," I said.

I'd been calling them Estelle, all three of them, on account of Estelle is just the kind of name you would give to a classy horse.

"I know their real names!" she said. "That one's Jazzy, the brown one's Tucker, and that one over there is Bonita."

"Bonita," I said, letting it roll around in my will-powerless head as the horses nibbled at my fingers.

Then I handed the girls the last of the grass in my hands and I walked my lazy butt home and thought a little bit about purple lilacs.

There is something awry in my brain parts, is all there is to it.


  1. Well, hang in there, girly-girl. Like Wendy's shadow, Peter Pan will find it and then you can sew that will power right back on. Now, if you want to help ME out, come and comment on my Adventure Quiz to pick what the last question should be, be a dear - I totally missed out on your complimenting session. Chin up and all that. Motivation is really second rate (at least I will say that to make you feel better since you cheered up my day with your post.)

  2. Puh-leeeese. You hosted a multitude of family, probably had to cook and make places for everyone to sleep, get them all into cars and to the ceremony on time and THEN sit through the commencement - THE most exhausting thing in the world, save the traffic on the way to and from aforementioned ceremony. You should keep walking, but don't feel sad about not running. Before you know it, you'll be flying along behind one of those cool baby joggers!!!

  3. Whereas you are pondering the conundrum of what happened to your will power, I am just starting to get one in the first place. A will power, I mean. MINE has been on hiatus for something like 2 years now; it's been gone long enough that I had forgotten I ever had one. Now THAT, my friend, is sad...

    I'm glad that it's solidly spring in your portion of this has been spring-like, but, will you listen to this? We're supposed to get SNOW on Saturday! SNOW!!! Could there be anything more tragic than snow in May? I submit that there is: Saturday is my birthday, and we were planning on heading up to Mesa Falls (beautiful!) and having a BBQ that evening. And do you recall how my will power has been gone since 2008? I'm too much of a panty-waste to enjoy the Falls in the snow. Because I'm DONE with snow (have been since Jan. 8th!), and I think it's some kind of sick joke that it should be snowing to commemorate my birth. OY!

    I. Am. So. Sorry. Didn't mean to get all sorts of whiny; it just came out...

    Enjoy your springy weather, girl!

  4. I self name all the animals around my neighborhood too!
    I'm quite fond of a pheasant and he's been Wilbur Fancypants for over a year. :)

  5. I name other people's pets as well, especially when I'm "running" only lately it's not so much running as strolling about the neighborhood.

    I have no real advice on how to kick it into I need to kick it up myself. I believe I have gained at least 4 lbs and this simply will not do, as there is a wedding dress to fit into!

  6. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    I found this blog a while ago. I love it and the girl reminds me a lot of you. Freckles, madly in love, lived in NYC for a bit, they're mormon, have an adorable doggy...

    Lemmie know if you've heard of it before!

  7. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    left you a comment but not sure if it went thru. I got two errors. Just wanted to show you this blog that I love that reminds me of you. The lovely brown hair, the freckles, the adorable hubs, a cute puppy! Let me know if you've seen it before!

  8. my will power seems to have disappeared too--maybe something in the air?!?! at least you went a mile--more than I can say! : )

  9. I am also feeling the lack of will power! Maybe there is some sort of willpower grinch going around?!

  10. Nat, sorry to hear of your loss of willpower, but that was a great, fun post!

  11. Will power? What is will power?

  12. I'm sure you're just having one of those days or even weeks. It will pass. I hear the week before the baby comes, and especially the very day before it comes, you will have so much will power you won't know what to do with it. You'll be nesting and running around like it's nobody's business. Enjoy the sluggishness for now. It won't last forever.

  13. Hooray! There is something wonderful in finding out the names of people or animals or things that have become part of your life.

  14. Schady LadyMay 20, 2010

    OMG! I'm pregnant too and am having this EXACT SAME PROBLEM! Between the exhaustion and the back pain I've def fallen out of habit. But with the nice weather I've been embracing the walking. I just try to walk with a purpose. I even bought the Reebok Easytones in an effort to put some hustle in it! And if your jugs are killing you as much as mine are - try two sports bras and go out an enjoy the sunshine girl!

  15. You have a different focus now. Its only natural that you feel this way. You're consumed with a hundred and one other thought. You're growing a miracle - what could be more important???


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