New York Shoes, Advice Style

I recently got an email from a reader asking for advice on the best shoes to pack for a trip to the city.

I've been thinking about this a lot actually, because my feelings about shoes have changed dramatically since moving back to NYC. These are my favorite shoes. I wore them practically non-stop when I was pregnant and they're become my default running-to-the-corner-store shoes. I would tell you to get yourself this exact pair, except that when I first started wearing them they gave me monster blisters. They were a beast to break in. 

So. Wear whatever shoes you wear most often, is what I have to say about that. I have this personal theory about shoes, which is that when you are breaking in a new pair of shoes you are actually not breaking in your shoes, you are breaking in your feet. I feel like I'm breaking in the same shoes over and over every winter when I pull them out of storage. 

Also, pack bandaids. Cushy ones meant for blisters.

And bring back up shoes. Something small that can fit in your bag that is different enough from your other shoes. Sometimes all I need after a long afternoon of walking is to switch from a low heel to flats, and suddenly I feel like I could keep going for a few more hours at least.

Good luck!


  1. Where's the obligatory photo of Huck? :(

  2. omg i'm wearing this pair of boots today that i wore at least once a week for a year and then let them just hang out in my closet for a while. they were my super comfortable while looking nice boots, and i decided to wear them today and OUCH!! so, yes, i know the exact feeling of having to break in the same pair of shoes more than once.

  3. A-freaking-men!!! I am the QUEEN of inappropriate footwear. I always wear the worst shoes when out and about--I remember limping back to the metro after our class Halloween party in Paris, tears in my heavily makeup-ed eyes, because I just HAD to wear a gorgeous pair of black heels as part of my film noire costume (but, oh, it was worth it, because two Parisian guys whistled at me on the way to the party). I also like wearing flip-flops to go cut down Christmas trees and such. I once actually slipped, fell down, and landed on the sandwich I'd just bought during the first snow of my sophomore year at BYU because I was wearing flip-flops--and OF COURSE I did it right in front of someone!!! Lovely.

    Definitely stick with an old favorite--and your pregnant feet will thank you if you wear something with a teensy heel rise OR good arch support. Typing "arch support" makes me feel old, by the way. But I know what I'm talking about--my family made me march up and down the high-altitude streets of Park City whilst I was seven months pregnant, something I need to forgive someday. And boy, did my flip-flop feet hurt!

    Enough talk! Little ones are sleeping--I must go watch "You've Got Mail" while ironing the 30 shirts I've neglected for, like, three months.

    p.s. New babies make you forget everything about whom you once were, but I promise your memories of "old Natalie" will return! Though "new Natalie" will probably be a lot of fun, too. Silly babies, thinking they can pull one on us.

  4. I second Erika's comment. We need the Huck! :)

  5. cute sleepy huck pic, natalie! and that onesie!

    great shoe advice, as well. i would have done well to remember that while in chicago walking around hither & yon.

  6. :) he makes me excited. My sister got induced tonight.

  7. Just saw your reply here, thanks for the advice! We actually just got back from our trip but I inadvertantly took your advice and just wore the shoes I always wear anyway so it worked out just fine. Also, you may have been a little late on the shoe advice, but we did try some of your aforementioned food recommedations, falafel waffle anyone?...

  8. Aren't baby necks soooo smoochie?! I just loved smooching my babies' necks and Huck's looks irresitable!

  9. Your forgetting checklist cracked me up! :-)


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