Somebody, Please. I Need A Hair Cut.

Today my Holbs gave me the afternoon off

"Why don't you go do something and I'll play Daddy!" So I put on my tallest shoes and swiped on a fresh coat of mascara and I was off! To do . . . something.

First I wandered around a filming location for some CBS cop drama going on down the street. In case they needed lactating extras.

Then I went to Urban Outfitters so I could call my mom. In case this sounds weird, it is. But we always save our phone conversations for when we are browsing through clothing stores and that is just how it goes. 

Then I decided to man up and get the groceries. 

As I was pushing my cart about the place and pondering various cheeses I remembered that my friend Joe the Trader delivers. In light of this I decided: Hot dog if I wasn't about to make a serious grocery purchase. So I went all over that place chucking food items into my cart all willy nilly like.

Just as I was about to pay, the guy in charge of the delivery board changed the delivery window time from 4-8 to CLOSED. Closed! Just like that, all of my hopes and dreams deflated, and I realized I was carting home my groceries by myself.

The moral of this story is, halfway home it started to rain. A nice man offered to help me carry my bags home, and when I said "No Thank You," he showed me his hands and both of them were completely bandaged up and then I was like ???

When the elevator reached our floor I could hear my baby airing out his lungs, and when I opened the door to our apartment Huck and Brandon both looked at me with crazed eyes, and I could tell they were both thinking the same thing:


And now you know that story.


  1. What a laugh. The ending is epic. I'm glad to read that you are up and about and that the little family is doing well.
    You should stare out the window if (more likely when) you wake up in the middle of the night near dawn, it's peak viewing time for the Leonid Meteor Shower - Shooting Stars galore for your Baby Boy!

    Take care!
    Purple Carrots and Fairy Smoke

  2. Natalie! I love this post! And: I'm sorry for your misfortune of having the delivery guy switch things up on you at EXACTLY the wrong time! What the aych, I say! What. the. Aych?

    On the other hand, I'm jealous of your apartment-ful of Trader Joes. I love it there. And it's a love that's pure and true. Alas...I live in IDAHO where there's no Joe to be found! (As I recall, the closest one to me and my bad self is in Vegas. VEGAS! Pitying my sad situation!)

    What I mean to say is that you're something like unto Superwoman. You can do hard things, self-inflicted or otherwise. (Dang that delivery guy!)

  3. haha :) so much for an outing eh?!

  4. Your posts make my day! I am no longer nursing and my husband thinks the same thing when I walk through the door. It doesn't change even after the babies grow up!

  5. Ah yes...the familiar "give her some chi-chi" as stated in my house! You quickly realize that for now you're only needed for the boobs!

  6. awww such a cute post! At least you know what time the delivery is now :)

  7. you are too freakin adorable and make my babyless self wish I had a baby even more! and the boobs that come with! haha

  8. Dear Natalie-
    I am so glad you made it home! Praise be!! I would have sat down and cried.

  9. Great post! I do all my groceries on a bicycle in happy old Japan. Rice buying day makes me want to weep.

  10. nat! have you ever read she is a hairdresser and she is awesome and i think you would love each other.

  11. I just started wearing summery dresses this year (for the first time since I was around 5 years old and all dresses had to reach perpendicular status mid-twirl.) I'm still not sure how I feel about wearing dresses, though. It sort of depends on my mood per day.

    Anyway, I'm sure living in NY and buying anything at all is a tough decision considering how it must be toted home. And what's with the man with bandaged hands? Weird.

    But I'm sure it's always nice to arrive home knowing you are needed. :)

  12. haha gotta love nursing huh. i always feel like i forgot my baby when i get some time out for myself when husband watches her.

  13. I just have to say that I love your entire outfit in the photo. Where did you find such lovely items?
    You should definitely cut your hair before wee Huck gets grabby. Little ones just love to pull on hair, glasses, earrings, oh and those dangly things on sweatshirts!

  14. Been to that Trader Joe's without my husband and to lug it all the way back to 43rd! Thank goodness for the subway.

    P.S., ask Kristen for a haircut. She's awesome.

  15. I'm not sure if you've been back to church since the baby yet, or not. But let me warn you. Beware the dress. It's all about skirts and shirts during the lactating months. That is, unless you want to hike your whole dress up around your armpits come time to feed your handsome little baby.

  16. HAAAA!!

    So, let's talk about dresses. What sort of person WOULD you need to be, exactly, to wear dresses on Tuesdays? Amazingly enough, I was pondering that very thought just before reading that question in your blog and just after reading your addiction dilemma. (I would love to be that kind of person, I think.)

  17. Somehow I was unaware you existed. Somehow my formspring informed me of such existence.

    Somehow we have the same name, same love for urban outfitter, same general lingo-speak (I saw "lest" and about wet my pants), and same other things I'm sure..however my brain is failing to bolster up any more creativity.

    I guess that's what I get for commenting at 2:16 am.



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