Heyyyyyy NYC Christmas progress report coming at you in three . . . two . . . one . . .


Christmas tree lots!

The best, no no, the very best part of life in New York City are when the Christmas tree lots spring up immediately after Thanksgiving and turn all the city into a giant woodsy forest. It smells divine in the city in December. I will go out of my way, cross to the other side of the street even, to walk through a Christmas tree lot. I like to walk slowly through the fir corridor and softly run my fingers along the outermost branches, kind of like those running high fives you do when you're running out onto a field to play some kind of sport? Obviously it's far more romantic than that. ;)

The department stores all have their sparkle on inside. My favorite is always Saks. It is straight up twinkly in there. I'm such a sucker for a twinkly white woodsy theme. As far as windows, Macy's is the classic, but Lord & Taylor usually puts together a really kicking alternative. I haven't seen it yet this year, but in the past it's always been our favorite. Pro-tip: browse the holiday windows during daylight hours and you're far less likely to become a human crowd pancake.

Radio City and the entire stretch of 6th Avenue, plus all of 47th through 55th Street, has now gone pretty much entirely bonkers, as it does every December. I love it over there and I hate it over there. Nothing puts me in more of a Christmassy, oddly homicidal mood, than 6th Avenue in December. I love it, no I do. I really do.

Internet, meet Bertrand!

This year I bypassed tradition entirely and bought this giant monster of a tree in under five minutes flat, by myself, from the lot just outside our local pharmacy. I was only supposed to be picking up some Aquaphor, but, you know how these things go. Aquaphor, a ten foot tree, and two packs of Twix bars shaped like Santa's face. Happens. I don't know, something about him really called out to me, and I just knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon. I really believe we were MFEO, me and this sucker. And those Santa Twix got the ratio of cookie to caramel all wrong, so don't waste your time.

I've always felt that the selection of a Christmas tree is a rather spiritual affair. And then the decorating thereof, which is a soul searching process that cannot be rushed, I say. I'd love to share a few photos of the Bertster once he's all gussied up. 

But in the meantime, like I said, his name is Bertrand. 

Albert Bertrand. The First. 

I like to call him Bert. He'll also answer to Bertie, if you're sweet enough about it. 

Bertie and Barry are getting a lot of quality time in these days.  They face each other and, I like to imagine, stare each other down, blinking contest style. Who even knows what they're up to, what sort of mischief they have up their sleeves. Some kind of woodland creature mutiny, probably. 

Just kidding, Barry can't wear sleeves, he has no arms! He could do with a nice collar though.  Maybe a red nose for the holiday? I'll have to ask him what he thinks.

He really classes up the joint, don't you think? 

Hey, we're doing the #heynataliejeanxmastrees hashtag on Instagram again! I checked the feed this morning and it's already chock full of the most beautiful, most sparkly, most magical Christmas trees + holiday scenes, it makes me so giddy, and kind of teary-eyed sometimes? (There's usually a few menorahs tucked in there, too! Mazel!) As per tradition, I'd love to share a few photos from the feed on the blog on Christmas day, so please! Tag your tree! Tag your friend's trees! It's my favorite way to wind down at night, browsing through all those trees. I look forward to this all year. 

Hey, have a wonderful weekend why don't you! xo

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  1. beautiful bertrand. and barry, my my! he looks so handsome on that wall, SO HANDSOME.

  2. This is so beautiful! I love NYC would love to see it during Christmas time!

  3. how on earth did you get Bert home? did they do delivery? also, how are you keeping him gravity balanced? is that a weighted block? looks fabulous btw!

  4. Are you purposely including things that GOMI people have written about in your blog post? The whole spiritual tree picking stuff and the jewish comments? I feel like this is a snark-back-at-gomi post?

    1. thought the exact same thing.

    2. Hiiii GOMI trolls! Natalie posts about these things every year, give me a break.

    3. Hmm, so Natalie deleted her rude & snarky comment in reply to the above. Ya, you don't read over at GOMI at all do you Nat?

  5. Please educate yourself on how to properly display the American flag. It's very disrespectful to display it the way you have.

  6. lol MFEO. love that reference.

  7. your christmas's tree is amazing!! but where's the ornaments?i love all the decorations in your place that shouted "christmas"'re my inspiration!

    xo joselovincolors

  8. seriously? new york is magical! I always love a big tree, and bertrand looks amazing. I'm so excited about #heynataliejeanxmastrees !! I wish we could do it this year, we're in Nicaragua till the 22nd and also we will be homeless when we get back! but hey, the holidays are times to be with family right?!

    Yikes some of the other comments up there! lighten up folks it's the Christmas/holidays!

    love everything about this post!!


  9. Bertrand is gorgeous. We had fun picking our first tree since moving to CO last month. His name is Anthony and we practiced kung-fu as we guarded him to ensure no one else tried to take our tree. Ah, the fun of Christmas!

  10. Long-time reader, first-time commenter: love the blog but the way you have the American flag is incredibly disrespectful. It's not for decoration, and especially not meant to be used as a table runner.

  11. We just got home from the City and holy smokes, shes a beaut at Christmas! We walked all of 5th to see the windows (During the day of course) and they were amazing! I have to say though, Barney's was my favorite. They had a real live ice skater skating in the window. I mean how much cooler can it get?! You'll have to check it out!

  12. I got easter egg shaped Twix in the spring and I had the same thought... better stick to the originals! :-)

  13. Hi Natalie,
    I have to agree with the others on the disrespect for the American flag. I'm not trying to hate on you or your blog but just trying to show a perspective.

    If your dear, sweet little Huck was was putting himself in harms way each day while serving his country in the military, just as my son is doing currently, you may have thought twice about displaying the flag as you currently did.

    I know you are a very loving, giving and reasonable person so I hope it was just a naive oversight on your part and not some edgy, trippy way to get creative and think outside the box way to decorate. A better choice would have been your Pendleton blanket thatbyoubso effortlessly styled asca scarf.

    So please just consider removing the pic out of respect to those that have served and that are currently serving. For those that unlike yourself will not be able to be with their families, friends and loved ones duringe the holiday season because they are serving our nation and keeping us safe.

    Thank you

    1. I am sorry that you had to see this display of disrespect (especially since it was pointed out to Natalie on Instagram, and yet she still chose to post the picture in her blog post). Please know there are loads of us out there who respect and are thankful for what your son and family are doing. I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts this holiday season. xo

  14. Bertrand is so handsome, but I must say, we named our gal Rucy and she is a beaut, best tree we've ever found!

  15. I've been to NYC during Christmas just once and you're right, it does smell divine. Divine mixed with the usually musty city smell ha But it is absolutely gorgeous. I just wish there was more room for people to mill around The Christmas tree and whatnot because it gets so crowded that it's not fun.

  16. Going into the New York City on the "city train" (as my three-year-old likes to call it) is a tradition of ours. He's slightly bummed that we won't be going into the city over the holidays as I am. Seeing your photos of how beautiful New York looks like this time of year makes me feel a little bit better. So thank you for sharing these! Your tree looks beautiful!


  17. OH MY! I thought our mall in So-Cal went all out, but I have never seen any store like that! AMAZING

  18. You and Huck are just the cutest!

  19. I love Bertrand. He is great!!! What a crackerjack Christmas tree. Sadly we aren't going to have one this year as there just isn't room in our tiny studio apartment... So will live vicariously through your insta feed!

  20. Loving the tree. Good choice, good choice.

    It's looking like Christmas here too but last week of classes (and college. forever. hm. ready? sure.) means not giving a c**p because someone here really needs to write papers. Like, a thousand of them.

    But I like seeing that Xmas in NYC is fun!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  21. Bertrand is sooo handsome !!
    I dream of Christmas in NYC !



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