That does it. Thanksgiving is my favorite. 

We've got leftovers sandwiches for breakfast lunch + dinner, all the black olives I can shove on my fingers then stuff into my mouth . . . I just love Thanksgiving. We pulled a very low-key Thanksgiving this time around. It was perfectly laid back and full of friends + family + the dog show on NBC. And then, last night, upon completion of the ceremonial final call on the sweet potato leftovers and the grand tossing thereof into the trash can, it was officially Christmas. 

Are we ready for this or what!

Here come some highlights from our Thanksgiving.

My people! I feel deep in my soul that I enjoy Thanksgiving best when I am hosting. I love cooking dinner at home and having all my people come and eat it. It doesn't really feel like Thanksgiving unless I'm standing in the kitchen in my pajamas stirring my mom's Good Beans with my scary morning hair on. (Good Beans so named 'cause they taste good. We're good at naming things in my family.)  I always go into hosting Thanksgiving fully prepared to have the turkey bomb, though it's never bombed yet. Mostly thanks to Brandon, the Turkey Whisperer. 

We hosted my sister from Utah and a few good friends from here in the city. It was perfection. Belle's potatoes, LaTonya's blueberry pie, ca-razy good. Our downstairs neighbor was out of town and the kids smashed and stomped all about to their heart's content. 

Then we took a lot of long, meandering walks. 

Up the Christmas half of Fifth and over through Times Square . . . 

. . . and all over Brooklyn, where we found things like this:

So regal. 

Brandon's commandeered Alex's Thanksgiving plans so he could fly her out here. What a sweet gift, sister time was just what I needed. Alex flew in with a giant suitcase and then proceeded to wear my clothes the entire weekend. ;) But we were missing Amanda! I've been missing my Amanda Pooh terribly lately. That's going to have to be remedied somehow, sometime, very soon. 

(On me up there: Isabel Marant for H&M coat, Madewell jeans, Stepcat beanie, c/o Cardigan sweater. On Alex, Banana Republic coat, Forever 21 jeans + boots, c/o Lululuvs cowl.

Then Alex did my make up for me, so I took a bathroom selfie while we were out to commemorate, as per bathroom selfie law. (Lipstick has gotten much requests, it's Chanel 38 La FascinanteMy sweater is c/o Cardigan and my watch is c/o Daniel Wellington (and you can get free shipping + 15% off with code HOLIDAY_HEYNATALIEJEAN here!))

We also accomplished much accidental twinning. 

One night over the weekend, while Alex + I were taking down SoHo, Huck woke up from what could have been an early bedtime but turned out to be a very late nap, requesting nuggets. So, you know, fudge sundaes. 

When you're twinning you're winning.

Hey Brandon!

(Huck's coat is Uniqlo, mine is American Apparel. My clogs are No.6 and my tote is c/o Sa Sea Decor)


(Alex's sweater is Forever 21. Guys, we're going to talk more about this soon.)

Close it out with bike ride around Brooklyn on a freak 63-degree day a few hours before Alex had to hop in a cab for JFK, and you've got your bonus accidental twinning, part two.

(On me: sweatshirt c/o Madewell, Rag + Bone leggings, Loeffler Randall boots, Chanel lips. Alex is wearing my beanie. Tooootes cheating on my capsule right now. Sole Bicycles generously loaned us some bikes for the weekend as part of the Spring launch, we took much advantage. :)

It's in full swing now! The snow globes are out, the tree is in place, and Huck has already crammed hundreds of unnamed tiny toys into our nutcracker's jaw. It's holly and jolly and everything good. I love this time of year, I love it! Thanksgiving, you're all right! 

The end.


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful time! thanksgiving is my favorite also. you guys are rocking those black ripped jeans!

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  3. You know Gaby said this was one of his favorite Thanksgivings EVER!? We really had a blast, thanks so much #hostesswiththemostess ;) you outdid yourself! And more Huck + Biet jumping in the bed parties, please!

  4. Love your style- so wish I could rock lipstick as perfectly as you! It sounds like a really great holiday!!

  5. Oh man does this make me miss my sister something fierce.

  6. This looks like so much fun! Thanksgiving and family time and ahh just bring on Christmas already...

  7. Wow! Good looks run in the family!

  8. this post made me long for a sister (I'm an only child) *sigh*
    also: celebrating thanksgiving and xmas in winter!

  9. this weekend looks so fun! I love all the sister photos. you are both so gorgeous and have the cutest clothes. or, rather, you have the cutest clothes!

    and also, thanksgiving is the absolute best. I'm with you there.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  10. sisters' time is so so so good!! i'm so missing my siblings now after reading your always inspired me in and out daily..i love love your blog so much,Natalie.

    xo joselovincolors

  11. so so so sweet! nothing better than sister time :)
    what color lipstick is alex wearing in the photo of her at the table with her adorable olive sweater? i love it!!!!

  12. HI. You are lovely.
    I'm CaLea and I'm just stopping by.


  13. You hair is ON POINT.
    That's all!
    Naomi x

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  15. Your sister is way pretty.

  16. Your photos are very pretty! Great post and I love your style.

  17. i just scrolled back to try and find the coupon code for this watch! curse you, natalie! so far you are two for two; i got the feral that i've been wearing faithfully for a year and now the wellington is ordered. it's hard to get me to love a watch, but boy, you have some wonderful taste.

  18. Crazy. You and your sister look like twins; you being the unhealthy looking one. Sad...she is proof that you'd be so much prettier with just 10 more pounds on your frame.


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