I'm posting my Friday links a little early this week because I feel like it!!! This week has gone on long enough!! It's been Thursday for three days in a row now I swear it! I've had it!!

So yo, what are your plans for this weekend? We have a make-up brunch with friends, it's the Oscars on Sunday (!!!!), it's supposed to snow and then rain and then hit a glorious 40 degrees, life literally could not be more different and exciting than on previous weekends. ;) I have to tell you, I am such a creature of habit that times like these where we settle into a good, comfortable rut, and life carries on exactly the same as it always has week after week, these are the good times. This is pretty much my favorite. (I like to call it "a groove" but let's be real, it's totally a rut.) "It's time to go buy more popcorn again," was a thought I just had that made me feel cheery for completely no reasons. Also, I have a counted cross stitch project going on that came with the kind of cross stitch chart to make a solid-gold needlepointing granny cower in fear. These be good times, kids.

Other things I dug this week:

More Mandy Patinkin!!!! (Thank you, Elizabeth!!) And a fruit plate artist, who is yes, of course, from Moscow, Idaho. Oh geez, Moscow. This is so goofy. Seeing the Saturday farmer's market in the video made me tear up and EVERYTHING. (I sold my onesies at that art gallery!) (YOU GUYS.) (I AM FREAKING OUT.)

Anne Lamott on Brian Williams. This was so wonderful. It really hit me in the gut. Thank you for bringing some humanity to this issue, Anne.

Familially related, with a bit less humanity, is this: Is Alison Williams the most boring person in New York?

Leave it to Man Repeller to have the best 50 Shades review ever

Did you watch the SNL 40th Anniversary? Did you think it sucked, like Gawker did?

Silly, yet amazing.

This week's striped shirt, should you be in need.

Keanu on the Q! (should be the name of a band)

The beanie alert was the best part of this article on Mickey Drexler and Madewell. Guys I love Madewell like a sister and I just can't help it. 

This is important.

This is also important. (I've had it. It's amazing.)

How various animals will be spending their tax refund. I didn't think it was that funny until the sloth one. The sloth got me.

Speaking of Madewell, I accidentally found a far less expensive version of Madewell's famous Transport Tote the other day, should you be in need.

These are NOT tiny brontosauruses. (Don't you miss the days when they were called a brontosaurus and not  an apatosaurus? Am I confusing dinosaurs?)

Erin is doing a mini-mini capsule. Just 25 items! (Here's another of my favorite posts of hers, on her favorite conversation starter.)

On my date night wish list, the new Broadway play Hamilton.

Loft beds. Inspiring us over here.

Eewwwwwww subway germs. (This reminds me of how we all freaked out about the Ebola doctor--"He rode the A train!? I ride the A train!!!"--and then realized we'd all probably be friends with the Ebola doctor--"Hey, he went to The Meatball Shop, I love The Meatball Shop!!")

If Brandon ever asked me, "What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever wanted me to buy you," (this is a question he would never ask me, but I have an answer lined up for it anyway), I would tell him, "Duh. This." 

I wore this lipstick pointlessly around the house twice this week (Huck is on winter break and it's too cold to go anywhere--school! come back!) and both times it made me feel like a boss. 

Board butter! SO doing this this weekend.

LOL at the DWR champagne chair contest. People are such amazing creatures you guys.

via Cup of Jo, the floor plans for our favorite sitcom houses, and the Joan Didion Exhibition, which I am definitely checking out.

And finally, via @kottke, this bit of cleverness.

Hee! Happy weekend! See you on the flip side.


  1. Hey Natalie! I saw this reversible striped tee from Saturday and thought of your love for them- just wanted to share!,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_4CMU1221_color=036&cgid=kss-new

  2. roger rowley was my professor for a few of my classes at the U of I.

    how cool for him to get that recognition!!

  3. i just love you :) also, what shade of the the lipstick do you wear? thanks!

  4. 'Thursday, 3 days in a row.' --you are living Groundhog Day.

  5. Anne Lamott! "It takes a very long time for girls, especially for girls, especially for very very good girls to say 'thank you for sharing'…"
    <3 <3 <3 Amen sister!

  6. You've probably already discovered this (the @hotguysreading made me think of it), but just in case you haven't...

  7. You are such a GOOF! Loved the Mandy sweet! Happy weekend.

  8. You win the internet for finding that Old Navy faux leather tote, your vegetarian and small bank account friend thanks you!

    1. I have it and it's not impressive. Just a tip from me to you. :( I was expecting more but the quality isn't great.

  9. Wonderful links! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    Circus & Bloom

  10. Your links are too good! I have a 100 tabs open in my browser and am impatient to read your next line before my wifi has the chance to load the previous link, so, confusion. But still fun and enjoyable. Happy weekend!

  11. I love Madewell too. Too much. I would spend ALL my money there if I did not need to feed to boys. LOL.

  12. That is TWO boys. I was so busy planing my spring Madewell outfits I forgot to proofread.

  13. P.S., What is the winter break all these NY people seem to be on. We don't have a winter break in Illinois. It is business as usual until spring break. :)

  14. Love these posts! Hot guys reading .. so hilarious . I had to share this with you in light of your newest/ long term hobby

  15. You're like my own personal reddit for stuff I actually care about.


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