Hey dudes it's my baby brother's birthday today! On unlucky Friday the 13th! But Mercury is NO LONGER IN RETROGRADE, so thank you for that, Bob! 

Guys I want to know of your plans for this weekend of loooove. As for me and my house, we are doing mostly nothing (Valentimes grouches over here), though we do have a date for some kind of German food planned for tomorrow evening. Who knows. Brandon's idea. Pray for me.

Back to Blake.

Oh Blake, it is an honor to look like your female equivalent.

Hey, if you see Elder Blake around the Salt Lake / Wyoming area, will you give him a big old hug for me? And then tell him he's handsome. Oh! Also! His favorite food is Tostitos Restaurant Style tortilla chips, should you want to give him a birthday gift.  Oh that Blake is a good egg. Slightly cracked, but good nonetheless.

Cooked yolks.

This is going nowhere.

But does Blake look like Henry Holbrook or does Blake look like Henry Holbrook.

And now, the reason you are really here: Some links to a few things I enjoyed this week . . .

In honor of the Valentimes among us: "I regard romantic comedies as a subgenre of scifi, in which the world operates according to different rules than my regular human world." Preach, Mindy.

New York animals vs regular animals

Kim K's awkward expression during this Kanye/Beck/Beyoncé rant at the Grammy's was so good I'm thinking of becoming a Kim Kardashian fan.

This was a really interesting read, involving some of the contractors Forever 21 + other fast fashion retailers hire to do their manufacturing. It was linked in the comments by a reader in yesterday's post, where there was a great discussion on the topic. I'd love to direct you there, if you want to know my (highly imperfect) feelings on the matter, and I'd love it if you chimed in, but POLITELY. We are all stupid, politely stupid, in this blog.

Related to the above (sooooorta, barely): "People never want to do one thing. We want to do all the things." Discuss freely.

Ageless movie stars! Seriously though.

via @kottke, The problem with action movies today. I am motivated to finally watch Die Hard now.

Mindy refuses to talk race. I love Mindy to death and back tho I'll give it to you straight: I'm totally petering out on The Mindy Project, and I think it's because, try as I might, I just don't get the Danny Castellano. Do you? Do you get it? I don't know, this might be where we have to agree to disagree if you do. Also, Peter Prentice just left the show, and I'm like, insert broken heart emoji right here.

But at least Vampire Diaries is good this season!! I am not ashamed!! Raise your hand if you're a #steroline fan! And who is seeing 50 Shades of Grey I know the answer is ALL OF YOU! (Ad blocking first for that link, you guys.) (No, seriously.)

This amaaaaazing before + after. And this one too!

THIS EXCITES ME! I sincerely thought I was the only weirdo who thought of numbers as gendered, anthropomorphized personalities, but it turns out, I'm so totally not. (PS-Radio Lab!!!)

Also in podcasts: "If you don't have anything nice to say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS" Thank you to Rubi for this one. Rubi I love you!

Every wardrobe needs a red and white gondola driver tee, and this one's on saaaa-aaaale! (I'd order a size up.) (Um, and what the heck is this amazingness!?) (And also why is J.Crew now making triple-extra smalls?) (Honestly, you guys. What is this world coming to.)

"Do I like who I am while I'm doing this?" Good read on cultivating self-esteem.

This is pretty.

Locals! Art classes. Let's do one!

And lastly--have you entered my giveaway yet? Please do!! You have through the weekend!

Okay that's enough now. Go kiss somebody cute. Happy Valentimes!


  1. Ok I'm with you on the mindy project- it's been my favorite up til this season- don't really mind Danny- but his family makes me nuts! They are so not funny, and please bring back Peter! Anyway enjoy the weekend- our holiday has gone to the kids, so think red waffles and a heart shaped meatloaf;)

  2. I was just talking to a friend about the triple XS. Who exactly needs this size?

  3. I always love your link roundups! I completely agree with you about Danny Castellano - and thought I was the only one. I'm on board (and have bizarre crushes) on almost all of her weird boyfriends (especially Marc Duplass's midwife). Just not Danny for some reason. And your airbrushed t-shirt is amazing.

  4. You're not a Danny castellano fan??? That actually surprises me. Generally I like them together. I wasn't expecting that twist at the end of that one episode. We'll see. All I can say is LONG LIVE MORGAN.

  5. gah i love you.
    1) i get Danny. Like whoa.
    2) valentines day. I hate being the single girl pouting in the corner, but dude. I'm 33. Netfix is my valentine. actually no, it's worse than that. to be 100% honest, i have huge plans to watch This is Us, the One Direction movie for the 7th time. It's SO good. The boys and their parents...i cry every time. I want to adopt 4/5 of them. The 5th one i have confusing feelings for considering the vast age difference. But he could be my valentine.

  6. Nope I love Danny Castellano...but then I like short guys.

  7. Please stop with the astrology junk. Mercury's whereabouts have less of a gravitational impact on your life than the couch in your apartment. Just...stop.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. (oops, above)
    This American Life is freakin' the best. I have my favorite episodes I could yammer on about here . . . but I won't. Thanks for reminding me I've missed a few and need to hit it!

  10. I dig Danny for the most part, personally. Or more so I guess I like their connection. But I can get how it wouldn't necessarily work for some people. Still: better for her than the past relationships, me thinks.

    I do have to share this link on the Fifty Shades of Grey front, though. I had no real intentions of seeing it anyway, but after reading this review (, I'm kind of actively anxious about what it's potentially putting out there. Does that make sense? Like, a sex-driven story intended for ladies or helping them realize it's okay to be into their sexuality? All for that idea. The actuality of the non-sex parts of this story apparently so clearly mimicking emotional abuse, just makes my heart hurt. But, for anyone who does choose to see it with a suspended-reality-mindset, I do totally wish them the best.

  11. I love Danny and Mindy! The lead up to them getting together was great--they are like yin and yang. BUT I'm going to miss Peter on the show, he was the voice of reason at times.

  12. Thank you for linking the article about following your dream(not dreams)! It was something I really needed to read this week.


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