Happy weekending to you and yours! It's loooooove month. And it's effing cold outside. Are you cold right now? I am freezing as I type this. This week was bonkers in all the best possible ways. I got to hold the first real life copy of my book in my hot little hands. (Have you entered the giveaway yet?) I had the most delicious roasted carrot salad of my life at ABC Kitchen. I sent easily twenty-five billion emails on Tuesday alone. Brandon is mostly on death's door thanks to the Great Cold of 2015, and Huck, well, Huck is Huck. The Holbrooks have a date with some penguins this weekend to clear out our brains. Penguins are good for that. I am consistently impressed with Huck's commitment to those penguins. He took to safari animals for a little bit (just a slight dalliance with giraffes) but he's back to the penguins now with such a vengeance, and it's just about the greatest thing. The other day when I asked him to pick up his socks he honked at me, and let me tell you, you've never truly lived until you've run a penguin race with a four-year-old from your bathroom to the kitchen.

A few things I've enjoyed this week!

Via @Kottke, Nine Inch Nails + Taylor Swift = pretty good. But. Nine Inch Nails + Carly Rae Jepsen!? PERFECTION. Hoooooolyyyyy. High school me is really freaking out over this. I've listened to it a bajillion times. At the 0:28 mark you guys.


This, from *Wit&Delight

Artlexa Chung. Heee!

Need, Want, Like, and one I come back to a lot on Debt, from The Minimalists

Where to get the best oatmeal in the city. I am so into this.

THIS TEE! You probably need five. And then yes, go ahead and wear it with these.

Ack!! (This is why I almost never eat chicken willingly.)

Cats caught stealing. The best.

Erin's ALT advice, via Liz

How to find out who you really are, by Anne Lamott

And in case you needed some controversy to go with your weekend links, Roald Dahl says "It really is almost a crime to let your child go unimmunised."

This made me happy.

This is goooood dry shampoo.

This quote, from an episode of Homeland: "Men secretly think their wives are crazy, and women secretly think their husbands are losers." Tell me your thoughts. I asked Brandon and he said . . . yes. Haha.

This clip from Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin's recent, oddly-incoherent speech, had me laughing harder than anything else has in a long time.

Okay, so I admitted to my raging Mandy Patinkin crush on Twitter the other day, and in response a reader shared this link, "Highlights from a night with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin" She said, "It's like watching your grandparents sing at a family function!" I say, I had to watch it through my fingers, aaaaaall the cringe-y, weird, i-love-this-i-think? ack! feelings. :)

The spring maxi dress of my dreams (yours too, I bet).

And House of Cards is back this month! Feb 27th! Can you not wait or what!? And I've thought this over quite a bit and I really think that House of Cards is probably a more emotionally-detached version of Homeland. Yes? Same show? I'm talking about sex here. In 500 words or less, please compare and contrast the relationships of Carrie Mathison / Nicholas Brody and Zoe Barnes / Frank Underwood in relation to career advancement and basically murdering each other, and have it on my desk by Tuesday.

(That wasn't a link, just an unsolicited opinion. :)
(Also, I can never walk past a subway column without cringing anymore!)

(Have a great weekend!)


  1. Oooh! Thanks Natalie. As always you give me so much to think about. Mind explosions happening in Texas (I really don't like it here whomp. Whomp.- but your getting me through! Whew!

  2. Roal Dahl dedicated the BFG, my personal favorite, to his then late daughter, Olivia. That link made me teary. On another note, I'm really looking forward to your book.

  3. BAM and that is how you do weekend links my friend! nice

  4. Thanks for sharing all these links! Took me back to memory lane with Leo, and Froto (Elijah.) ha ha! Have a great week!


  5. Is it odd that I sort of get your Mandy Patinkin crush?!

    Love the "Homeland" quote too :)


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