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Well. In case you hadn't heard: we got six more weeks, kids.

Thanks a lot, Punxsutawney! 

It seems like I've been fighting off the same almost-a-cold-but-not-quite for over a month now, like a fugitive on the run. I was doing pretty great too, but then on Friday it finally caught up to me, and I went down for the count. I felt pretty grouchy about it, too.

You know that feeling you get just behind your eyes when you're coming down with something, that feeling like you could seriously murder someone for a nap?

I'm feeling better now. I now only sound like I have emphysema. And I feel proud, too, you know? I gave that cold a run for its money. I kept it at bay for a good long while. (I swear by extra vitamin c + elderberry.) And then I even learned a few new tricks for outrunning a cold + being a gracious loser once caught, thanks to all my Instagram people. I love you, Instagram people. I will now happily pass these tips on to all of you. 

And so, here it is, the shared wisdom of my Instagram feed on the best seasonal tips for avoiding + surviving the dreaded winter sniffles, with help from Mr. Bill Murray. 


The very best defense and the very best remedy for any kind of cold is sleep, sleep, sleep. It's ok if this requires Nyquil, you're only human. :)


To clear your congestion and seriously aid in relaxation, mix 2 cups of Epsom salt, 2 cups of sea salt and 2 cups of baking soda with 1/4 oz eucalyptus essential oil, 1/8 oz lavender essential oil, 1/16 oz tea tree essential oil, 1/16 oz pine or cedar essential oil, and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. Then soak. Toaster not necessary.


Sometimes with a cold I lose my appetite completely, and other times, especially if my throat is itchy enough, all I want to do is shove food in my mouth and moan like a bloated whale. The saying goes, "starve a fever, feed a cold," doesn't it? (I had to look it up; yes it does.) Here are some favorites from the 'gram:

From @iamkatyhill: "Garlic. Lots and lots of Garlic."
From @halteinstein: "Fresh ginger root + honey tea!"
From @brianacarrion: "Nettle tea and lots of honey!"
From @lyd_ferreira: "Vitamin D and chicken soup."
From me: "Sushi, heavy on the wasabi." 
From @scrappycook: "Lemon Ginger Echinacea juice from Trader Joe's served hot. It's the best!"
From @grouchgirl: "Sweet potato and ginger soup made with chicken stock. Really revitalising."
From @msmorgan: "Tea w/honey and 3 liters of water or more a day!"
From @mandylynnamanda: "If I get sick I'm all about vitamin A: carrots, sweet potato, papaya."
From @kkathleencox: "Elderberry, zinc, vitamin c, and chamomile tea with raw honey at night."
From @kschryver: "Turmeric and honey and lemon with a throat coat echinacea tea by Traditional Medicinals! Tastes amazing and full of anti-inflammatory + healing properties!"


From @yelyah.anne81: "We have Vaporub, swear by it on the feet with socks and on the chest for coughs + sore throats!"
From @mhmoser: "Zicam rapid melts at the first sign of a cold. Works like a charm."
From @momsstuffsalve: "Mom's Stuff is great rubbed into congested chests."
From @skye_harmony: "Zinc!"
From @mmbjake: "Yep. A chopped garlic clove in a spoonful of raw honey... swallow whole and chase with water! Chewing optional."
From @finnandjane_: "Oil of oregano, too!"
From @huntingforrubies: "Kombucha, ACV, honey, and cinnamon. Cod liver oil... Yuck!"
From @acuriousgal: "ACV, raw honey and cayenne pepper several times a day."
From @binofous: "Fire cider! Make a bit batch and keep it in yo fridge." 
From @gravycreations: "I always saline my nose, then use a nasal spray with grapefruit seed extract."
From @honeylakestudio: "I have a rollerball of oregano oil, melaleuca, frankincense, and On Guard cut with coconut oil that you rub on your feet."
From @betinaannliv: "I'd like to bear my testimony that essential oils are true."
From @mrsweety: "Pau d'arco, GSE, and vitamin C! 2 droppers full of the 1st, 10 drops of the second, 500 milligrams of the third, twice a day for 5 days! Super immune system booster! Doctors orders! Oh, and lots of miso soup."
From Brandon: "Sudafed."
From @kncallais: "Dayquil + lots of Yogi immune-boosting tea. Miserable fist-bumps to us all."
From my sister: "Hot toddies."
From @duchess_duckegg: "Whining."


Even though, yes. Nothing feels better.


Feel better, chickens.


  1. Glorious post, thank you for the laugh ! I made it this far into the season without getting sick so I'm touching wood for this year to be sickness free ;)

    Charlie xx

  2. I got the dreaded winter sickness, too, booooo. I've been chugging ACV + honey + cinnamon + cayenne pepper + water on the daily. Thanks for all these other great tips!


  3. Oh Natalie, I liked you well enough before this, but now it's official: I love you! And I love Groundhog Day. And Empire Records, for that matter.

    Also: (1 T) ACV, (1/4 t) cayenne, (1/4 t) dried ginger, (1T) honey, (2 T) warm water. Via:

  4. This is brilliant! And ALWAYS feed a cold. Also feed a headache or twisted ankle...

  5. I like the natural approach, great post.

  6. Oh this is awesome! I hate those dreaded winter sickies...also lavender on your temples will do wonders for headaches. Wait, that's totally not being sick but there's my two cents for those nasty pounding heads! Thanks for all the tips!

  7. I said "What's with today today?" out loud to myself at the Whole Foods randomly over the weekend, and I feel like that moment wasn't fully realized until now.

  8. This was the best post!!! So many great ideas! Sorry that you're sick. Sorry that winter isn't coming to an end anytime soon. But...We're in this together!!!

  9. My naturopath says when we get really, REALLY sick, it's our body's way of fixing something that's broken. She used the example of how when little kids get a fever - afterwards they might suddenly start talking or walking. Maybe this is good!! Maybe something that isn't working will now start to work....;D

    1. oh my goodness twyla, i LOVE this. so putting my energies this way. thank you for the comment! xo

  10. I needed this post. I've been fighting off a cold for months with essential oils and I've been kind of smug about it. Like, huzzah! Look at me! I'm doing it! You can't catch me! But then over the weekend...well, it is getting me. It's taking me down and I don't know if I can fight anymore. I was just thinking how I should just succumb to the annual February cold and then this post came up. I need to fight this. I need to get some rest and cough up all this phlegm and use those oils even when I'm tired of using the oils and washing my hands after using them.

    thanks for the laughs Bill Murray.

  11. but it's REX MANNING day!

    also: my name isn't FUCKING Warren!

    (may have watched ER far too many times as a teenager in good ole' podunk pocatello, ID ;) )


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