Happy May! The sun is warm, the breeze is cool, Brandon is sneezing like a maniac, "and isn't jolly when you discard furs and winter garments for the first time and sally forth, like this, in spring attire?" It is, Anne-girl. My ankles are all, FRESH AIR!


Here's some things and junk.

Firstly, my friend Lynne at Cardigan (whom I loooooove!) is having a blow-out sample sale here in New York, in which she'll have fabulous pieces marked down as much as 80% off (e-i-g-h-t-y!!). Locals, holla.

Other important things I've discovered this week: did you know there's a place in Brooklyn that makes gluten free bagels!? Thank you to the gods of bagels! (I haven't tried one yet, they better be good, dammit.) Now I just need someone to find me a gluten free black and white cookie and then mayyyyybe this will be sustainable unto my lifestyle. Sigh. :(

This watch hasn't left my wrist in weeks.

The Dooce has left the building. That Heather, always paving the path for the rest of us bloggers to follow. Super excited for her. (Another of us dinosaurs, Kottke, adds his thoughts.) Team Dinosaurs! Internet hug!

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Now that it's bare ankle weather may I direct you to the greatest no-show sock mankind has ever known? That'd be right here and here and thank you for that, Muji.

Similar! 40 years of the American home. Amazing.

Rainy day hair is soooo the new bed head.

Made me laugh. Are we getting old or what.


Wishing all your hay fevers godspeed,


  1. Please share if the gf bagels are good. And if they are SEND ME ONE! The only kind I have access to are fluffy. Bagels are not supposed to be fluffy.

    What brings you to the gluten-free side?

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2015

    My ankles are screaming YES! too since they're free from the wool socks and skinny pant legs! xx

  3. I miss bagels and cream cheese so much! I suppose I could find gluten-free bagels near me, but sometimes it's just not the same!

  4. Welcome to the GF side. Totally jealous that NY gets bagels! (We in the west are behind the GF times) This is a random question that has been pestering me all season: what does a mama wear underneath a cute little frock like the one you've got on? I love my shifts but find them totally not park or windy day appropriate. Boy shorts?

  5. Hey! If you're into great GF sweets, check out Gluuteny (it looks like they ship their stuff). Everything's great!

  6. Had to go GF two years ago and in doing so, all symptoms of irritable bowel resolved themselves, my migraines went away (this alone was cause to cartwheel), my skin was clearer, my brain less foggy, and my period regulated. Gluten is kind of crap. And honestly, I DO NOT MISS IT. I don't. I love meat and veggies and I have found a ton of recipes (I love to cook). Eating out is much harder, but I still do it sometimes.

    All this to say, good luck if this is something you're pursuing. It's worth it. And if you find good GF bagels, please, Dear God, give the interwebs the information!! I will ship those to South Dakota!

  7. Hey, South Dakota here again. I forgot to PS you and say that your book was... EXACTLY what I needed to read on the day (yes, just one) that I read it. I plan to read it again this weekend on a road trip. So good I actually underlined several things. In red ink! Keep on keepin' on, girl.

  8. oh geez i could hardly sit throw the 'all movie trailers are the same.' yes, yes, yes! and hollywood wonders why we babes like a good chick flick once in a while, with a cool apartment, conversation, and feelings!

  9. OK I love the links! But do you know where I could find more info about the Cardigan sale? I couldn't figure it out from their website/googling. Many thanks!!

  10. Just discovered no-show socks or 'sockettes' as I like to call them and they are life-changing!!

  11. My hair would look a mess like this :(
    I would find it so difficult to eat gluten free! I commend anyone who can do it!
    The weather here is definitely not for baring my ankles so enjoy!

  12. I'm so happy messy hair is coming about as "popular"! I've always showcased messy hair, but it's always been just that to others - messy hair. Time to rock it!

  13. I'm so happy messy hair is coming about as "popular"! I've always showcased messy hair, but it's always been just that to others - messy hair. Time to rock it!

  14. Is Henry watching Rescue Bots? Do I spy a Cody Burns back there? My son is obsessed with that show right now. Anyway, loved the haters post- shake it off girl!! I confess, I read GOMI from time to time and have only ever commented twice as a WK. It's like a train wreck I can't not watch. But honesty, I know it's terrible and I'm going to give it up. I only need positivity in my life anyway. Thanks for the kick in the pants.


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