Thanks to everyone for being so excited for us and our move out west! (crap) (still doesn't feel totally real). Brandon's had this offer in his back pocket for just over two months. As in, who knew I could keep a secret this long?! We kept it on the DL while contracts were signed + two weeks notice were given . . . and then suddenly it was official and everything was a go but we had a road trip and some serious vacation overgramming to attend to, so, I sort of sat on it for a while. No but really, who am I these days being all private and stuff? Odd.

We'd had a trip to Vermont in the works all summer to visit Killington Mountain Resort and their new Adventure Center already (being a blogger is hilariously silly, why do people invite me to do this stuff? I mean, don't stop, though! Please! haha). But now that our time as East Coasters had been stamped with an expiration date, our road trip took on all this urgency. There is just so much of this tiny corner of the world that I hadn't seen yet! Like, Maine! I don't know why but I've always dreamed of seeing Maine. Being able to brag that you've been in both Portlands . . . you know? That's cool! I don't care who you are, that's cool. So suddenly our little blip of a vacation was taking on this monumental girth as we tried to stuff every surrounding state we could possibly step foot in into our itinerary, as well as inviting my parents to come along with, because by then it was getting out of control and they hadn't seen our Brooklyn loft yet and pretty soon I wasn't going to have a Brooklyn loft anymore.

One of the cities we swung by while out and about at Brandon's request was Newport, Rhode Island. 

We only parked + explored for a super quick second, just long enough to get a bowl of the best clam chowder I have EVER had IN MY LIFE (no exaggeration) and to visit a flipping cute church that George Washington had visited as well (you know, me and George = touristy soulmates) but it was beautiful and idyllic and I'd like an entire week of Newport time the next time around. (I didn't see the mansions!)

Huck's tee is from H&M!

Okay, but Black Pearl clam chowder. 


The end.

A few more photos + thoughts from our nerdy road trip through the upper east side of this dang country are coming over the next few days, so powder your wig and I'll see you here tomorrow!


  1. I cannot wait for your pics of Maine. I miss that state with every fiber of my being.

  2. My husband went to Officer Candidate School for the Navy in Newport and we stayed on for 6 weeks (in a tiny hotel room with only a microwave and mini-fridge, a 2 year old and a 6 month old) while he was in a follow-on school. We got to go back for the same brief time period when I was pregnant with #3. I'd live there in a heartbeat! And oh, The Black Pearl! On Valentines Day, right after his graduation, my husband got gussied up in his dress uniform, the girls and I got fancied up the best we could with our suitcase clothes and we went to The Black Pearl. We had been separated for 3 months, we were barely on the other side of dirt poor and we wanted to celebrate being together and starting our Navy journey. We allowed ourselves to splurge, prices we damned, and had a magnificent dinner. The clam chowder was out of this world, the staff was wonderful and it was just the best, best night! When we went to pay and leave, stuff full of amazing food and giddy with togetherness, our waitress told us another couple had picked up our check! I burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant! That had never happened before (and hasn't since, my husband isn't one to go out in his uniform) and I have such a soft spot in my heart for The Black Pearl and for Newport. If you ever go back, visit The Newport Creamery! We ate dinner and had their ice cream WAY more than I would like to admit!

    1. oh my gosh is that the sweetest story (and best words, like, "barely on the other side of dirt poor," lol) !! blah! now I am crazy for Newport too :) :)

  3. 3 cheers to Drea and her awesome husband!!! The Holbrooks have a rich military history.. leading back to the Civil War. My pops attended the Air Force Academy and flew a reconnaissance plane in Vietnam. I actually had appointments to the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy, but instead went to the Univ. of Texas and eventually BYU. Sometimes I really wish I had attended and served, but them, you know, I wouldn't have met ol' Natalie. So if I ever find myself in your company, Drea, dinner is on me!

  4. I am heading to NYC tomorrow! I'm sure you'd want to hang out!

  5. I've always dreamed of Maine for no reason at all! I can't wait for your photos!!!

  6. Newport is pretty fabulous. And Plymouth! The ships! But if you had to narrow it down, Newport is a solid choice. As someone who moved just a year ago (time, how it flies) from New Hampshire to Portland, Oregon, welcome (back) to the west. Having lived on both coasts is a great thing to have in your back pocket. (How many times have the words "I just moved from New Hampshire" saved me from awkward small talk? So many.) Congrats on all the exciting news!

  7. These are such cute pictures! I've never been to this area but the clam chowder just might be enough to change that.

  8. AnonymousJuly 15, 2015

    You have been trekking around my adopted home these past few weeks and I'm loving seeing all the cool new places I can go check out. Congrats on the impending move and get as much of that New England clam chowder in you as you can before you go!
    Helen XO
    Les Petits Gazette

  9. What?? You're moving?? No!!!! I haven't officially met you yet, and would love to someday! You're always so thoughtful to mention me in two of your posts! We have family in Utah so maybe I'll bump into you someday! Thank goodness for social media, and for blogging! Love ya!

    Awesome photos by the way!


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