Well slap me silly, the Holbrooks have a house. A farmhouse. With apple green shutters.

It may not be my Farmhouse on D (not on the market, cry me a river), but minus three horses not named Estelle, it is very nearly the next best thing and we're all jazzy, tucker + bonita up in here.

She comes with three bedrooms, a pink bathtub (eeeep!), a small eat-in kitchen (heavy on the black and white flooring, a little sparse on the cabinetry), hardwood floors throughout, and an overgrown yard with a chicken coop out back. A red chicken coop. Huck has already named his future babies Tiny Tim and Tiny Cuddles. Clearly I've got some research to do (cluck cluck).

Now that it's in place, and we have our flights booked, and our moving company is settled, it suddenly feels so real that I'm surprised every morning when I wake up still in Brooklyn. Is it possible be in two places at once? I'm suddenly awfully homesick. I'm not entirely sure for where.

It's especially weird that it was exactly ten years ago to the day that we were preparing to move to Moscow from Brooklyn the first time around . . .

(Does my life feel like a game of ping pong?)

I think I've been subconsciously furnishing this farmhouse since the day I bought my first beat up wingback chair at the D.I. in Provo when I was in college. (I also bought vintage golf clubs that day. Why???) Setting up a house is my most favorite thing to do, and so on I go, pinning + dreaming + dinking around on Craigslist. It's a fun time to be me. :)

I'm thinking our third chicken will need to be named Linda.


  1. So exciting!!
    I always love how you decorate so I'm excited to see what this one brings too. (Animals and all.)
    A farmhouse is my dream for someday too.
    Also really exciting you got a fun new bathtub :p



  2. Chicken naming is a great responsibility. We currently have a Matilda, Ruby and Cannonball....no kids, but all named by my husband.

    Congrats on the house and the move! It sounds lovely :)

  3. Why is it that a farmhouse brings so much warmth and feeling of comfort? Enjoy your little country oasis.


  4. I can't wait to see! So excited for this new chapter! Thanks for taking us with you!

  5. This is so exciting! I dream and pin for my future home too, although I know it will be quite a while before I get there. There are going to be quite a few apartments between now and then, and they're not half as fun.

  6. At first I thought all those scenes were from your actual farmhouse and all I could think was 'sheesh does this house seem to have a lot of kitchens.'
    They're all lovely though. I hope they provide the needed inspiration.

  7. This could not come at a better time (selfishly!) for me...we are moving THIS Friday to a farmhouse in Tennessee! Leaving a mid-century ranch in the 'burbs for a farmhouse with cows in the backyard and I'm getting up early to pack, I'm that excited! I'll be heading over to cruise your Pinterest boards shortly...xo

  8. I bet it'll be cute. Are you renting or buying?

  9. So much YESSSSS to this post!

  10. This place is so perfectly you. I LOVE IT. Congrats.

  11. Honoured to have a chicken named after me, haha.

  12. so excited for you! you're living the dream :)

  13. gaaaaah This place looks amazing! Like everything you do and have is amazing!!

    Records of my Troubles

  14. I'm so confused...since when did you decide to move? And didn't you just get to Brooklyn?? Love the farmhouse though. Looks dreamy.

  15. Our chickens growing up were called Ophelia, Desdemona, Julius Caesar and Miranda. I studied English Literature & was a deeply pretentious 13 year old. Also, they were Silkies. Google them, you will NOT regret it. They looked like demented powder puffs on legs.

  16. I love the house, that is my dream- is it 'L' shaped
    get silky chickens! I've been bugging my hubby for silkies sence we moved to our farm....apartment

  17. Goodness - so excited to keep up with your new adventures!

  18. I love farmhouse living :) Some really good books --> Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens & Free Range Chicken gardens (which has totally unattainable, unrealistic depictions of gardens in some chick-dreamland, but very pretty pictures). I'm checking out this MoveLoot, I like it! It's like a fancy online flea market.


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