IN SALEM . . .

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I'll lay it down right here, Salem. Salem (if I may make a formal request), I'd like to see way more Hawthorne and religious / puritanical history, and much less of the Halloween-y witchy stuff. Gracias.


We didn't have tiiiiiime. I'll take this to my grave as my life's biggest regret.


No my child does not eat too much sugar, what are you talking about!? 

We started the day in Boston with Maria's cannoli (one must be thorough) (I'd say tied for second), stopped in Salem for a couple hours, and then ended the day on a very curvy road in South Portland, Maine, and one very carsick little puppy. It was so sad. In between times was this lollipop the size of Huck's head, so, ack. I suppose we had that one coming. #karma

Kids, eat your veggies.

Hey now we're talking! The Witch House, where you can take photos, was home to Jonathan Corwin, one of the most prominent judges involved in the Salem witch trials. (The house was moved 35 feet from its original spot sometime in the 1940s and I just really like to picture that process. I imagine a fancy lady lifting up her skirts and sashaying just a little to the left.)

Road trip buddies. Stop getting carsick though, okay?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun old houses are always so cool -Hanna Lei

  2. Was in Boston last month and took a day trip to Salem. I so loved the witch house, my toddler not so much. I made him and his Dad stand in the front whilst I tried to read all the tiny scroll writing :)

  3. ahhh hocus pocus tour!! I need to visit Salem. looks like you guys had a blast :)

  4. So cute! Our son can't tolerate long trip rides either. He always ends up being car sick by the end of the trip - poor little monkeys

    Happy Medley

  5. Hang on. Is there even a Team Second Darren? Because, why?
    -Emily Hansel

  6. Dramamine was the only thing that helped my sibs and me on long roadtrips. It knocks ya out, but sleeping is better than barfing!!

  7. Loved the pictures of your road trip! Nat I´ve been following your blog since I read your blog post on how you met your husband and have been hooked ever since! I just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for inspiring me to write my blog ( I just stared so wish me luck)!

  8. Oh no, carsickness is awful! My brother and I had terrible car sickness growing up (not great on visits to the grandparents in the mountains of NC). He's gotten over it but I haven't. Now that I'm a grown woman I can get prescription meds to take before flying/riding in a car, but when I was a kid I used Sea-Bands. Have you ever tried those with Huck? They're about $3 at the drug store and they have kids sizes; they're wristbands with pressure points that supposedly keep you from getting sick. Worked better than Dramamine for me! You just place the "bump" on the band face-down on the inside of the wrist, the width of three fingers down from the bottom of the palm. 3 of his fingers, not yours.

  9. OMG, you were in my hometown, and I missed it. Sad face.


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